North Wing's Crystal

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Dragons, crystals, spirits, etc. A book of crystals has been opened and it has effected eleven parts of the world. A princess named Lauren Frost was left to be raised by Valarie a psychic, who informs her about the Black Galuphs after a unusual encounter at the library at their small island. With no choice she sends her off on a journey to gather the crystals and to find the North Wing temple in order to save the Kingdom of Zenora before its too late.

Fantasy / Adventure
Lauren Bischoff
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

This is going to take forever,” Ganesha an elephant creature with a human body exclaimed, as he placed one label after another on a book, “And isn’t it almost time to feed our bearing of fruit?”

“Not quite,” Queen Frost dismissed, “The clock hasn’t even struck…”

Dong, Dong, Dong, the sound echoes through the hall alerting the small-doll sized elephant man to witness the clock tower striking twelve. Queen Frost then hears a groan as the captain of the guard, got up from where he sat in front of a statue. He starts walking to the bathroom to replenish himself. He was a large guard with a golden scaly body, enormous orange horns and wide-round copper eyes. He halts in front of them standing with joy to get relief, “I am taking my break. I placed the troll in charge to watch the banned room.”

Queen Frost gazed at the troll. The troll was wearing green armor representing his work with the captain. He had green fingers on his hands, as his hair is a red rose, while his giant feet are filled with bunions. His enormous spiteful and fierce dark eyes are on the gateway to the forbidden section of the library.

“How long are you going to be gone?”

“I’ll be back in an hour,” the golden dragon vowed.

“You promise?”

“You have the word of Goliath.”

“Be sure it’s only an hour.”

“I will.”

“Enjoy your break.”

The golden dragon took one of his mighty paws and sprung the library door open heading in the direction for the washroom. Queen Frost decides to give the troll the benefit of the doubt that he will never allow any stranger to pass him on purpose. But what she did not know about the troll is he can lose his attention span in less than two minutes.

Queen Frost had other important duties. One of them was her newborns she created are calling for her to feed them since the clock tower struck noon. She had taken notice the elephant man remaining at the last of the bookshelves organizing. She strolled up to make sure he’s aware she’s heading to the garden center.

“Ganesha,” Queen Frost disrupted catching his golden-brown African eyes, “I am going to the new life nursery, keep stacking the shelves.”

“Yes madam.”

“See you in an hour.”

Queen Frost walked past the statue exiting towards her stroll to the courtyard where the giant hourglass stands. She had failure to witness around the corner, a strange figure had been spying on her. He took off his invisibility cloak showing off his features with his black licorice fur, tricky-yellow eyes, large shadow feet and long ears. The rabbit grinned to himself mischievously showing off his sharp long-teeth as he gazed at the Queen heading in the direction of the north-east temple. He placed his cloak on. He knew for a fact he once belonged to this castle, but later been banished. He’s seeking revenge on Queen Frost and her followers who ridiculed his theory as a convincing sob-story. Nimble and quick as he can be, he phases through the walls with his phantom abilities.

He had come upon on-top on one of the chandlers hanging above the troll guard. He took a glance at Ganesha. The elephant man stood in-front where the platinum dragon monument is found.

How am I going to get past them and Ganesha? The black rabbit wonders, he’d be the biggest pain in the neck squealing on my furry-ass breaking in. He might as well find a weakness for that nasty troll in-front of the gateway where the spiritual crystals lie. He can see the troll beginning to yawn and cover his mouth. He seemed to be getting exhausted. The black rabbit chuckled after ease-dropping on the troll serving the monarchy. He thought about a curse he knew from the Black Gulphes where he had learned his magic tricks. No one had talked or gossiped about the demonic group after they knew about the crystals’ existence throughout the kingdom. The Black Gulphes had the intention of making copies of the crystals. But there’s more to it why no one speaks about it. It’s because this rabbit wanted more than copying crystals. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bottle. All he has to do is shake this vital and pour the black liquid onto the victim. It’ll keep the victim asleep for twenty-four hours.

The black rabbit strode with pride in the direction of the platinum dragon statue covering the tunnel. The troll shout out to him holding up a hand, “Halts, where do you think you’re going? No one shall get past me.”

