The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 21: Narrator

They ran as fast as they could. The pursuers were getting closer in every second. Jaxon held Camilla securely in his arms while Zia was leading them ahead since she knew about this world better than him. The communication link he had with Stefano was lost. He just couldn’t feel the daemon High Lord in his mind anymore. Something had happened in the other world.

“Wait,” Jaxon pulled Zia to him.

They were just at the edge of the treelines, watching the black figures patrolling the route ahead. The deeper they went, the more of those black figures appeared. It was better than the Soul Eaters. Speaking of which, Jaxon never saw the Soul Eaters encountered the black figures.

“There’s no door here,” He whispered as he studied the black figures.

If Camilla was right, the black figures were the guardians of the doors—the portals that had been closed. Why did the black figures patrol this route when there was no door?

Jaxon glanced behind him. The necromancers were a few minutes behind them.

“You were right. They only stayed when there was a door. So, where’s the door?” Zia said, looking around to search for the door just in case they missed it.

“Let’s hide first,” Jaxon led to the path on his left.

She nodded and followed him. They went further from the designated path. Supposedly, they must get to the red light where a portal was opened. But, with the black figures patrolled the route ahead, they had to take a detour.

They hid behind a large fallen tree and crouched down. The necromancers walked past by their hideout, heading straight to the black figure.

“Show me where we are,” He said to Zia.

She unrolled the map and pointed the fifth marker from their starting point. “We’re here.”

“We closed four portals back then. The fifth marker didn’t have one.” Jaxon recalled. “Is there a possibility that the door might have shifted to another location?”

“Possibly.” Zia nodded. “But, the black figures would have relocated, too.”

“How many drawings you have left in your bag?”

Zia unzipped her back and counted the drawings that were sucked into the world. Each of the drawings resembled the surroundings on where each of the portals was opened. They only needed to destroy the drawing next to the portal that resembled the one on the drawing.

“Ten,” she answered. “I couldn’t find the rest of the drawings. So, some portals might stay open. This world is connected to every realm. There might be portals opened in other realms.”

“We’ll figure out about other realms. For now, we need to shut that one.” He pointed to the red light shot to the sky. “The Soul Eaters only went through that one.”

“Jaxon, look.” Zia pointed to the sky.

Six light beams shot to the dark sky as if to tell that six portals were opened. Then, growls echoed. The Soul Eaters’ growls. They were heading to the six light beams. Jaxon cursed mentally. There was no way all three of them could close all the portals in a short time. The distance between each of the portals was too far. It would take them days to get all of those portals closed. By the time they were done, the death toll in the other world might have skyrocketed.

“It looks like our trip is extended,” Jaxon said, getting up. “We’re going to the blue one.”

Zia gathered the map and got up. Before the two of them could walk, their feet were sucked into the ground like quicksand. Not long after that, the necromancers came out from the treeline, smiling that they had captured the three of them.

“The madame sent her regards to three of you,” the tallest woman in the group said.

“Aw, he’s cute,” another one said, licking her lips when she saw Jaxon.

“Let them go!” Camilla shouted, standing in front of Jaxon and Zia.

The two of them were still being sucked into the ground slowly.

“What are you going to do, little girl?” the first woman asked, bending down to grab Camilla’s jaw. “Hit me with your tiny hand?”

“Don’t touch her,” Jaxon growled.

“What a cute family.” a third woman chuckled.

Jaxon felt the same sparks when Kaya accidentally used her power. He looked at Camilla. She had the same power as her mother. The necromancers retreated away when they saw the lightning sparks came from the little girl. The dark clouds swirled rapidly. The wind blew harder as if there was going to be a typhoon soon.

Lightning emitted from the tips of Camilla’s fingers and shot to the ground. It caused the ground to quake as the lightning traveled to the direction of the necromancers. One of them created a shield to prevent the lightning from hurting any of them. But, their powers were no match to what Camilla’s lightning could do. It penetrated the shield and all six of them electrocuted inside the shield.

Kaya felt the strong power coursed inside her body. Everything stopped in motion. Then, Lady Astrid screamed in pain followed by other witches and warlocks in the proximity. Their skins slowly wrinkled and hair turned white as if their physical bodies finally caught up with their age. Kaya’s power was sucking the life out of each of the magic practitioners.

Adeline jumped out of the building to assess the situation while Stefano returned to his ritual to get Jaxon and Camilla out. She ran to Kaya and knocked the woman unconscious. Adeline had no choice. Camilla activated her power on the other world. Her power was linked to her mother. Kaya acted as the harvester. She ‘harvested’ the lives out of the magic practitioners and converted it to the power used by Camilla.

Lady Astrid was carried out of the battlefield to assess her condition along with those who were affected.

In the other world, Camilla fell unconscious. Jaxon and Zia were no longer sucked by the ground. He ran to Camilla and checked the little girl to make sure she wasn’t harmed physically by her own power.

“I don’t like this power,” Zia told him as he picked Camilla up to continue their journey.

“Kaya has the same power as her daughter,” Jaxon responded.

“No, Jaxon.” she shook her head. “That’s not what I meant. This power is dark magic. Necromancers were known for using this power. Converting lives to lightning. Once the lightning struck its target, there would be no soul leave the body.”

“Are you saying…”

She nodded. “It destroys the soul completely.”

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