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Nicholas is bright and spry fellow with dreams of better tomorrows... And yet, Father Time has passed..... The unthinkable has occurred, and winter has lost its track..... Nicholas must travel to the highest peak of the winter mountains, and there within the keep of Ice; he will face the warlock of the peak..... An evil as old as the earth's elemental frosts; when life primitive was extinguished by freeze of extinction's ice..... Nicholas, Jack, Jacyline, Randolph, William, Alexander, Kris, Nestor, Lancelot, Juliette, Rain, and Ice.... Saints and wanderers, and legends of many stories yet to be told..... Gather beyond Winter's Peak to battle an evil relentless and bold.....

Fantasy / Scifi
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Kringle Pass

The road leading up to Winter’s Peak was clear of snow and of ice.

The temperatures fifty below, and the winter mountain lands beyond the Kringle Pass were piled high with collected flurries of water and of frost.

The Kringle Pass, it is only known to a special few. For it was said that it was warmed by Gaea the earth mother, and it is eternally protected by the passing of Father Time.

The pass, it seemed to be surrounded by an invisible barrier creating a corridor winding upward along the side of Winter’s tallest Peak.

I was on my way to seek the counsel of the great warlock of the mountain. For it would be his special talents alone that were in so great the need.

The twin Clydesdale team drew the carriage on effortlessly.

I was warned many days by my Grandmother of the warlock’s temperament, and yet our need is too great to find myself threatened from his manipulations and from his sorceries.

I know this may sound a little corny, and it may seem like the recollection of a classic animated special of past Christmas’ telling; but the truth is that winter worldwide, it would not come.....

Christmas, it would not be.....

The weather from California to Massachusetts and up to Maine and back west to Washington; it was being truly wrought by an unexpected flap of excessive heat.

many an individual especially the people of the eastern states; they were not so concerned over the dry patches of ongoing warm and rainless weather.

But now, it is mid December, and the cooling expected that could be so great the relief to those states in the south and the west; it never came.

The warming flap, it was becoming a scorching wave.

The highest of the many mountain peaks alone to be receiving of winters' blessings.

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