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Although Rosie is very kind, she unconsciously–or not–loses control when it comes to Dani. Animals are driven by instincts. And Lycans are humans that shape-shift into wolves that are as the size of a bear. They are semi-humans that could not avoid the primitive instincts of their animal counterparts. Rosie met Dani. She found out that he was the one at first sight. But the thing is, Rosie hates injustice, and Dani is a man known for protecting criminals in the court. So Dani gave up his wealthy clients to get Rosie's approval, but she still avoids him. Feeling the pull between their souls, Dani wasn't giving up. But he has done everything for her to accept him. Yet Rosie wasn't giving up that easily too. Could there be something deeper that's stopping Rosie? This is a story of a petite Lycan who is fighting against her primitive instincts and her manly mate who's continuing to provoke it.

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Epidode 1

Rosie & Barin

It’s not easy being alone in a city. Like Rosie, for example. Running into packs and escaping hunters is not an easy task when you don’t have anyone to back you up. And when your job requires you to be out with the public. Famed for her skills with scalpels and sutures, it was inevitable for her to run into an injured ally or most likely, enemy. Within only two years on the job, she had already lost count of her encounters of being attacked by her own patient and revive the same patient she almost dealt with.

Rosie can’t help but yawn as she stretches her arms upwards after working on her patient for the second time. First was when he arrived, and second was after he attacked her.

“Rosie!” She jerks in surprise at the sudden call. “Why the hell was the ER unavailable? Again?” He glares at her. “Did you just—was he—is he—” He sighs. “Did it happen again?” He huffed and waited for her response, a simple nod. “What is it now?”

“Another one... like yesterday.” She frowns. “I had my usual team on the floor before the second operation, but the new intern, Dr. Carson, must have seen how I was not almost able to cut him open. We didn’t know he was one of them.”

Randy Gustave, the hospital director, raises a brow. He then sighs and pats her head. “I’ll talk to him later. Take a break and deal with your own cuts.”

“Thank you, Dr. Gustave.” He smiles at Rosie as she thanked him. He then leaves and Rosie walks the other way.

You know your wounds heal slower than they normally should. You should have just killed him.

A voice inside her says. It was growling in anger and she could feel its wrath within her.

“Quiet down, Barin. Why would I have been a doctor if I’d just take lives instead of saving them?” She whispers to herself as she then smiled at a passing nurse.

Hmph. You are too kind, child. This was why you were kicked out.

Rosie heads towards the locker room. She opens her locker and sees herself in the mirror on its door. “For your information I wasn’t kicked out.” She hissed at her own reflection. “I left.” And the shade of her eyes changed into a golden brown. “And I am no longer a child.”

Deny it all you want. You are still a child. You do know you are going to be cursed forever until you kill, do not you?

“It’s just a tiny curse. It’s not like it’ll affect my everyday living.” She says as she began to change from her bloodied scrubs to something cleaner.

“It will not affect” my ass! Your last fight almost cost you your arm! I had to help you out that time.

Rosie stayed quiet. She did almost lost her arm. And her career. “And I thank you for that, Barin.” Thankfully Barin lent her his energy. “I’m really thankful, Barin.”

Whatever, you stupid girl. You may seem old in human years yet you are still just a pup.

“And you are ancient.” Rosie says, picks up her items, and leaves.

I am as old as the gods. He was proud. And am as powerful. If not for you… Rosie could only huff at the statement. Anyway, did you bring the bike?

“Go see for yourself.” She sulks and continued to walk towards the parking lot. Barin was asleep when she went to the hospital. He wouldn’t know then.

Rosie smiled and greeted the staff she passed by as they left, with Barin giving snide remarks at everyone they passed by. “You’re really rude, you know.” Rosie says as she puts on the helmet and got on the bike.

The motorbike! Barin excitedly yelps; ignoring her comment.

“Yep, no matter what happens, you’re still just a dog.” Rosie mocks the way he spoke to her earlier; the just a pup.

I am a wolf Rosie! Are we heading home now? She could imagine him wagging his tail in excitement.

But Rosie smiles. “Nope. I need a drink.”

Darn you, child. This habit of yours should die! Innocence?! I only see insolence!

Barin’s nagging woke Rosie up; adding to the pulsing pain in her head. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she just dove out of a crowd of grinding people. In which she did. “Ow. I should’ve headed home.” She mumbles until she felt the liquor from last night rise to her throat, making her rush to the bathroom and begin to let out the hell of last night.

“Woah. You look like shit.” She hears from behind her as her hair was pulled up by the owner of the voice. “You drank again?” Rosie continued to vomit. “Is the whole good girl thing just a façade?”

Rosie wipes her mouth and then looks up at her housemate. She suspiciously eyed him. “Did I do something to you last night?”

He shook his head. “Nope.” He disappointingly said. “But you could’ve.” And he began to play with her hair, in which Rosie found disturbing as she pulled her hair out of his hands.

“Stop it, Cody.” She whines as she stands up and washed her face.