“Allow me to introduce myself sir,” the black rabbit appeared in disguise of an elegant gentleman bowing to him, “My name is Professor D. Rabbit, and I hear you had a couple of rough nights sleeping.”

“Tell me about it,” the troll as he yawned. The troll hasn’t forgotten all the nights he lost.

“Well maybe I can interest you in something like this,” the black rabbit holds up a bottle.

“What is it?”

“Why don’t you know? It is what I call a remedy that’ll help you be able to sleep better,” the rabbit says, as he handed him the blue bottle, “take some of these drops and you’ll be sleeping better. It will even make you wiser when you wake up.”

“How much is it?”

“All its cost is for you to allow me into that room behind you,” Professor D. Rabbit remarked, “I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

The troll sighed giving it some thought, then he responded, “If I allow you into our chamber would you promise me, you won’t harm the crystals…”

“What me?” Professor D. Rabbit says in-fake disgust as he crossed his fingers behind his back, “I wouldn’t ever do such thing sir, I am just here to examine them and make sure everything is in tip-top shape, like peanut brain over there.”

He points to Ganesha who shouted a, “HEY! I am not a peanut brain!”

The troll sighed and then nods, “I will take the bottle. I want to try a sample, just to be sure this isn’t some trick.”

“It’s no trick, trust me two drops under your tongue, you’d be in la-la-land.”

Ganesha who had been brought into the crude comment on being called a peanut brain, stood there crossing his arms. He watched the troll trying out this strange doctor’s new product for sleepiness troubles. He couldn’t help being irritated at Professor D. Rabbit and yet something seems familiar about him with his cottontail sticking out and underneath that doctoral business suit he wears. It looks as if he’s real-fake and… Ganesha’s eyes went wide, this isn’t a doctor.

“How is it?”

“I got to hand it to ya,” the enormous troll says, as he begins to yawn a little after trying a couple drops, “these drops are so relaxing…they are…” He began to pass out on the ground before he could finish.

“It worked,” Professor D Rabbit says as he viewed the overlarge troll asleep on the ground, snoring away some Zs, he leaned in to whisper in the trolls ear, “Sleep dreams.”

The black rabbit grins because he now has full access. He rubbed his eager hands together. He reached for the dragons’ paw with greediness existing in his eyes. He then heard the elephant man from behind.

“Hold it right there, do not touch that door!”

Professor D. Rabbit turns his head to witness Ganesha bouncing similar to a rubber ball on his way to stop him leaving his duties, “I know you’re not a doctor. Who are you? What do you want with those crystals?”

“None of your beeswax you maggot,” Professor D. Rabbit shot back as he outcasts two black-shadow balls. He hits the elephant man sending him into the bookshelves behind him. He returned to his plot unfolding pulling down on the dragon’s paw, forcing the head to turn as it slides to the right exposing the tunnel to where the book can be found.

Meanwhile Queen Frost was in the nursery feeding the last of her children. She was sensing a disturbance pulsing through her body. She glanced at the rosy crystals flickering their little energy as the other children remained taking their forty winks. Something felt not quite correct. The infants are settled for the afternoon. It mustn’t be them. She glanced up at the clock tower where she stood not moving an inch. The doors spring-wide as the captain of the guard comes into the room, she felt as if she needs to go to the library. She decides not to leave the last of her children behind. She decided to carry the small angel with her. She headed out of the hourglass tower and entered towards the archiving records were. Queen Frost couldn’t believe the gaze she was viewing. Everything seemed normal accept when she looked straight ahead, the statue in front of the forbidden section has been moved. Queen Frost then felt her child squirming in her arms. She gazed down as it pushed away its bottle refusing to eat anymore and maintaining an uncomfortable reaction to the energy in the room.

“Frost,” a hushed voice called. The Queen; glanced to the books piling on top of each other. Ganesha raised from lying underneath the wad along with the broken shelf rubbing the top of his head where a small bruise remains.

“Ganesha,” Queen Frost says rushing up to him, “What happened?”

“Someone broke in uninvited,” Ganesha broke to her, “I tried to stop him.”

Queen Frost can witness that. There was enough evidence left behind. There was dripping ink left upon the brown carpet from a stranger, they don’t know and the troll sleeping heavily with a blue bottle in his hand. He did not do well protecting the passageway,“This had been done by a person showing out of nowhere.”

