The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 18: Narrator

“Dispatch all the battalions!” Cohen shouted to Dalton as soon as they arrived at the Council’s land.

Everyone was running frantically as they were strengthening the defense perimeter. One hour after Jaxon was sucked into the drawing, Lady Astrid of the Witches and Wizards’ Council reported there was a sudden shift of ley lines, in other words, “the magic energy”, in the realm. A portal was opened approximately two kilometers away from the Council’s administration building.

Dalton halted immediately when he saw Kaya and turned to Mira as if he needed the redheaded Luna to confirm Kaya was Rosalie Xavier, the woman they had been looking for. Mira nodded in silence, watching Jahan and his team carrying Jaxon’s body and Camilla’s into the safest room in the building. Whatever happened, they needed to protect the two bodies at all cost until their souls returned.

It was hard to tell when it would happen. If Kaya was right that the Chalice of Life could bring both Jaxon and Camilla’s soul back into their bodies, then everyone was screwed. That Chalice was destroyed when Alistair annihilated the sixth realm. The sixth realm was like the retirement house of the celestial beings. They were the guardians all the enchanted artifacts. Chalice of Life was one of those artifacts.

“Without the Chalice, we can’t bring them back,” Jazmine told Mira as they set up a protective barrier around the room where Jaxon’s and Camilla’s bodies were kept safe.

“Worse, we need to close the portal,” Jahan added.

“We can’t close the portal. Not before Jaxon’s soul returns with Camilla’s.” Kaya interrupted. “My daughter is alive and I’ll do anything to have her back. I’ll go into the portal and search for them.”

“Then, your presence in the other world will open a new portal here.” Stefano stepped out of a green portal. “A living soul is forbidden to enter the world of the dead. The more living souls enter, the more the portals will open.”

“Then, what is the way for us to bring them back?” Mira asked. “Don’t tell me you have the Chalice of Life.”

“The Chalice could have saved them both but it wouldn’t be able to close the portal. The portal can only be closed from the other side — the world of the dead’s side.” He picked the drawing from Jazmine. “This drawing must be destroyed on the other side. Destroying it here will disrupt many things in the world of the living.”

“How are we going to send the drawing to the other side? To Jaxon?”

“We can only hope he will come out of the portal too.”

“Without the Chalice—”

Stefano opened his palm, letting it faced to the ceiling before a bright golden light appeared. Then, a Chalice hovered a few inches from his palm as if it came out of his palm.

A golden chalice with five different color gems represented the five elements; fire, earth, water, air, and lightning.

“It was never been in the sixth realm. If it was destroyed, I wouldn’t have able to resurrect you,” Stefano looked at Mira as he told them. “But, if we use the chalice to bring a soul from the other world, it’s going to require a life. A life for a life.”

“Then, how are we going to bring their souls back into their physical bodies without the need of sacrificing two souls for theirs?” Mira questioned.

“There’s another way where we don’t have to sacrifice someone’s life. I can bring their souls back into their bodies without payments.” He glanced at Mira once more. “But, I need more time to bring their souls out of the other world.”

“So, we have to wait for them to come out of the other world before you could restore them into their bodies?” Kaya asked.

He nodded. “Yes. The ritual is going to take time. Guiding them out of the other world isn’t going to be an easy task.”

“What’s the catch? Don’t tell me bullshit, Stefano.” Mira demanded. “Everything has a price.”

“Using the Chalice of Life is like taking the shortcut. Sacrifice one life to bring another. My other method is a long way. I will have to guide their souls out of the other world, possibly protecting them from whatever in the other world that won’t allow them to leave. It’s a one-way street. There’s no way out once you’re in the other world. I’m trying to build a two-way street for them. Jaxon and Camilla are living souls in the world of the dead. There’s a high chance that I can bring them back without sacrificing two lives.”

“And if you fail?”

“Then, we have to think about the payments.”

Mira pulled her short swords from the sheaths on her back. “Work your magic. Bring Jaxon and Camilla out of the other world. We might have to send Jaxon back in briefly to destroy the drawing and pull him back out before it closes.”

“That’s summed it all up.”

Two large black wolves stepped into the room. Kaya watched as everyone looked at the wolves before Mira jumped on one of them and then, Jazmine did the same to another one. The two wolves carried both women out of the room, heading to the battle. Kaya didn’t waste any time and followed them. One of the women she passed by gave her a sword.

Everything else seemed to return into her mind. The lessons that Dave taught her to defend herself as if he knew he wouldn’t able to come to protect her. It was her turn to protect her family.

To protect Camilla.

To protect these people who were ready to risk their lives.

Maybe, Kaya was really part of this world. Part of the supernatural species. She could feel it deep inside of her. The power lied dormant in her soul, waiting for the right time for it to come forth.

This was the right time.

Hideous creatures poured out of the portal, battling against the army of the werewolves. The longer the portal remained open, the more of the hideous creatures came out. Everyone could only hope Jaxon and Camilla would make it out of the portal before this world crumbled down with deaths.

“Madame.” Emmett joined Deborah standing at the patio with an overlooking view of the mountains.

There was a bright red light shooting up to the sky and the clouds grew darker and swirled around the red light.

“The portal is opened,” Deborah said with a faint smile. “Send everyone in. Make sure the girl and the Alpha don’t make it out. Keep the werewolves busy.”

“Yes, madame,” Emmett replied with a bow of respect.

“Make the preparation for the ritual.”

He nodded and walked away. Emmett passed his order to the men waiting outside the hallway. Their task was to make sure the girl and the Alpha stayed in the world of the dead until the ritual was over.

He went to the ritual room. There were signs written in blood all over the walls, windows, and floor. In the middle of a huge star sign in a circle, there was a black glass casket with a body of a man inside it. Emmett lit up the candles on the casket before writing a sign on the casket with his blood.

“Your family thought they’ve burnt your body into ashes,” Emmett muttered, lighting more candles around the room. “The truth is, it was never been your body in that incinerator.”

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