The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 15: Kaya

“What did you mean my daughter pulled him into the drawing?” Kaya questioned them.

They had just finished checking on Jaxon to make sure he wasn’t harmed physically. When they told her that her daughter pulled Jaxon’s soul into the drawing, Kaya refused to believe them. There was no way her daughter could do that. Camilla was just a child. She didn’t know anything about magic, shapeshifter or anything that Kaya had witnessed. She kept denying that facts all over and over again while truth to be told, she knew deep inside of her that these people were right about it. Dave was a strong wizard whose work involved in creating new spells. Camilla was his daughter. His blood ran in her veins. There was a chance that Camilla might have inherited something peculiar.

“We don’t know for certain,” Mira told her as she touched the drawing. “But my eyes don’t deceive me. Jaxon was the man she drew years before he met you.”

“That’s impossible.”

“A dreamwalker can use their ability in many forms. Your daughter’s dream walking ability is to manipulate drawings—pictures, things like that. Another type of a dreamwalker is that they use their dream and manipulate its world to their own advantages.” Amanda explained.

“Dave spoke about Chalice of Life. He said it could bring Camilla back to the real world. Maybe it could work on Jaxon too.” Kaya revealed.

Mira eyed the others as if they were speaking inaudibly. Kaya didn’t like their glances. It was a glance of bad news.

“The Chalice of Life was shattered after the Sixth Realm’s annihilation,” Mira told her.

“I don’t know anything about realms but Dave told me to seek for the Chalice. It’s the only way to bring my daughter back to the real world.” Kaya protested.

The tallest man in the room touched Mira’s hand as he whispered something. Kaya forgot the rest of the guys’ names. The way this man acted around the redheaded woman spoke a volume. They could be a couple.

“Amanda, you should go to see Brandon. Something’s happened,” he told the blonde woman. “He might need your help. Winston, you should go with her.”

Amanda nodded, “On it.”

She grabbed her duffel back and left the house with another, the same man came with Jaxon earlier.

“What about the Elders?” Jazmine interrupted. “They might able to help. We don’t have the Chalice of Life but the Elders know things we don’t know.”

“I’m going to call Stefano and hear what he knows while you arrange a meeting with the Elders,” Mira instructed before heading to the kitchen.

Kaya went to the bedroom where Colin was kept. He was covered in bruises and wounds. She sat by his side, watching him for a moment. The men were carrying Jaxon into the same room and placed him at another bed. Two men were unconscious. One was badly hurt. Another was sucked into the drawing. What kind of world did she live in? Nothing of this was making any sense to her.

When she looked at Jaxon, he looked like he was sleeping. It almost didn’t occur to her that he was trapped inside the same drawing as her daughter. His face was peaceful as if nothing worried him. Would he find her daughter inside the drawing?

Kaya didn’t know how this whole dream walking worked. If her daughter could manipulate the dream world, then she must have met Jaxon there.

She sat there in silent before remembering something that Dave showed her.


The same Deborah who worked in the diner with her. Kaya didn’t expect she had a bad motive. Deborah was so sweet and nice to her when she first started to work there. How could she be blinded by her kindness? She even invited Deborah to have dinner a few times since Dave’s death. Her daughter loved her.

Deborah was Dave’s first wife. Kaya didn’t think about asking his personal life because she thought he was just a guy who swept her off her feet on the first time they met. And he didn’t bother telling her anything. If only she knew who he was, maybe this could have been prevented.

No, Dave did his best to give her the life she deserved. To give the best for their daughter. He was Kaya’s first love. Nothing could change that. But it hurt her so much that he withheld such a big secret like that. It felt like he didn’t trust her at all.

“Don’t question it,” The same dark-haired man said.

She kept forgetting his name. She knew he was some sort of leader to these people.

“What do you mean?” Kaya asked him.

“You’re questioning the love your husband had for you.”

“If he loved me, he wouldn’t hold that secret from me.”

“If I questioned the love my mate has for me, I wouldn’t be with her or fathered three kids with her.” His eyes were looking at the redheaded woman. “She held many secrets from me until I questioned many things. Then, I realized, she was doing it to protect me. To protect my people.” He turned to Kaya once more. “Your husband was trying to protect you and your daughter. He thought by keeping you both in the dark would save you both.”

“I don’t know who I should trust now.”

“You don’t have to trust us all. If you wanted to trust someone among us, trust Jaxon. Believe me, he lost more than he gained. He understands your pain.”

“It seemed you understand the pain of losing someone too.”

He smiled faintly, “I went through it and had my mate back in my arms. Jaxon didn’t have that chance to have his mate back.”

Kaya stared at Jaxon once more and finally understood the sorrow in his eyes that she saw when they met. He lost his mate.

“Is it true that the werewolf feels the pain of losing their mate?”

“Not just the werewolf. The humans could feel the pain of losing their loved ones.” He straightened his posture. “Don’t question your husband’s love or you will live your life full of regrets.”

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