The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 9: Jaxon

“Is she going to be alright?” Jaxon asked as he watched Amanda was checking on the unconscious Kaya.

His failure to protect his true mate was one of the many reasons why Jaxon needed to protect everyone else. That guilt was eating him up daily. By protecting others, Jaxon atoned himself for his sins. He would do everything in his power to protect Kaya and her daughter.

If he didn’t encounter Mira earlier, he would have come late to Kaya’s rescue. Luckily, the redheaded woman was heading in the same direction after she received an alert about Kaya’s information locked tight in the system. Mira’s speed was a lot faster than the speed of an Alpha.

“She’s going to be alright,” Amanda replied as she withdrew her hands from Kaya’s forehead. “She’s just unconscious and doesn’t suffer any injuries except for that bruise.” She pointed to Kaya’s right ankle turning purple.

Jaxon let out a breath of relief as he checked the framed photos on the walls. It was true that Dave Smith was Kaya’s husband and that he was Alaric Konstantine, the man who was sent to kill her. Instead of killing her, he married her. Now, he was dead and nobody could find why previous The Witches and Wizards’ Council wanted her dead. Lady Astrid didn’t have any other leads than the ones she gave in the morning.

From the framed photos, they looked like a very happy family despite the fact Alaric’s mission, well, Dave’s mission was to kill Kaya. Why he didn’t do it remained a mystery. Maybe he knew something that nobody else knew. That could be the reason why he risked everything to protect her. He broke the law at the moment he chose to protect her. He broke all other laws ever existed when he married her and fathered a child.

A hybrid child of a werewolf and a warlock.

“Well, the guy in the basement already escaped.” Mira appeared at the hallway. “I’d bet he’s heading to their boss.”

“Mira, what did you find about Kaya?” Jaxon asked the Southern Luna.

“Kaya Smith is actually Rosalie Xavier. Her fingerprints on your jacket matched with the ones of Rosalie. From the locked information, she’s belonged to The House of Earnhardt Xavier, the third house as we all know.”

There were four distinctive houses of Xaviers with each house had its role in the Werewolf’s Monarchy system. The first house, House of Gladwin Xavier was where Mira belonged to, had the entire right to the Throne. The second house, House of Trevor Xavier, held most of the King’s court. They enforced the laws, oversaw the affairs both abroad and domestic and they were the King’s advisors, Councilmen and the voices of the people.

The third house, House of Earnhardt Xavier, served as the Keeper of the Seals and Throne Protector. Their sole existence was to keep the Monarchy Seals and protected the Throne from a foreign power. In another word, they were known as Keeper of the Seals and Throne. Mira was approached by the one who was appointed to keep the Throne safe after the war ended. The person wasn’t exactly from the third house but his devotion and loyalty to the throne had made him as one of the nobles from the third house.

The fourth house, House of Royce Xavier, served as the Generals of the entire army and Enforcers battalions. They were the ‘warlords’ of the King’s court. Without their approvals, none of the army or Enforcers could be deployed.

“There are a few information regarding her family. She had four brothers from five siblings and she was the second oldest. Her grandfather was the brother of mine,” Mira explained.

Jaxon saw the sudden shift of the Southern Luna’s expression. The topic of her grandfather, Gladwin Xavier XIX, had been a very sensitive topic to her. Everyone thought the last King of the Werewolves was a very noble and compassionate person. But, they didn’t know the horror behind the closed doors — the horror that Mira’s mother had to experience.

“Hey...” Jazmine came from the other room where Kaya’s daughter was. “I checked on her daughter. Come with me.”

“What did you get?” Mira asked as they followed the Southern Beta’s mate.

“Her body is alive and healthy. There is no sign of sickness,” Jazmine replied as they entered the room. “I checked everything—from head to toe. It seemed like she’s sleeping instead of sick.”

In the room, there were many toys, drawings, dolls and everything a girl could ask for.

“I don’t quite follow your words,” Jaxon intervened.

“You see those machines?” Jazmine pointed to the machines connected to the girl.

Jaxon and Mira nodded.

“Those machines weren’t actually helping her. She could survive without those,” The black-haired woman went on. “I don’t know why the doctors hooked those machines to her while she could survive without them.”

“But, she’s missing something,” Amanda said as she stared at the comatose girl on the bed. “She’s healthy but something is quite wrong about it.”

“I couldn’t sense Kaya’s wolf. And if her daughter is a werewolf, I could have sensed it,” Mira said. “Neither of them have a wolf.”

“If Kaya was from the third house, she should have been born as a werewolf,” Jaxon said. “As far as I could remember from the history classes, the royal family was a pureblood werewolf. They mated within the species. None of them had a mate outside the werewolf’s species.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Everyone whipped their head in the direction of the speaker. Kaya was leaning against the door to support her frame. Immediately, Jazmine helped her to the chair nearby.

“What’s this third house? Werewolf? Royal family?” Kaya bombarded. “Who are you people?”

“You’ve seen what happened earlier. Humans aren’t the only species living in this world,” Mira spoke. “There are werewolves, vampires, witches and Lycans. The things you saw earlier were shapeshifters from the third realm. I could get on and on with the information but I don’t think those mattered at this moment. What happened to your daughter is what we’re trying to figure out. If we couldn’t find the cause of her coma and why you both are being hunted, it would like fighting the enemy with blind eyes.”

“I think I know what happened to her,” Amanda intervened as she held a drawing of a girl and a man at a park. “I think I know why she’s comatose — why she didn’t need those machines to live and why they wanted both of them.”

“Go on.” Mira nodded to her.

“Jazmine was right. The girl is not sick. She’s sleeping,” The white witch showed the drawing to them. “She’s a Dreamwalker and locked herself inside this drawing.”

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