Cody huffs and stood close to her, being alert in case she misses a step. “At least just shove it once! Pop my cherry for me.” He teases, but Rosie glares at him.

“I’m going to pop that zit if you won’t stop.” She says; Cody immediately covers the pimple on his forehead.

“Tsk. Damn you and your doggy loyalty. You haven’t even met your mate so right now won’t matter, right?” He says as he follows her outside of the bathroom and out to the living room.

What did he say? Barin’s voice suddenly resounded in her head.

Rosie glances at Cody. “That was rude, you know? You know how important mates are for us.”

Mates are indeed very, very, very important—once we meet them. He does have a point.

“Sorry.” He was sincere. “But I still don’t get it.” And Cody’s mischievous aura returns. “Anyway, the people from the org are coming and they’re bringing one of the sponsors of the project. Attorney Amari.” He says.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me?” Rosie says as she groggily struts out of the bathroom. Cody followed behind. “What time are they coming?”

Cody checks his watch. “You’ve got forty minutes to prepare.”

She sighs as she closed her eyes. Feeling a surge of annoyance rising to her head. “You really should have told me earlier.” She says as she heads to the bathroom and closes the door just before Cody could enter too.

“Well I tried to tell you last night but you were puking around the place and I had to clean up,” He says over the door, “and then this morning too, but you were vomiting again.”

Rosie felt it rise up again. “And I still feel like vomiting...” She mumbles as she began to shower. Of all the times she could have drank, it had to be last night. If they were going to meet one of the sponsors, she never would have drank. Their project was on the line here.

After taking a bath, she goes out with only a robe on and began to search her dresser; ignoring Cody by her bed as she did.

“You should wear something like a dress. Or something professional.” He says when Rosie was still looking through her clothes.

And he could just wear that? Alothough it is not that bad… Rosie ignores Barin and continued to look. When she found an outfit, she turns around and shows it to Cody.

“That’s cute. Now get dressed!” He says and Rosie turns and almost took off her bathrobe when she remembered Cody on her bed. She turns to look at him. “What?” He asks.

“Aren’t you leaving?” She asks.

“Why?” He nonchalantly responds.

“I’m changing, Cody.” She, annoyed, told Cody, who just chuckled as he went away.

Cody was preparing the table by their backyard garden as Rosie prepared the food he had cooked in the kitchen; mashed potatoes and a salad. She had turned on the TV as she transferred the food to two pretty, glass bowls.

“Karl Rodriguez has once again been proved not guilty...” And the news reporter went on as a smiling man walked out of the city court with his bodyguards and attorney. The video zooming closer to the drug lord’s face. This has been his fourth case this year and once again, he has escaped the clutches of the law. Then the cameras fall on his attorney. And she felt her blood boil as she steamed in anger. If it wasn’t for this man, that drug lord could have already been caught. But Rosie didn’t notice that her anger was affecting the plastic spatula she was using to transfer the masged potatoes.


Barin suddenly spoke which snapped her out of her thoughts.

Calm down. You seem restless and easily angered these days.

She frowns. “It’s just that…” She looks down, glaring at the table surface as she remembers why she loathed humans.

But you are a human too.

Barin calmly says. He had felt her overwhelming anger towards the man. Although he knew why, it was unusual for Rosie to physivally show it.

“Well, I’m….” Rosie paused. Barin was right. She is still human, but they also both knew she was different.

Barin thought to change the subject.

I do not understand this preparation you are doing for these people. Are they important?

This took Rosie away from her negative thoughts and began to explain why they were doing this for these people. “Geez, Barin.” She laughs. “I thought you’ve been paying attention.” And he was. He just had to have her take her mind off of the issue earlier.

Then why at your pheasant house? If this person is very important, you could have brought them to a fancy restaurant.

“That’s what I told Cody.” She says; ignoring the pheasant’s house. “But he said that it was a sudden meeting and he barely had time to book an arrangement.” Rosie says, finally finishing her task. She took the two bowls and brought them to the backyard where she found Cody arranging the table under the pergola. She places the bowls on the table and reached out to a blooming flower of the summer cascade vines she had planted last few months. “It’s almost summer, huh?” She says.

Barin felt proud when he no longer sensed the dark thoughts lingering.

“Yep! It’s beginning to get hot as well. Thank goodness for your green thumbs, we’ve got shade in our backyard. And a free restaurant venue.” Cody says and Rosie flinches when his arm stretches out behind her. She looks up to see him up close. A small breeze passes by and his gray hair swished along.

Her heart skipped.

Oh, no. Do not tell me you are actually falling for this man.

She smiles. “He’s just pretty.” Her eyes widened at what she just said but she notices his flustered look; her words must have caught him off guard and so was she. “You should treasure yourself more.” She continued, making her regret again. “What else should I do?”

Cody smiles at her. “Kiss me.” And he leans down and she palms his face away.

“Alright then, I’ll go get the meat and you prepare the grill.” She says as she turns around and leaves with a playful smile on her lips.