“Check the bottle in his palm,” Ganesha pointed out as he walked up onto the giant troll’s belly, he could see the label. It is written clear it is the property of Professor Wyshang if found please return it to his home on Coral Reef Island, “The person that gave him this bottle is an imposter. I saw him, your hiness. He was a black rabbit posing as a kind herb-doctor selling medicines. I know Professor Wyshang. He never lies about his medicines.”

Queen Frost crinkled her eyebrows, “Allow me to handle it my friend. My charms are equally as strong as this fake-doctor.”

The majesty hands over her daughter she carried along with her to the elephant man as she began to proceed into the chamber. The suckling opens her eyes noticing she isn’t with Queen Frost any longer. She searched around for her and began wailing reaching out to the tunnel to go into the secret room with her. The Queen turned to look over her shoulder at the child, “Stay there, sweetheart I will be back.”

The small princess sighed understanding the situation. Then she took a notice and deep interest in Ganesha’s tusks. It had bright shiny gems and gold rings. It made her have good interest. She reached up to touch them, wrapping her hands around to give a tug on his tusks making him wince in pain while shouting, “Ouch! Those are my body parts. They are attached you know!”

The baby kept feeling them. I am giving her right back to Queen Frost, I hate it when the princess touches and pulls on my tusks, Ganesha thought irritated as he begins hopping all the way over to the top of the staircase Queen Frost had ascended from. He stopped at the entrance to the underground. Queen Frost was holding onto a lantern. She had lit its small candle with a small flame at the bottom part of the annual. Much to his amusement at the bottom of the staircase inside the room, a single dusty shelf had once been filled with traditional tomes. Queen Frost had gone through it twice with disbelief, there was no knowledge crystal book on the top mantelpiece.

“The book is gone. This so-called intruder had successfully stolen it by force,” Queen Frost starts coming upstairs with mortification, “The castle needs to go on lockdown.”

It doesn’t take long for the building to shake. Ganesha lost his balance and fell onto the ground, “Is this an earthquake?” Ganesha struggles to pick himself up. He stands without hesitation as his brown eyes caught cracks coming through the brick barriers, with a following of laughter unknown to the advisor, “this is not good.”

Queen Frost heard the chuckle and searched where she stood. She examined the candles nearby blowing out as she is losing her grip on the lantern. It smashed its glass to pieces. A mighty gust blew through the reading room. It felt as strong as a wind storm, destructive enough to wack down the buildings structure.

“You honestly haven’t guessed who is sneaky enough to steal the book of knowledge. You obviously didn’t believe I had it in me you slow pokes, and you probably thought an overgrown, slobbery green troll guard would stop me. I guess not, you have failed especially you, Frost-Bite,” He bellowed breathing his bitter breath down Queen Frost’s neck as she shivered. Professor D. Rabbit who made an incredible hilarity appeared again upon on top of the obscurities. He began to morph through the walls removing his disguise as a doctor as he had transformed out of his animal-form into a boy with crimson eyes, jet-black hair, and immortal white skin. He is known to being; the prince of the deteriorating ones, “I had it all along within me, long-time no visit crown head.”

“Dante,” Queen Frost growled with full disgust lingering in her eyes, “You, devious son-of-a-…”

“Ah, ah, watch it. We’re in heaven please be respectful,” Dante lied about his sudden respect for the lords amongst the peaceful hills while swaggering a finger in front of her face, “besides I am the one who is doing the talking. I can’t wait to find a good spell in this book to make those special rattles underneath my command.”

“No, don’t do it. Don’t open the book,” Queen Frost stated with a warning.

Dante unwraps the book with a careless expression as he scanned through the pages. He took a good view. The sheets of paper belonging to the novel make a sparkling glow brightening the room. Queen Frost and Ganesha cover their eyes with their hands, as the princess inside Ganesha’s arms clapped her hands, as she snickers towards the beam not harming her eyes at all. Dante was disgusted hearing the little jangle chuckling. The princess had lit mysteriously with a white aura effecting a spiritual connection with the book. The pages shine and cause Dante’s eyes to hurt. He ends up falling backwards.

