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WARNING: Not a standalone book. Book 2 of The Eastern Werewolves Pack When two broken souls meet, they gain more than they've bargained.. The Eastern Werewolves Pack Series (Book 2): The Survivor. Three months after the death of his true mate, Alpha Jaxon Creighton steps down from his position. Investigating an old case given by Supreme Commander Dalton Forest, Jaxon set out to seek for answers and the truth of a dead person of the werewolf’s royal family who was rumored killed during the war between werewolves and vampires nearly thirty-years ago until clues resurfaced to indicate someone from the family might have survived the war. Kaya Smith has no memories of her past life and was raised by a couple who found her when she was still a young girl. Fast forward to her current life, Kaya was married and had a daughter with a man of her life until he died in a car crash and on the same time, their daughter fell ill and was comatose since then. Kaya knows that there is still more of her life than the one she is currently living. Kaya crosses path with Jaxon who has grown cold towards affection and love. He is there to help her tracing her heritage and she is there to show him the beauty of love. Until they gain more than what they’ve bargained for.

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Recap from (Book 1) Kill or Be Killed

WARNING: This book is an unedited, raw and rough draft. There are going to be grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, misspelling, missing words and all sort of mistakes. This is not the book for Grammar and Punctuation Expert/Police. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK if you are easily triggered with mistakes.

You’ve been warned. Read at your own risk.

These books are connected to each other. The chronological order of the series:

1 - The Alpha’s Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack)

2 - Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack)

3 - Kill or Be Killed (#1 Eastern Werewolves Pack)

4 - Claiming Her (#3 Southern Werewolves Pack)

5 - The Survivor (#2 Eastern Werewolves Pack)

6 - The Blind Bandit (#4 Southern Werewolves Pack)

7 - Our Family (#5 Southern Werewolves Pack Requested book)

3 months later,

He signed the paper before he closed the file and handed it to Seth who had miraculously recovered. His sister, Maeve, was back to run the art gallery owned by Lydia Creighton. Hanson’s son, who was named after him, was now under the care of Riley and Clara, the former Alphas pair of the pack. Jaxon knew it was for the best and he would make sure Hanson Creighton Junior would receive the best of everything in his life. That was the promise Jaxon made in front of Hanson and Lydia’s grave. Although it would be a painful thing to tell Junior when he grew up, Jaxon knew someone would have to tell the truth eventually.

The news of the fall of Ashton’s hunting legacy was all over the news. The painful rejection was the reason Jaxon didn’t have enough time to stop Zia from pulling the trigger. He barely could make it out alive when the bombs exploded. Jaxon sustained several injuries because of the impact of the explosion and he was hospitalized for two weeks to recuperate. He mourned and grieved for the loss of his mate silently because he didn’t want his pack members knew his mate was the killer of his uncle.

More than a dozen bodies from the facility had been identified included Clay Ashton and Brody Sawyer. When his mother heard about Brody Sawyer’s death, she collapsed into Riley’s arms. Jaxon had suspected his mother had another child before she was mated to his father but he never questioned it because it was such a sensitive topic for her. Then, the news of Brody Sawyer’s death confirmed Jaxon’s suspicion. He knew Brody had the hint of being his half-brother when he saw the birthmark. Jaxon’s father, Riley, told Jaxon that Clara’s first son had a birthmark on his left ear. The Alpha saw the birthmark when he was punching the daylight out of Brody after he had cheated on Zia.

In the end, two brothers fell in love with the same woman.

Alpha Cohen gave the final statement; the hunting facility had been dismantled thoroughly and all the remaining hunters had been taken into custody to help with many murder cases. The Council would handle everything else. Jaxon and his pack were just required to cooperate whenever possible.

“Alpha, are you sure this is what you wanted?” Seth re-read the paper in the file for the tenth times.

After what had happened lately, Jaxon realized it was time. He was stepping down as an Alpha temporarily to focus on an important mission and passed the title to his Beta. It had been a tiring journey for him all those years and he felt like he deserved some break. Not to mention, he didn’t have a mate anymore. That was something he had to accept although he was accustomed to the fact he was alone. Without a mate, his future as the Alpha was left uncertain. Jaxon didn’t want his pack to question the fate of their Alpha and the future heir. Sooner or later, they would have to accept he wasn’t going to have a mate.

He had something else in his mind he wanted to do. Right now, he just needed to settle a few things before he took his departure.

“Jaxon, why are you leaving us?” Jain asked, hugging her teddy bear.

In the Alpha’s office, Clara, Riley, Seth, Mario, Jain, and Maeve were present to witness their current Alpha stepping down from his title. Knowing his Beta, the pack would still be in good hands.

Jaxon knelt down. “Peanut, I’m not leaving you forever. I’m going to settle something.”

“But, can you do it from here?”

“No, Peanut. I have to go there to settle it.”

“I want you to stay,”

Jaxon hugged his sister. “I know, but I’m about to disappoint you.”

“I love you, Jaxon.”

He kissed her forehead. “I love you too, Peanut.”

Goodbye was difficult but it was even more difficult looking into their eyes knowing he could never fulfill their wish to see him having a family of his own. Jaxon bid farewell to his family as they walked out of the pack mansion. Everyone in his pack was present included Dalton, the Supreme Commander. The former Eastern Alpha had faith in the Supreme Commander to keep his pack in check.

“Whenever you come back, the seat is still yours,” Seth said to Jaxon assuredly.

He nodded. “Take good care of everyone.”

He hopped into his truck and drove away. As he did that, Jaxon glanced over the rear mirror and felt his heart was sinking in as this was the first time in the history of The Eastern Werewolves Pack that their Alpha had stepped down willingly. The journey he was taking wasn’t just about taking a break from his duty. He wanted to rediscover himself. Years had been spent on hunting, ruling, winning war, and whatnot, it was time for him to go out there and find out what else he could do other than being an Alpha.

An hour passed, the truck stopped and he pulled a photo from his jacket’s pocket. Not a day passed by without him thinking of her. They could have been a happy mated pair but Fate had something else in store for both of them. Every night, he could still see her in his dream. He could have marked her. They could have a family of their own. Goddess, did the fate always be this cruel to those who craved to have a mate? He thought she could have become his calm—his other half. But, turned out they were a world apart in both terms of origin and profession. Now, he was still in the land of the living while she was in the Afterlife.

“I was thinking you wouldn’t show up,” someone said to him, hopping into the front passenger’s seat.

Three black bags were thrown into the backseat as the person settled down on the front seat and buckled up.

Jaxon returned the photo into his pocket. “Winston, it’s good to see you too.”

He laughed. “Your sarcasm never ceased to amaze me.”

The brother to Dalton Forest hummed to the music as the former Alpha resumed his driving.

“Did you have the file?” Jaxon asked.

This mission he was doing with Winston was the most confidential mission he ever conducted. Dalton was the one who gave the mission to him, knowing he could trust Jaxon with the confidentiality of the mission. If words got out about it, there was no telling what kind of danger awaited for them.

A file was placed on the dashboard, earning an approving nod from the former Alpha.

“Key in the address into the GPS,” Jaxon instructed as he made a right turn.

“I thought Mira was the demanding one. I didn’t expect you could be so demanding too.”

“Sucks to be you then.”

“Sucks indeed.”

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