The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 2

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Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3: The date with Persia Silverlight

Central Imperial Island, is a country that applies absolute monarch system. But it is one of the most peaceful and beautiful country in the world.

It was said that it only took a mere 5 plus years to rise up to being one of the most stable and strongest countries. Looking through the history, no one is able to achieve that.

This island has one of the best environmental friendly advanced technologies, military power enough to take down at least a third of the world, having rich resources and materials for research, one of the world`s top economics, equal social status quo and it has one of the best educational system in the world.

The most famous academy that they have is my current school— The Imperial Knights Academy.

The Imperial Knights Academy was established by the King of the Central Imperial Island, which his name was unknown to the outside world. Only the citizens at the island knows the king`s name and face, and they highly respected the king.

This academy had a high employment rate, and boasted the best facilities and opportunities out of all high schools around the world.

That`s the reason on why it is so famous.

I`m not sure about how they select the students that enrols here, but those that were selected are either kicked out or graduate without a problem.

The person who runs and guides this academy, was said to be none other than the one of the king`s best friend. That is, the principal of the Imperial Knights academy. The principal of the Imperial Knights academy is too— a mysterious person. He and the king does not reveal their name or anything to the outside world and rather call them by their codenames.

The king was known as <The Mastermind> and the principal was known as <The principal>.

That`s why I have been calling that guy the principal and not his name. Because we don`t know.

The Central Imperial Island was separated into three parts, an outer residential district, a central district and the academy`s district.

The outer district utilized a monorail line which connected the island`s harbour, residential district and the academy.

In comparison, the central district`s main form of transportation was a subway system. The decision was made in order to ensure that students` battles would not interfere with public transportation, even in the worst case.

The central district was then further subdivided into the business district and the administrative district. In the centre, located an amphitheatre— or rather, the central stadium for the <Knights Tournament>.

The central stadium is a gigantic cube-shaped building. It boasted a maximum seating capacity of five hundred thousand people, specifically equal seats for all different races around the world. When the tournament is held, all contestants will gather here.

Within the giant building, there are five more large amphitheatres, twelve mid-sized ones, and thirty small ones. According to rules and regulations, battles occurring in the Central city must be held within one of these arenas.

It was said that the greatest battles of the tournament are all fought here.

Both of us are currently in the central district, and more specifically, the central stadium for the tournament.

Persia stood in front of the gigantic building as she explained.

“Wow. This is amazing. Who knew that you would take me to such a place before the tournament?” I said.

“That`s right~ Now I wonder when you are going to register both of your names to the participating list.” Persia said with a quizzical look.

I don`t plan to do that yet. I secretly scheduled Kuroyuki and my name right on the last 30 seconds before the expiry time. Before that, I can freely add anyone I want and still able to make changes to it.

“Why…? There`s still a month. No need to rush, is it? Besides, Kuroyuki hates me so much that she applies physical and mental violence to me every day.”

Yup. I`m not wrong. Perhaps she would even kill me if I go back. She`s stubbornly serious enough to do that. I better buy her a present to calm her from doing that.

“Eh? You sure have an amazing tenacity… No one is able to handle Kuroyuki`s attacks.”

“Yeah right. If it`s isn`t for my super-healing ability, I would`ve collapsed several times.” I replied.

I don`t know whether is it because of my consecutives heavy injuries from training when I was younger, my body seems to developed a sturdy body with high regenerative ability. That`s why no matter how much blood I`ve lost and how many times Kuroyuki nearly killed me, I`m always fine.

Actually comparing to the time when I broke my bones nearly 600 times in one year, this is nothing. My body restored the bones, cells, and blood so many times that it actually reinforced that several folds. The thing that I`m surprised is that despite my bones is 37 times harder than your average human bones, she`s still able to crack it like nothing.

“Actually do they even need to hold such a tournament? I`m sure Kuroyuki will definitely win the first place.” I mumbled.

“Eh~ Aren`t you being over confident~? This world is big after all~” Persia chuckled.

Somehow I had a feeling that there`s something hidden behind those words that Persia said.

Don`t tell me… is she trying to…?

“No matter what, the battles occurring in the central city must be held within one of these arenas. However, that`s not always the case in practice.” Persia said.

My thoughts were interrupted.

“Huh… So they are allowed to fight in the middle of the city for real? Isn`t that really dangerous? If someone with the calibre like Kuroyuki`s wild attacks taken place in here instead… I guess everything`d turned to ice.” I said.

“Well, those who live here are all already getting used to it from such occurrences. Spectators are the same. Only those who have given written agreement and permission to these conditions are allowed in the city. That said, if the store or facilities suffers ant collateral damages, they`ll be compensated for their losses.”

“I see… to be able to set up store here… Moreover, the central district is the heart of all activity during the tournament... I think living here is quite nice.”

“Then why don`t you marry me and let`s start a business here~?” Persia said happily.

I can`t laugh at all. Her joke seems too serious.

“…So where are we going now? I guess it`s time for lunch don`t you think? I even forgot my breakfast this morning.” I ignored her joke.


Wow. Nice timing, and a rather large sound. But it isn`t coming from me, but rather from Persia`s stomach.

Her face pops into red as she quickly covers her stomach with her purse.

“I-I`m busy this morning... so I haven`t eat yet…” Persia pouted.

“Pfft… you are so cute when you make that sound.” I laughed petulantly.

“I-It`s not like I wanted it to happen…!”

Persia`s cheeks flushed even redder from the embarrassment, and she eventually hits me repeatedly with her harmless and gentle fists. It makes me continue laugh to laugh until when she managed to calm down.

“Alright then… why don`t you decide where to go? After all, you seem to be quite familiar around here.”

“Then… I recommend Four Seasons Café.” She replied.

Four seasons… isn`t that a world famous café? It was said to serve the best foods around, and the price is quite higher compared to the others, but it was a fair price.

Up till now, I barely even go out to eat, perhaps same as Kuroyuki as she is now. I spent eight years in my house cooking homemade food. It`s not like I`m poor though, actually I`m really loaded.

Although I`m rich, but I don`t spent too much money on things to satisfy myself, family is important. But saving up too much money would`ve just cause trouble to my bank account. So I donate money to many charities and sponsored some of it to my current academy.

If you ask me why didn`t I find some search party through the website to search for my parents, then it`s because I already did and gave up after too much scamming. There`s over 1000+ emails inside my mailboxes and all are fakes.


“Hmm… yeah?”

“Are you okay…?” She asks.

“What is it?”

“You had a horrible look on your face…” Persia replied.

…I was startled from her words. Am I… really making a really sad look right now…?

“…Don`t worry about the money. It`s my treat.” She murmured.

She misunderstood it…

“No, that`s not it. I`m even richer than you. I just recalled something sad…” I replied.

“…Sorry.” She lowered her head.

Why is it that every girl that I`ve just met apologizing to me...?

“Don`t apologize, you did nothing wrong.” I uttered.

Persia flinched from my tone, her tears nearly burst out.

Am I really that scary…? Then… what did Kuroyuki felt when I yelled at her…?

“Sorry… I didn`t mean to scare you…” I awkwardly scratch my head, and looks away.

I don`t like this atmosphere at all. The tenseness is killing me. Perhaps I should leave and be alone myself—

“Hmm…?” Someone pulled my arm.

“N…! Let`s go…! I`m hungry…!”

Persia didn`t gave up. She grabbed my right hand with both of her hands and pulled me as she said those childish words.

‘Thank you… Persia.’ Is what I wanted to say, but… I just can`t get it out.

“Well… if you say so.”

I ended up saying that, with a fake smile on my face.

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