When the princess stopped the glow disappears and the light from the book fades. Queen Frost and Ganesha removed their hands from their eyes. They stand there with their eyes filled with wonder. What had happened? Was it the princess that got him to let go of the book? They didn’t get it. It’s impossible to see the princess being one to put an end to Dante. She is now sitting around ordinarily in Ganesha’s limbs showing normal behavior, “that was…weird.”

“I know,” Queen Frost communicated bending down to grab the book lying next to the phantom, “It’s strange. I believe my daughter has a bond with the knowledge book.”

Dante’s red eyes snapped open as the two master’s jump back startled by his sudden recovery. He muttered, “Now, where was I?”

Dante is trying to remember what he was doing. He took an overview of the elephant man and the Queen looking at him with fear existing in their eyes. He smirked devilishly with his own fangs hanging out of his mouth, “Ah yes I was going to do away with the princess for snickering.”

Ganesha secured the princess close to his chest as he slides something secretly around her neck as Queen Frost spoke trying to reason with the intruder, “Now wait a minute Dante. She’s an innocent baby, and you were once an infant yourself. Do you really want to kill a helpless nursling?”

Dante grins after pondering it over, “After what she did to me with that white magic ray yes. I would get into the word slaughter. She’s not helpless as you think. I want to be rid of her. She will get in the way with my plot.”

“You bring harm to our princess I’ll snap your neck,” Goliath growled with clenched teeth as he stands before the phantom protecting the newborn with his tail blade. He surrounded his other allies maintaining a strong battle mode.

“You have to be kidding me, you can’t defeat me,” Dante fades showing off his phantom abilities, “Try and hit me scales. Give it your best shot.”

“He’s starting to bug me,” Goliath mumbled underneath his breath, then he announced out loud, “Alright, you asked for it!” He sent his sharp tail blade out to slice through the phantom’s body. Dante fades as the dragon’s blade came down getting stuck in the floorboards. The dragon looks around for him, Dante reappeared not impressed. Goliath snarled, and repeated himself as Dante then disappeared again and then reappeared making the dragon continue to get his tail-blade stuck in the ground.

“You see,” Dante admitted, “I am nothing but a ghoul. I cannot die.”

The dragon keeps trying as Dante yawns while his body keeps repairing itself every time the dragon’s blade goes through him. The scratch marks from the dragon’s claws dug into the ground instead of the spirit’s skin creating bits of damage. There are marks left behind. Dante noticed the dragon is whipping out, he then says, “Are you finished?”

Goliath was pooped, but he managed a, “I am not done…” He fell to the floor,“Don’t curse the princess.”

“I am going to curse her,” Dante taunted, “I’m going to…”

“Stop what you are doing,” a demanding voice spoke behind Dante as he held onto his spell-book in his icy hands, “putting a curse on anyone isn’t right.”

“Who said that?” Dante questioned.

“I did. I am the voice inside the book you took out of the room,” Dante turned to the knowledge crystals lying on the floorboards.

Dante thought back towards the ray he felt coming from the princess. It makes him wrathful and what is surprising this talking book had a exactly similar white aura to the princess. He snorted. He latched his spells open.

He’s going to curse the book. You curse the book, you curse the child. He splashed the pages with the occulist curse knowing that the book had belonged to Walt Disney who had written his last journal entry as an expectation for it to be place a halt to the evil in the world. Instead of the strong light go away as expected it to happen, it had become a foiling way to destroy Dante’s scheme.

“A rumination of the legendary chakras’ has been summoned,” the book speaks loud enough for Queen Frost and Ganesha to hear, “Please scatter the gemstones within the lands upon the earth.”

Queen Frost and Ganesha glanced at each other in bewilderment as the hardcover revealed the sparklers on the last page detaching themselves. The crystals shoot out the windows of the palace. As the crystals flashed away one of them hit the tall hourglass tower causing it to stop toppling over on its usual routine. The hourglass glass breaks making a slight crack causing sand to leak, putting an end to time upon spiritual encounters returning. As this happens parasitic illusions start to take over and torment the turret.

“The ink should’ve stop it’s pureness from blinding me directly…” Dante clasped one hands over his two sensitive pupils. Dante never felt for the first-time in his life the stinging pain of righteousness forcing him to shrivel away. He had all eyes upon him. He stared down his crimson eyes connecting with the Queen’s brown speaking his final line as the sand finished its draining, “You haven’t seen the last of me…” he coughed weakly, “I will become the thirteenth chakra... you’ll see…” Dante died as the crystals died away, creating the knowledge book to fall to the floor.

