The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 11: Narrator

Jaxon stood on the front porch as he was in high alert. Winston hadn’t updated him with anything else. There was no sign of the approaching cars. He didn’t know whether those cars were the cars of the neighbors or they stopped somewhere else. He couldn’t drop his guard down as he felt like something was going to happen. Jahan and his team were setting a perimeter around the house until Mira could open a portal. It would take time for her to open one, especially to cover a long distance.

His wolf alerted once more when he saw a group of teenagers was walking by. They were laughing and didn’t seem to pose any threat. But, if Jaxon was facing a shapeshifter, he had to consider the neighbors or passersby were posing a threat.

He went back inside and stopped walking when he saw the framed photos on the wall. Dave Smith did look like Alaric Konstantine. So, it was true he didn’t kill his target. Kaya was alive. And, they had a daughter together. What changed Dave’s mind suddenly?

Witches and warlocks were never been in a good term with the werewolves before Mira signed a peace treaty with their Council. Their previous Councilors were guilty in numerous charges. It seemed like it was hard to maintain a good Council especially when everyone desired power and wealth.

So, what changed Dave’s mind? Did he know something? Cross-mating was a common thing. It was the survival of the offspring made a successful cross-mating so rare.

“I couldn’t figure it out,” Jaxon said when Winston came in. “Why Dave changed his mind and protected her?”

“Maybe he fell in love with her.” Winston shrugged his shoulders. “You know, love could change people.”

“Or maybe he foresaw he would father a Dreamwalker.”

“That could be it.”

“I couldn’t open a portal.” Mira came from the kitchen. “Something about this house preventing me to open a portal.”

“Jaxon, five cars are heading directly to the house. They’re armed.” Jahan informed through the mind-link.

At the same time, Kaya and Jazmine came from the second floor. Mira dived towards them just a second before the trouble hit the ceiling. Everyone in the house ducked to the floor to protect themselves from the bullets flying in. Amanda was cradling Camilla in her arms and took cover behind a couch.

“Stay down,” Mira shouted in the amid of chaos. “Jaxon, three are coming from the back.”

Her eyes shifted from electric blue to the blood red eyes belonged to her demon wolf. Jaxon knew those eyes were overkill. Nothing could deceive the eyes of a demon wolf. Not now, not ever.

He shifted right in front Kaya’s terrified eyes and dashed to the back door. He just rammed through it and mauled the first guy he saw. He tacked the second guy and ripped his throat out. The third guy loaded a shotgun, pointed it to him as he ready to pull the trigger. Jaxon dodged the bullet before his canines sunk at the third guy’s throat.

This what would happen when a werewolf lost his mate. The thirst for blood was overwhelming him and he could barely control his wolf. Jaxon forced himself to be in charge of his wolf for the sake of everyone in the house. He shook his head in a mean of trying to gain his consciousness before he spotted Mira’s back collided against the glass window. The Southern Luna grabbed the broken glass and used it to slash the throat of her attacker. The bad guys already breached the house.

Jaxon’s main concern was getting Kaya and Camilla out safely but that was just wishful thinking when more bad guys came from the woods. Jahan and his team were setting up a defense and held on for as long as they could.

Kaya kept her head down as fight happened in the house. She was inside a blue circle, holding onto her daughter while the three women were fighting to keep them safe. She didn’t know what to do other than watching the women fought. Mira was far from being a werewolf. Maybe that was what she meant earlier. Her eyes didn’t resemble a werewolf’s eyes. It had too much red in them as if her eyes contained only blood instead of organ or flesh.

Jaxon was indeed a werewolf. Everything Dave told in his stories was indeed true.

“We need to leave,” Jazmine shouted before ducking down when Mira threw a bad guy to the wall behind her.

“Come with me.” Mira pulled Kaya up to her feet. “Just stay behind me and do as I say.”

“Yes,” Kaya replied.

“Amanda, shield.”

Blue bubble wrapped around them as the redheaded woman led them out of the house. Several werewolves were fighting at the backyard and Kaya couldn’t recognize who was who there. They all looked alike except for the color of their fur.

“Jaxon, get them out of here,” Mira told a large black wolf. “We hold them off here, keeping them distracted. You and Winston keep Kaya and Camilla safe and head straight to the rendezvous point.”

The black wolf lowered its body as if it wanted to tell Kaya to hop on.

“Get on his back,” Mira told her.

Kaya nodded and hopped onto Jaxon’s wolf. Then, the redheaded woman gave her a short sword with a red gem on the hilt.

“Do not hesitate to use it. Your life might be depending on it,” She went on. “Go.”

Jaxon’s wolf didn’t hesitate for once and ran into the woods. Winston followed from behind, keeping their back safe. Kaya held onto Jaxon’s wolf’s neck to keep herself balance on his back. His speed was beyond her. She looked behind and saw everyone else fought to keep her and her daughter safe even though she didn’t even know them personally.

Everyone risked their lives to save the lives of two strangers. Maybe Kaya was Rosalie Xavier but she couldn’t shrug the guilty in her that they ready to sacrifice themselves for her and Camilla while all she did was running away.

She was weak. She couldn’t even fight for her daughter’s life. Running away was what she did best. Just like in high school, she just ran away and sulked all day long when things didn’t go to her way. At least, nobody died when she ran away during that. But now, people were fighting for her.

Jaxon halted when his fur raised out of the blue. He felt something was sparking and goosebumps spread through his body. What the hell was going on?

Winston pulled Kaya down from his back and snatched her daughter away before lightning struck the sky down to Kaya’s direction. Jaxon nearly jumped to push her out of the way when Winston stopped him.

The lightning wasn’t striking her to death.

She was controlling the lightning.

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