The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 16: Jaxon

“Do you know where we’re going?” Jaxon asked the little girl as she tugged his hand to make him following her.

With the black figures were guarding the exit, there was no way Jaxon and Camilla could escape from this dream world. He didn’t know anything about a dreamwalker because there was never been a dreamwalker ever recorded. He heard about it and many other myths but he didn’t expect many of the myths were real. Well, Mira was the living proof of a myth.

“Yes, there’s a train. We can stay there. They won’t come to the light.”

“But, there’s a lamppost next to the door earlier.”

“I’m not talking about the guardians of the door.”

The mist around them was still thick and Jaxon could barely see the direction he was heading. Earlier, it seemed like the little girl was controlling the mist near the door where they were supposed to exit. But this mist was different. It was a lot colder and thicker than the previous one. Even with his wolf’s senses, he couldn’t see that far or hearing anything else besides the sounds of their footsteps.

“We’re here,” She said to him.

There was a train for display. A train was used somewhere in the 18th century and was put on display so that people could experience what it felt like to ride on an 18th-century train. Inside the train, there were many things — things that led to this girl’s survival in the dream world. Snacks, drinking water in bottles, a blanket and just a few essential things.

Where the heck she even got those things?

“How did you get these?” Jaxon pointed to the stuff she had in the train.

“I don’t know. It was already here when I got here.”

She peered out of the window as if she was expecting something. Jaxon felt like he was the kid here while she was an adult, protecting him.

“They’re coming.” She whispered, closing the window softly.

“Who’s coming?”

Before she gave him an answer, Jaxon heard the sound of growls came somewhere outside the train. The curtains on the windows were blocking his line of sight. He needed to find out what was coming to their way so that he could prepare for it. The train quaked as if something was shaking it. Jaxon couldn’t help but wonder the horrors she had to face when she first came here. No people to guide her in the dream world. She had to learn things on her own.

Looking at her reminded him of his own sister. Jain must be worried about him. He was supposed to check up on her right after he had left Kaya’s house. Instead, he was too focused on protecting someone’s family while forgetting his own.

Camilla pressed her palms against her ears to block the ferocious growls came from outside. Jaxon grabbed her and kept her safe in his embrace. Now, she could lean on him. He would protect her for as long as he could. Her body shook in fear in his embrace while he tried to comfort her. The growls were getting louder and the train quaked even more. This was no werewolf’s growl. His wolf would have recognized a werewolf’s growl. Whatever outside the train, it was something far dangerous than what he had encountered in his entire life.

Then, he saw the shadow of the creature on the curtain. It had long canines protruded from its mouth, a horn that looked like a moose’s horn and a big body. Bigger than a body of an Alpha’s wolf. This was no ordinary creature. It was bloodthirsty and there were many of them outside the train.

A moment later, a loud sound echoed into the night. A sound of a large analog clock before the light was rotating, like the one at the lighthouse. The creatures whimpered when the light shone against them. Jaxon could hear the sizzling sound as if something was being cooked. Peeking through the window discreetly, he saw the creatures were hurt by the light. Like a vampire was hurt by the sunlight. Their skins were peeling from their bodies, revealing the black flesh. Even their blood was a black as the darkness.

It seemed forever until the chaos ceased and the creatures bolted out of the place.

“What the hell?” Jaxon muttered to himself.

“Daddy called them as The Soul Eaters,” Camilla answered.

She had stopped shaking in his arms.

“The Soul Eaters?”

She nodded. “Daddy said The Soul Eaters were once living beings. They became Soul Eaters because they were denied entrance to the Moon Goddess’ Kingdom because they’ve committed heavy crimes when they were alive. So, they became the monsters, eating souls that roamed around.”

If this was a dream world, how did the Soul Eaters get sucked in? There was no way Camilla could have brought the Soul Eaters into her dream world. And how much she knew about the supernatural world and Moon Goddess?

“You’re a dreamwalker. That’s what I was told. I thought a dreamwalker manipulates dreams.”

“That was what my daddy told me. He asked me to stop drawing too because it was a bad thing.”

Then, it hit Jaxon. She wasn’t a dreamwalker who manipulated the dream world. She was a dreamwalker whose drawings served as a portal to another dimension. To this dimension. They were in a different world. This wasn’t a dream world in the back of their minds. This was the world where if their spirits got killed, their physical bodies would die too.

So, Alaric, well he was Dave, knew his daughter’s drawings could open a portal to this world and tried to stop her. But, she couldn’t stop because she loved drawings and didn’t know the dangers her drawings were posing to those in the real world.

From the corner of his eyes, Jaxon spotted a drawing hidden behind the box of drinking water. He pulled the drawing out and stared at it with uneasy feeling washed over him.

A drawing of a woman holding a gun pointed to a man. Why this felt so familiar to him?

The door slid opened and his jaw tightened when he saw who was standing before him. She was wielding a shotgun with the barrel pointed to the ground instead of him.

“Jaxon?” Her eyes were bewildered to see him there.


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