Queen Frost approached the collapsed paperback. It remains exposing its pages in black. Ganesha hobbled over to her as she glanced away from the hardcover viewing the hole in the roof revealing a twilight sky.

“Queen Frost,” a sweet-harmonious voice called to the empress along with fluttering wings flowing with enchantment. She turned her attention span to a petite indigo fairy.

“Opal,” Queen Frost greets holding her finger out to allow the small creature land.

“Greetings,” Opal glows her bluish spirit through the whole library, “I can’t help reporting what I have witnessed bright colors flying by and a glimmering white light. I have come to…”

“It was the books gems and the princess who is now cursed as a occultist,” Ganesha revealed as he held onto the princess who is falling back asleep, “In case your curious the contaminated book pages made her now cursed.”

Queen Frost fallen to the ground as an aftershock of the crystals blast echoed throughout the building. She starred at the black ink covering the parchment paper. The queen’s whole body shook as her own tears began to sparkle and trickle down from the edges of her eyes, “You have no idea how hard it is to keep track of the knowledge together. Those crystals mean everything. Now all the secrets are scattered throughout the universe. I’m going to eradicate him. He may have claimed there are thirteen chakras’ however this time he’s out of his own boundaries interfering with my own. The next time he comes…” Queen Frost clenched a knuckle ready to massacre Dante by all means of her might, “All is lost because of him. The planet earth is doomed in shadows.”

“Not all is gone,” Ganesha mumbled underneath his breath in disagreement, grabbing the attention of Queen Frost and Opal.

“What do you mean? The crystals are gone there is none of them le…”

“Not necessarily,” Ganesha disagreed holding up a hand not wanting to hear another word about the crystals being vanished, “there is one more…”

“What do you mean there is one more?” Opal questioned.

Ganesha began digging into the blanket wrapped around the princess. He pulled up a quartz. It was white, with seven colors upon it in a straight line and it had been placed on a silver chain. A necklace.

“Where did you get that crystal?” questioned Queen Frost cocking an eyebrow.

“I didn’t get it anywhere I created it,” Ganesha responds.

“You WHAT!” Queen Frost barked.

“I created a new chakra,” Ganesha repeated himself, “it brings out the generations before the knowledge crystals. This one I have given to this princess of yours in the nursery. It’s my gift to her. This crystal given to your child can help with restoring our kingdom. The ink poured onto the book may have cursed her; however, she’s is going to do wonderful being on her own becoming a fighter to carry out her mission. She will one day meet the seven Chakra Masters. This is only a beginning.”

Queen Frost took her time thinking it over about the chakra necklace and her daughter having a shot at being a warrior. She starred off into space not making any comments, until someone disrupted her from the entrance door. It was a mellow voice speaking with kindness, “Well…speaking about the drop in with an enemy and things being not here, have you checked out the nursery?” Everyone turns to witness a tall, slender pale-yellow she-fox standing in the doorway.

Her eyes are a dark brown giving off the message on how she had been through so much and heard enough of the situation for what it is. She’s the fox who turning out to be full of trustworthiness within her calm heart. Sorphina for a fox served the Queen as a domain Japanese myth. She was known as a spirit for royal children. She protected them from darkness flaking around the universe. She had given lots of her affection towards the princess.

“Sorphina,” Queen Frost whispered.

Sorphina is the fox’s name. It’s Egyptian. She’s an awareness of the foxes being mistreated in Israel where she had grown up as a kit amongst the hounds. She witnessed Queen Frost coming forwards to her with Ganesha behind keeping a close embrace with the princess.

“Just to give you a fair warning, there are no survivors accept for your daughter…and that so-called necklace your advisor had created,” Sorphina informed.

“Very well,” Ganesha nods, “Me and Queen Frost will go to the garden center on one condition.”

“What is the promise? I usually don’t make them,” Sorphina revealed in a none trusting way. She ended up getting a hint as the elephant man stretched his four arms out to her holding the princess.

“Sit the kid. My arms are tired.”