She suddenly frowns.

What is wrong, now?

“Barin,” She calls. “I might eat him up.” She was serious. Her tone was serious. And Barin was so shocked with what she said that he couldn’t muster a word. Rosie waited for him to reply. But he was still quiet as she entered the kitchen. She took a tray plate and left it at the kitchen island. She began to gather the meat from the fridge.

Could you be in heat?

“What?!” She almost tripped at what Barin said. “In heat?” She huffs. “Barin, I can’t be in heat.” Her jaw clenches. She was unbelievably annoyed and offended at what Barin said. It would be very unlikely for her to be in heat. This poked her pride.

Well, I am sorry. I must have coined the wrong term.

He began to hum in her mind. Rosie can’t help but sigh out her frustration–

Of course! Frustrated! You are sexually frustrated!

And her fist hits the island so strongly that they both heard a crack. She was not sexually frustrated. She told herself. Barin must be going mad since he couldn’t do anything but be a thought in her own head. “I can’t believe this. What’re you trying to do, Barin?”

I am just suggesting things, Rosa. In fact, I have never actually seen you touch yourself. Not even once.

She was losing it. She was so mad to not be able to grab Barin and choke him to death. “Speak more and I would really visit an exorcist or something and get rid of you.”

What is wrong with you?

To think that he was even the one to feel insulted. Rosie thought as she felt how offended he was.

I am just pointing out that you must have accumulated a lot of baby makers for the past thirty years.

Her anger couldn’t make her respond as she began to peel the plastics off the Styrofoam trays the meat were in. She was going to focus on peeling.

I have seen other wolves philandering around when they have not met their soul mate yet, and I actually admire you for being an alpha who can control her desires. But…

Rosie gave up. She chose to calm herself and ignore him ramble on.

Although I am not supportive of the copulation with someone who is not your mate, if you really have to…

And she snapped. “I don’t have to. And I don’t have plans to. So, stop it right now, Barin, or I’ll really ask a witch to get rid of you.” She says as she lifts up the tray of raw meat and began to head back to the backyard. Barin on the other hand kept on with Rosie sleeping with other people. He told her it’s for her sake but Rosie can’t help but think that maybe he was the one who needs it.

No. I do not need it. I am a spiritual being. I do not have physical desires.

“Whatever you say, Barin.” She says and stops when she heard the doorbell ring.

“It must be them!” Cody yells. “Can you greet them? I can’t leave the burning charcoal.” He says as he continues staring at the grill. Rosie says okay and then returns inside.

“Hi!” She greets their project’s sponsorship committee head and her secretary.

“Dr. Guevarra! It is so nice to meet you again!” The secretary, Emily, smiles widely at her. “You have a great house too! It’s huge!” Her eyes were all over the place. Rosie smiled at her reaction.

Yes, she is cute. And she seems to like you too. I believe you can…

And Rosie ignored what Barin continued to indecently talk about.

“Hi.” The sponsorship committee head, Alice, smiled at her.

“Hey, Alice.” Rosie smiles back; somewhat less genuinely. “Come inside. Cody’s at the back; grilling.” She says as she steps aside and the two enter. She looked around, looking for the sponsor.

“Oh, the sponsor couldn’t come with us. He said he has to check some things out before he could come.” Alice says. Rosie nodded. She then guides them to the back where Cody was. Cody, immediately perked up and went to hug Emily.

“I thought you couldn’t come!” He says.

“I thought so too. But I went and finished all of my assignments just to be here, Dr. Chasen!” Emily proudly says. Rosie almost forgot that the girl was still in college. Emily was doing her job so well that she keeps forgetting.

“Rosie…” Alice says as Rosie saw her approach her side. “You have a great place. How unexpected.”

Rosie frowns. That was mean. She thought as Alice continued to look around. Ever since Rosie met Alice, all she could smell on the woman was evil. “I guess I should say thank you?” She confusingly answers.

“Woah, guys. What’s with the atmosphere over here?” Emily suddenly shows up between them. “As I was saying, the sponsor’s arriving. He called earlier saying he was lost but he seemed to found his way.” She says.

“Then I’ll wait for him at the front door.” Rosie says and began to walk away; escaping the awkward atmosphere with Alice until Emily runs to her and hooks their arms.

“I’m going with you!” Emily says ang Rosie laughs at her; finally forgetting the bad energy she felt earlier.

“Okay…” She says, weirded by the Emily’s excitement to meet the sponsor. “You’ve met him already, right?”

Emily nods happily. “And he’s very hot.” Rosie could only chuckle at her statement as they hear a doorbell. Emily beams at Rosie. “He’s here!” She excitedly says and hurries to the door. Rosie sighs and follows after. “Good afternoon, Mr. Amari!”

“Good afternoon. I’m sorry I’m late.” She hears the man say as she nears them.

“Hello.” Rosie greets with a smile. Just for it to fade when their eyes meet.

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