The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 1: Jaxon

Jaxon flipped the file for the second time today. It seemed like there wasn’t much information about Rosalie Xavier. No current photos, name or actual address. There was a possibility she might have a different name than the one stated in the file.

Everything wrote on the file was the information of Xavier’s family and her photo when she was five years old. This case required more than looking for a possible ghost who might or might not exist.

“Are you okay?” Winston got out from the bathroom of their motel room. “You’re touching the necklace.”

Jaxon didn’t realize he was touching the necklace around his neck. This wasn’t a normal necklace he wore randomly. Amanda gave it to him to help to ease his pain of losing his mate. Unlike Cohen, Jaxon didn’t suffer intense pain when Zia died in front of him. She rejected him right before she pulled the trigger. Granted, he still felt the pain but it wasn’t as painful as Cohen’s pain when he lost Mira.

He nodded and let go of the necklace from his grip. “Yeah, I was thinking.”

“Dalton said the informant is going arrive in the town tonight. Why don’t we go for lunch before that?”

Winston grabbed the keys from the table and headed out of the door. Jaxon grabbed his jacket and followed his pursuit. The only lead they had was with the informant who would come to see them tonight. Mira had used her connection in the Black Market to help them to find anything about Rosalie Xavier. She could potentially be the Southern Luna’s last surviving relative.

“So, do you want to talk about it?” Winston questioned as he drove the car out of the parking lot. “You’re touching the necklace many times since we left your territory.”

The former Alpha glanced. “How did you survive your pain when you lost her?”

“You asked the wrong person, Jaxon. I died on the same night as her. By the time I was resurrected as a hybrid, I felt different but not in pain. It took me a while to finally remember I once had a mate.”

Right, Jaxon forgot about that.

Winston continued to drive as silence fell into the vehicle. Jaxon had a lot of thoughts about what happened three months ago. He wasn’t sure if he was lucky or unlucky. He had a mate after had waited for so long to have one. That was his lucky part. But, she was the murderer of his uncle and took her own life because her guilt was eating her up. He could have saved her but the pain of the rejection glued him to the ground.

“We’re here.” Winston’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

They hopped out of the vehicle and headed to the restaurant. It was a very busy place because it was a lunch hour for those who worked nearby. Winston led them far deep into the restaurant and took the table at the corner.

“Good afternoon.” A brunette woman with emerald eyes came to their table. “I’m Kaya. Are you ready to order?”

Winston made his order while Jaxon kept on looking at the menu before he made his. When he looked up to say his order, he was captivated by the emerald orbs of the waitress. Quickly peeling his attention elsewhere, he finished making his order.

“Alright, I’ll be back with your orders.” Kaya beamed a smile before she left.

Winston raised an eyebrow. “What was that?”

“What do you mean?”

“You looked at her and went silent for a minute. Then, you looked away as if her stare was burning your entire body.”

“Let’s focus on our main goal of coming to this town.” Jaxon changed the topic quickly as if he wanted to avoid any topic related to a relationship. “Any information about this informant of Dalton?”

“From what I know, he is a very nervous fella.” Winston sipped his coffee. “Neither Dalton nor Mira give much information about him either. Can you sense blue blood? Alpha’s blood is usually closely connected to those who had blue blood.”

“I can’t even sense Mira as blue blood.”

“It surprises me that—”

Jaxon signaled him to stop talking as his eyes fixed on the television at the corner. Breaking news was reporting a homicide happened in the same town. The picture of the victim was shown. The victim resembled the man they were supposed to be meeting tonight. At the same time, Winston’s phone rang and he answered it.

“The informant is dead.” Jaxon heard Dalton’s voice on the other end.

“It’s all over the news,” Winston responded. “Who killed him?”

Jaxon grunted in front of him. Now, they were back to square one to find Rosalie Xavier. There were nearly five thousand people lived in the town. How were they going to find her in this town? That if she was here.

Winston ended the call and put his phone away. “Dalton sent a few men to check the crime scene in case the police missed something.”

“I guess we have to use the old way.”

“Gentlemen.” Kaya returned with their orders and set them on the table. “Please enjoy your meals.”

“Thanks, sweetheart.” Winston smiled but his eyes were on Jaxon whose eyes focused on the phone.

Since the day he lost his mate, Jaxon had lost interest in finding a second mate. Even his wolf refused to look at any woman. One of the many reasons Jaxon stepped down from his Alpha position and gave it to Seth. At least, Seth still had the chance to meet his mate.

“You’re doing it again.” Winston pointed out. “Stop avoiding things that are supposed to happen.”

The former Alpha grunted in annoyance. “Drop it, Winston. Just focus on why we come to this town in the first place.”

He raised his hands in surrender. “Alright, alright. I’ll drop it. I will go to the archives later on to find out of anyone named Rosalie Xavier lived here.”

“Why don’t I go to the archives while you get your connection going?”

Jaxon never understood how the Black Market worked. The previous Werewolf’s Council spent decades to find the location of the Black Market. Each time, they were led to a dead end. It seemed nobody knew where the Black Market was actually located. From what he learned, only phone calls were allowed between the clients and the Black Market.

“Besides, we can make a quick stop at the crime scene while it’s still fresh,” Jaxon concluded.

“Fine by me.” Winston agreed.

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