The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 20: Narrator

Kaya panted heavily. Her body was exhausted. No matter how hard they all tried to kill the creatures, it seemed they kept pouring out of the portal. There was no end to this for as long as the portal remained open.

“We have a breach,” Someone reported to the redheaded woman. “Our Enforcers spotted a few people went into the portal.”

Mira grunted as she got up from the ground. The redheaded Luna was covered with blood. Bodies piled around her, the result of her killings. The Enforcers couldn’t get close to the portal. Not when the creatures kept pouring out. Could it be the people who wanted Kaya and Camilla had infiltrated into the portal while everyone was busy defending the Council’s administration?

“Stefano, any luck in finding Jaxon’s and Camilla’s souls?” Mira linked to the High Lord.

“I found them. It’s going to take time to get them to the portal. Time difference between here and there is a very large gap. They’re three hours away,” Stefano replied. “One hour in the other world equals to one day here.”

We don’t have days,” Cohen growled. “We could barely defend here.”

“Time to call for Cavalry,” Mira interjected.

She whistled and waved her hand to the administration building. A few seconds later, five flares were shot to the gloomy sky. With the dark clouds swirled around the red light of the portal, the day looked like it was already night time. The flares turned into four Phoenix and they flew to four different directions.

“Battalions Eight until Twelve go defend the towns,” Cohen ordered everyone in the mind link. “The rest of us keep the creatures entertain here.”

There were five towns close to the Council’s land. Although the human never stepped their foot to the Council’s land because of the magic around to prevent them from coming, it didn’t mean the creatures wouldn’t go to the towns. Five Battalions went to separate way to defend each of the towns. Each battalion was ranged between two thousand to three thousand Enforcers. With the increasing numbers of werewolves joined the new government, all thirty battalions increased in number.

“Cavalry One in three minutes,” Sir William of the Vampires spoke in their mind link.

“Cavalry Two in five minutes,” Sir Mason of the Lycans spoke.

“Calvary Three is here,” Lady Astrid of the Witches and Warlocks’ Council appeared with her fighters.

Kaya joined Mira and everyone else. They must defend this place for as long as they could even if they had to fight for days, weeks, months or years. It didn’t matter. The fate of the world rested on their shoulders. Together, they could repel these creatures to the world they came from.

Everyone got on the battle position, ready to fight once more. A few Enforcers were carrying their injured comrades. Lady Astrid and her healers worked on healing those wounded Enforcers while providing a strong shield around the Council’s administration building.

“We spotted a group of ten women heading to the portal,” William informed.

“William, send your scout and find where the women came from,” Cohen instructed. “We must not let another portal opened.”

“There are several portals already opened,” Astrid said, her eyes turned white. “I saw three of them. Three are close to the towns.”

“Dammit,” Cohen growled. “Alright, new plan. The werewolves stand and defend here. William, you go and assist 8th and 9th battalion. Mason, you assist 9th and 10th—”

“Leave the rest to us,” somebody spoke.


“In the flesh. I’ve brought back up. I’m heading to 11th and 12th.”

“13th and 14th for mine,” Nathan chirped in.

“I’m sending half to the 15th Battalion,” Seth, the acting Alpha of the Eastern Werewolves Pack joined in. “The rest is heading to the Council’s land.”

“Alright ladies and gentlemen,” Mira said, gaining everyone’s attention. “We’re going to fight for as long as we could. Prevent anyone else from entering the portal. Keep the creatures busy.”

“Yes, Luna!” Everyone chanted once.

Kaya watched as the redheaded Luna took off her torn jacket. Her bones shifted. A minute later, a big gray wolf stood on her position. Blood was dripping down with the saliva from its jaw. It growled ferociously next to her mate. Her eyes were as red as the blood.

“Demon wolf,” Kaya muttered to herself.

3 silhouettes appeared from the demon wolf and materialized as three huge black Lycans. Bigger than an average Lycans. Everyone kept the front line, growling menacingly as another big wave of monsters came out of the portal. With every second passed, the monsters were getting closer and closer but everyone rooted on their ground.

A few more steps, the monsters would collide with the front line. Then, the whole ground quaked. Guns were fired. Grenades exploded. A large group of human mercenaries came in, firing before the monsters’ line collided with the werewolves.

“The big boys have arrived.” Grover grinned. “Calvary Four is here."

“Hoorah!” The human mercenaries roared.

Body after body dropped to the ground. The sound of bones cracked echoed. Smoke rose to the horizon. The humans didn’t know what happened. Not when Astrid and her people had created an illusion barrier to keep the humans from poking their noses in. Enough lives had been put at stake. There was no need to involve the humans in. Except for these mercenaries.

The more they fought, the more the monsters came through the portal. Everyone was exhausted but for the lives at stake, they had to fight. When it seemed the Council was losing the battle, a green portal opened not far from there. Line after line of Elders came in, led by Jay Bernard. Even though their numbers were large, the monsters were still outnumbering them.

Stefano breathed deeply and focused on his mind link. Sweat beads dropped from his forehead. To maintain the communication link between two worlds was taking a toll on him. It wasn’t an easy task, not when he had to protect Jaxon, Camilla, and Zia as well. For the sake of the realm, Stefano used every bit of his energy left. They couldn’t lose this battle.

Emmett killed the Enforcers on the hallway silently as he followed the strong magic energy. He needed to get the Chalice of Life from the daemon. Stefano was too occupied with his task. He wouldn’t be able to protect the Chalice.

“Ah, it seemed you’re alone.” Emmett entered the room.

Stefano had to break the communication link with Jaxon when Emmett attacked him with magic. His wings hurled forward, protecting him from Emmett’s attempt.

“It was true then,” The Necromancer said. “You’ve lost a significant amount of power after resurrecting three people.”

“But, he’s not alone,” Adeline appeared out of nowhere.

Emmett laughed. “The former lovers reunited once more.”

“Hello, Emmett. I see you’re doing well.” Colin came in.

“Ah, three against one. That’s not a fair fight.” Emmett smiled.

“There’s no fair fight when it’s involving you.” Colin glanced at Stefano.

Emmett couldn’t touch Jaxon and Camilla because there were two shields around their bodies.

“Actually, I’m done here,” Emmett said.

The scars on both corners of his lips were making him grinning from ear to ear even though his lips weren’t stretched. Stefano felt a hand was wrapped around his neck from behind. Emmett was standing behind him while there was another him still in front.

The necromancer had cloned himself.

“I couldn’t believe you would fall for my trick, Stefano.” Emmett cackled. “Thank you for the Chalice of Life anyway.”

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