The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 24: Narrator

Mira arrived at Adeline’s position with five Elite Enforcers with her. They regrouped in one of the tunnels dug underneath the mountain which led them to the ruined castle. Everyone crouched down near the exit of the tunnel, looking at the ruined castle. The clouds started to swirl above the castle as if it wanted to tell them that the ritual had started.

“It will take time...” Adeline said, eyes fixated on the Necromancers on duty. “for the ritual to finish. Stefano put a fail-safe spell on the Chalice just in case this happened.”

“The ley lines are extremely strong here,” Colin interrupted. “That must be the reason why they chose this place.”

“It doesn’t matter. We need to retrieve the Chalice before the spell is halfway. Bad consequences happen if the spell is interrupted after it reaches halfway through,” Mira said.

“I hope you have a plan, Luna,” one of the Enforcers said to her.

Mira’s eyes turned red. She used her demon wolf’s eyes to see the ley lines. Thousands of ley lines went directly to the castle. The Necromancers had a weird sign on their body which helped them to harvest as much energy as possible from the ley lines. The powerful the spell, the more energy drained out. With their case, they wouldn’t have a problem with their energy because the ley lines flowed into their body as well.

“We’re going from above.” Mira pointed to the overhanging cliff that just hovered above the glass dome.

“All in from above?” Colin asked.

She nodded. “We can’t waste time fighting all those Necromancers. We’re going directly into the devil’s den.”

“I found a way.” Adeline already stood near one of smaller tunnels in the bigger one. “This one should lead us to the cliff.”

“Let’s go, boys. It’s up to us to stop them.” Mira got up and followed Adeline into the smaller tunnel.

Despite the long hours of battle in the Council, everyone would fight as hard as they could here. Everyone was tired. She could understand that. But, there was no time to rest. Not when there were two threats lingered around.

There were big tunnels which connected with dozens of smaller tunnels. One wrong turned could cause someone lost forever in the maze of tunnels. However, Adeline seemed to know her way around the tunnels when they actually arrived at the cliff.

“They might put spell on the glass dome,” Adeline said, pulling out a gold dagger with a blue gem from her bag.

Her hands glowed as she held the dagger. Magic energy passed from her hands to the blue gem, making it pulsated like a pulse. She pulled three more daggers and repeated the same process. Then, she threw each dagger in four different directions; South, North, East, and West of the dome. It caused explosions, shattering the glass dome. Everyone jumped right into the devil’s den while Adeline created a shield to prevent the Necromancers from approaching the castle.

Mira landed on the glass casket where Alaric’s body was kept. She punched the glass once and it shattered. Without Alaric’s body, the ritual couldn’t proceed on. Colin fought with Balthazar while the Enforcers fought with the hooded followers of Deborah.

“You will not take him from me!” Deborah yelled, sending Mira to collide against the altar by an unseen force.

Mira got up on her feet. Her ribs were in pain because she collided against the altar sideways. She placed her hand on her ribs to prevent further damage on her ribs. Deborah controlled a large sword and flung it to Mira. The Southern Luna took a dagger from the sheath on her back and blocked the large sword with one hand. Her right hand still pressed against her ribs. A red beam emitted from Adeline’s right palm and shot it to Deborah to keep the latter busy. The daemon woman’s left palm pressed against Mira’s fractured ribs and healed them.

“I’m good,” Mira reached for another dagger and took a fighting stance.

Emmett summoned the dead. They rose from the ground and joined in the fight. Thousands of souls perished in the castle. It was fitting their bodies were buried around the castle. This made the Necromancers had better advantages.

Deborah increased the sword size and swung it to the two women. Mira blocked it from slicing her body with the daggers. Because of that, she collided with Adeline and both of them were thrown away. There was a large crack on the ground and they fell right into. Mira dropped her daggers and had a firm grasp on a protruding rock. Adeline caught Mira’s legs just in time. They were hanging ten meters from the surface and it would be nearly fifty meters drop into oblivion.

“Luna!” one of the Enforcers peeked down, trying to reach her hand.

“John, no. You’ll fall.” Mira protested.

She wouldn’t risk the lives of her Enforcers to reach her hand. They were already in enough risk. There was no need to have three bodies fall down.

“Roland, hold my legs!” John shouted over his shoulder.

“Bill, you hold mine. We lower John down to get Luna and Missus Adeline,” Roland said.

Soon, John was lowered over the edge while the Enforcers made a human chain from behind—holding onto each other’s legs. John’s hands firmly grasped on Mira’s wrists.

“Pull!” He instructed those who on the surface.

They pulled Mira and Adeline to the surface when Mira saw what happened there. Werewolves came from the tunnels and stormed to the castle. She didn’t know any of these werewolves. Their scents were different. Not the scent of a rogue either. Three men mounted larger wolves came out of the tunnels. They were covered with armored from head to toe and wielded two swords.

Mira saw the gold emblem on their chest armors. This couldn’t be true. The wars thirty years ago had killed everyone who had that emblem. One of the three armored men took off his helmet. Her fists clenched on her side when she realized who it was.

Gladwin Xavier XIX—her grandfather who was supposed to die in the battle nearly thirty years ago.

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