The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 23: Narrator

The six new portals shut down immediately after the six necromancers died. Jaxon refused to linger around the same spot anymore. They quickly resumed their way to the red light. It was up to them to close the portal. The people in the other world was counting on them. The longer they lingered in here, the more of those foul creatures breached the world of the living. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be any more obstacles. Apart from the black figures, it seemed like there were no Soul Eaters nearby. The loud growls echoed in the dark sky was coming from the red light. All Soul Eaters headed to it.

They were attracted by the scent of roaming souls on the world of the living. When there was a battle, there would be deaths.

“Jaxon, you must hurry.” Stefano’s voice emerged in his mind link. “They are planning to resurrect Alaric Konstantin at the cost of your life and Camilla’s.”

Jaxon halted for a moment. “Alaric Konstantin? I thought his body was cremated.”

“Apparently not.”

Blue energy essence emitted from Jaxon’s body and it mimicked the stature of Stefano. The daemon High Lord had a lot of tricks up his sleeves.

“Whoa.” Zia startled. “What the heck?”

“Meet Stefano Michelangelo de Lucca. The voice I’ve been listening inside my head.” Jaxon introduced him. “Stefano, this is Zia Ashton.”

“As much as I love to exchange pleasantries, I’m afraid you are about to have more companies,” Stefano told them, nodding his head to something behind them.

A group of black figures alerted by their presence and headed to their direction. Jaxon and Zia picked their pace while the former Alpha carried Camilla in his arms. Stefano’s essence floated above the ground. He raised his hands in the air and the ground quaked. Doing this in the world of the dead had its consequences. But, he wanted to get Jaxon and Camilla to the portal as soon as possible. The Council’s army and his army weren’t going to last for three days if to consider the rate of the Soul Eaters entered the world of the living. Plus, Deborah and Emmett Balthazar were about to resurrect Alaric Konstantin while everyone was busy defending the Council.

To resurrect someone from the dead by sacrificing a life, they still needed to keep the portal to the world of the dead opened until the soul of the intended person came out of it. They didn’t have to guide the soul out. It just needed to pass this world to get to the world of the living. It would zap out like a lightning without worrying the things waited in the world of the dead.

Loud thunder struck the dark sky and the ground quaked once more. Cracks split the ground opened. Jaxon and Zia staggered as they tried to find their balance in the midst of the quakes.

“What’s going on?” Zia asked.

“The world of the dead is losing its balance.”

A moment later, a series of thunders struck the dark sky once more. Five figures dived out of the thick clouds down to the ground. It reminded Jaxon of those Angels that came when Alistair was about to unleash havoc.

“The Angels are coming down,” Stefano said with a heavy tone. “They won’t let you leave this place whether you are alive or dead on the other side.”

“Zia, jump across now,” Jaxon instructed her.

There was a large gap in between the small piece of land they were standing on and another piece of bigger land which didn’t have the cracks. Zia looked down in between the gap and saw lava was flowing. She swallowed hard before running to make the jump. Jaxon watched nervously as she leaped. She landed just a few inches from the edge. He secured Camilla in his arms and tied her body to his with his jacket.

“Jaxon, they’re coming!” Zia shouted when the five Angels spotted them.

Stefano created a big blue wall and let it slid towards the Angels, keeping his brothers busy. He knew they couldn’t see him because he only allowed Jaxon and Zia saw him. The Angels glided backward with their palms pushed firm against the blue walls. Their job was to secure this world since Angel of Death’s position was still vacant because the scythe was destroyed. It would take a longer time to forge a new scythe before a new Angel of Death could be appointed.

Jaxon walked backward and then ran forward as fast as he could to create enough momentum before he leaped across. Gabriel grabbed his sword and sliced the blue wall into two before all of them flew to Jaxon and Zia. Stefano summoned giant spikes from the sky and let them fell onto his brothers without the intention of killing them. He just wanted to stall them until Jaxon made the leap. The former Alpha hung onto his life and Camilla’s when their weights were giving the gravity an advantage to pull them down. Only his right hand managed to get a grip on the edge while they were hanging seventy feet above lava flow.

Zia caught his left hand and mustered all her strength to pull him and Camilla up. Stefano kept stalling his brothers until Jaxon and Camilla were safe.

“Get to the portal!” Stefano shouted and pointed to the red light. “Mira should be waiting on the other side with the drawing. Destroy it here to close the portal.”

They nodded and rushed to the red light as fast as they could.

Cohen carried one injured Enforcer to the lobby of the Council’s administration lobby and shouted for the medic to attend the injured Enforcer. He was bleeding profusely because his blood artery on his right thigh was ripped because one Soul Eater bit him.

“Mira? Baby, where are you?” Cohen spun around to spot his mate.

He lost the sight of her about ten minutes ago when she dragged another Enforcer out of the battlefield. In the lobby, the medics were running back and forth from one Enforcer to another. The wounded Enforcers were groaning in pain and covered in blood and bandages.

“Cohen!” Mira rushed to him and their bodies collided. “Are—are you hurt?”

He shook his head. “No. Goddess baby, I thought—” he couldn’t finish his sentence and kissed her hard. “Don’t ever leave my sight again.”

“No time.” Mira tugged him to a secluded corner. “Stefano is almost getting Jaxon and Zia out, but we have several problems to think. Angels are preventing them from leaving so we might need to keep fighting for a while. Also, Adeline and Colin found Necromancers’ hideout far North from here. The necromancers are planning to resurrect Alaric Konstantin back to life.”

“That can’t be good.”

“No, it’s a disaster. They wanted to sacrifice Jaxon and Camilla for him.”

“Are you planning to do what I think you’re going to do?”

Mira nodded. “Yes, I’m going to help Adeline and Colin to stop those Necromancers. I’m going to bring a small force with me. You will need the remaining Enforcers to keep defending this place.”

“I’ll go with her,” Jazmine said from behind. “I mean Amanda is helping Brandon with his mission. I’m no fighter but um, I still can hurt people painfully.”

Cohen had no choice. They had to do it before it was too late. Although he needed all the numbers he could get to defend this place, he knew he couldn’t let his mate go into the den of a lion without back up.

He hugged his mate. “Stay safe and promise me you come back to me.”

“I will, Alpha.”

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