The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 2

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Chapter 2.4


It`s hot.

Finally, I can feel the heat.

Although I came here for five days, but this is the first time that I can feel the summer heat.

Whenever Kuroyuki`s around, it always feels colder than usual. She didn`t inherit the title of <Winter Princess> for show.

On a weather like this, my clothes had a built in cool down system that`s able to prevent from heatstroke. Well, it`s not like I will be getting it even if I don`t have this system.

But I hate being sunburned. It hurts and itches so much that you can barely get some sleep.

It`s even worse for night vampires. They`d turn to ashes and die no matter how tough they are.

…………how long have I been standing?

Wow… it`s noon now. It`s been over an hour.

“Damn… she`s late, really late.” I uttered.

I tried to call her several times and text her some messages, but she didn`t reply or read any of it.

Is this a prank? I feel stupid for standing here for so long.

Should I go…? But she`s really looking forward to it… or did something happened to her—


Suddenly my eyes are blinded by a pair of soft warm hands with lace gloves.

Who on earth it is!? To think someone other than Kuroyuki is able to sneak behind me…!

“Guess who it is~?”

Hearing her voice, I immediately knew who it was.

“Persia Silverlight you are late, really late!” I yelled.

I quickly escaped myself from her by slipping out between the gap of her body.

I stood away from her with a certain distance, emitting a ‘don`t come near to me’ aura to her.

By the way, starting from her upper body, Persia wore a plain white T-shirt with a blood-red blazer on top. She wears a blood-red miniskirt with rose patterns on it, and black frilly designs on the edges. On her legs, she wore a thigh-high stocking, and red colour outdoor shoes.

The most distinctive part of her, is her black colour purse and her black lace gloves.

She looked drastically different from how she normally appeared, and radiated a noble, feminine appeal.

She was a cute girl to begin with, but her usual gallant words and actions detracted her from that feeling. Now dressed in normal clothing, it was hard not to notice her stunning good looks.

“I`m sorry… I had a lot of work to do at the Student Council…” Persia replies apologetically.

I thought she was going to laugh it off like usual. But she looks really down, as if she`s nearly crying.

“…it can`t be helped. You are busy, after all.” I sighed, and awkwardly scratches my head.

“Thank you, Lucifer… for not leaving.” Persia politely bowed to me.

…She feels different today. As if, she`s becoming a bit more noble-like. I hate it.

“Cut it out, I want the usual you. It`s creepy when you are being polite.” I said.

“Really~? I thought you will hate me if I`m not being great and noble like Kuroyuki.” She smiled happily.

…I see. So from other`s perspective, Kuroyuki is great and noble?

“Persia is Persia. You aren`t Kuroyuki. Acting like her means you are giving up on being yourself, and I hate that.” I said.

“Hehe~ Then I will always be myself~” She happily took a spin.

…That spin almost reveals what`s underneath her skirt.

No, no I`m not going to look.

“Now then… shall we go?” I asked.

“Ngh…” Persia immediately pouted.

…Did I say something wrong?

“Stop pouting. I will never know if you don`t say it out.” I replied.

“……meanie.” She`s totally sulking.

She totally wants me to praise her beauty. Her desperate eyes are totally begging me to do it, if I don`t, I guess she would never stop sulking until I do so. Besides, she must have put her heart in it and she`s busy.

“Ah… fine. It looks great on you.” I said to her with a smile.

Persia`s cheeks immediately blushed red like an apple.

“Ngh…! T-Thank you…”

Persia lifted her purse and hides her embarrassed face, with her eyes gazing to the other direction.

…I never imagine her to have such a cute look.

“Can you stop doing that…? Now I even feel more embarrassed.” I said with a coy look.

“But this is the first time you say that I`m cute…” Persia murmured.

I never imagined her to cherish such carefree words coming from me. Somehow her words make me felt guilty.

“Then… shall we go? I can`t do much without you.” I said.

“N…! I have everything planned…!” She replied.

Persia then grabs my sleeve with her two fingers and jerks me all the way to the monorail station. Thus, we went to the Central Imperium City.

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