Queen Frost retreated to the nursery remaining underneath the enormous hourglass. Ganesha was far behind her hopping along with his teeny, weeny, jumping similar to a grasshopper.

Sorphina on the other hand cradles the princess and speeds right past him. She is as fast as a lightning bolt with the small child grabbing a hold of her necklace and placing it in her mouth. It was a amulet in a circular shape with a ruby.

“Just so you know,” Sorphina called rushing passed them and barely glancing over her backside hiding her glee getting ahead of them, “the nursery isn’t looking as good as it should be.”

Queen Frost raised a brow at the many electrical currents sparking in the hallway. It was as dark as a kid’s nightmare and the rosy crystals no longer shine their pure lights. They had broken. What Sorphina pronounced as a forewarning became accurate. Inside the room upon her return after the incident the cribs turn out to be silent and empty. There were cracks in the walls, paper everywhere from the books left upon the bookshelves covering the ground as sand came down from the ceiling drizzling everywhere. Queen Frost moved around she had taken her time to scan the cribs filled with dust. Sorphina had been right. Her daughter, their princess had become the chosen survivor.

“I’m sorry Queen Elizabeth Frost,” Sorphina disturbed her for a brief second on the loss of the eleven other children, “What should we do now?”

Queen Frost glanced toward the balcony beyond the nursery as her grief faded from her face. A white light is blooming through the giant golden doors leading to information sent to her. Queen Frost then goes near the shaft. There was a small white bird. The little canary turned out to be a dove resembling victory and prosperity. She then addressed a command to the small feathered friend standing upon the veranda, not allowing the tears of hurt, anger, and sorrow take over. She is not seeking revenge, instead she whispered to the small birdie, “Go get Michael tell him to prepare a carrier. I have a delivery for him to give Valarie.”

The birdie cooed, batting her shy ruby-eyes. She flew up giving out her small pecks on Queen Frost’s peach lips and soared away.

Sorphina entered the balcony as the tiny princess yawns’ and cuddled into her yellow fur similar to snuggling with a teddy.

Queen Frost brushes her fingers between the fox’s triangle ears making Sorphina close her eyes with contentment. Afterwards Queen Frost passed her and walked towards a small desk in the corner. It is where she could find a piece of paper and a pen waiting for her order. She picked up the pen and written in ink, that there would be no-time for her to think.

My dearest friend,

My kingdom being in a crisis, isn’t the sweetest to be. What had happened to my beautiful castle upon a cloud is tragic and ugly. All the wonderful magic had gone away, my home is no longer a place for my daughter’s light spirit can stay. I hope you grant my wish with your pure heart as I send my child away. Please always take care of my daughter, be a warm, welcoming, loving and nurturing mother for a start, and you will be rewarded because Lauren is gifted in the literature and visual art. I am telling you she was created to be someone who is smart and will be a millionaire due to her compassion for literature and visual art.

As I vow along with the other arch angels around, we will watch her succeed in teaching children above your town. She will one day, she be sitting along with a mysterious prince who is wearing a charming crown, and she’d be his one true love he had found.

Queen Elizabeth Frost

Queen Frost folds the envelope and heads towards the railing of the balcony stairway close to the door. A sparkling light reflected grabbing her attention. She glanced to see from the clouds above Michael came soaring down, fluttering his large feathered white wings.

Sorphina shivered as fur stood up on her neck, as she watched Michael take the note from Queen Frost. He had made an agreement to take her nursling straight to a sanctuary away from their lost worlds. He felt a crumble come as he shot his gaze at the clock tower from behind the fox. It’s losing a couple of its bricks.

“There’s no time,” Michael said in a deep voice, as he unzipped his satchel bag as Sorphina to comes up with the suckling placing her down and tucking her in. She had noticed the chakra necklace glowing its miracles within, “I am prepared to leave.”

Queen Frost then kissed him on the cheek and whispered in the angel’s ear as Sorphina zippered the child up, “See you at Majestic Enclave…” she stood back as she lit up. They felt violent shaking as more rocks came, along with bricks, the tower spiraled out of control and came down in front of the two spirits. Plants begin to dye away behind the golden heavenly gates, as they teleported out in-time this is the start of a hero to rescue their worlds from a terrible crime.

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