The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 25: Narrator

The Angels chased after them once Stefano’s essence disappeared because of overusing his power. Jaxon, Zia, and Camilla ran as fast as they could towards the portal before the Angels caught up with them. Two hours of distance felt like nothing when they were hunted down. They made zig-zag run to prevent themselves from getting blasted by the Angels’ powers. Jaxon kept Camilla safe in his arms.

“We’re almost there,” Zia panted, taking a short breather with him before running once again.

The portal slowly came to their peripheral view, but they stopped when they saw the swarms of Soul Eaters headed towards it. Without distracting those foul creatures’ attention, it would almost impossible to reach the portal. The five Angels caught up with them and fight ensued between Jaxon and them. He would never let them reached Zia and Camilla without going through him.

“Shame on yourself, mortal,” one of the Angels said to him. “You’ve breached the world of the dead and you must be punished for it.”

“I dare you,” Jaxon growled.

A bright orb shot from the sky and dived to the center of the Soul Eaters—diving the foul creatures. The orb materialized into a human figure.

Not a human.

Another Angel.

The Soul Eaters stayed away from her, bowing their heads as if they were afraid of her.

“Brothers,” she raised her hand to stop the other Angels from attacking. “These souls do not belong in here, except for her.” she eyed Zia. “Let the two passed. Their time has yet to come.”

“Breaching the world of the undead is a heavy crime, sister,” one of the Angels spoke to her.

“Yes, it is. But, these two didn’t come here willingly. They were forced. A dark evil had caused disturbances in the world of the living.”

“Very well.” they backed away.

Jaxon looked at Zia with a heavy heart. It seemed like their journey had come to an end. He would return to the world of the living, moving on with his life until his old ages while she—he didn’t want to think of it. He wanted her, but her time had come. She had suffered enough when she was alive.

“Jaxon, you must go.” Zia placed her hand on his cheek. “You’ve heard her. It is not your time to be here anymore.”

“I’m sorry for what I did—for my failure. I should have saved you.”

“Shhh…” she placed her finger on his lips. “I never blamed you for anything. It was out of our control.” tears pooled in her eyes. “Promise me, you will move on. You will stop blaming yourself for my death. will fall in love with someone who loves you for who you are.”

Jaxon engulfed her in his embrace. His heart shattered once more. “I promise.”

“Go now.” Zia retreated backward from his embrace.

“Escort them to the world of the living. Bring the drawings and Chalice of Life back in.” the female Angel spoke to her brothers. “The drawings must be destroyed to keep the balance of the world of the dead.” She stepped to Camilla and placed her hand on the little girl’s forehead. Her hand glowed in golden light. “You and your mother are freed from the curse, young girl,” The Angel said with a smile.

The five male Angels escorted Jaxon and Camilla into the portal. The former Alpha looked behind once more to see Zia’s face for the last time. Then, the red essence around the portal covered his sight. Bright light waited for them on the other end of the portal before the stench of blood and dead bodies greeted their view. The Soul Eaters on the world of the living bowed their heads as two Angels escorted Jaxon and Camilla’s souls to the Council’s administration building. The remaining two Angels stayed in the battlefield, preventing the Soul Eaters from causing more damages. The foul creatures were forced back into their own world.

Stefano panted heavily, sweats dripped from his forehead before he saw three Angels came through the doors with two souls.

“You should have not interfered, brother,” one of the Angels spoke to him.

A second Angel walked to Jaxon’s physical body and placed his hand on Jaxon’s forehead. Jaxon’s soul was restored into his body and he gasped as soon he woke up. Camilla did the same as well.

“You should not have chased them,” Stefano replied. “I had no choice. They weren’t meant to be there.”

“The world of the dead has fallen off its balance. For the time being, do not interfere. We will need to restore the world of the dead.”

“Be my guest. I have no more business in the world of the dead.”

“Where are the drawings?”

“In the bag behind you.” Stefano pointed to the small bag on the table at the corner behind the Angel.

“We will bring the Chalice of Life with us as well. It is too powerful to be kept in the world of the living.”

“The Chalice of Life is with Emmett Balthazar. I’m sure you’ve heard of him. We have people securing the Chalice as we speak.”

“Secure the Chalice and we will take it from you. We’ve interfered enough matters in the world of the living.”

“Very well.” Stefano nodded. “I will return the Chalice of Life when we have it.”

The three Angels left the room and regrouped with the other two on the battlefield. Hundreds of werewolves, daemons, vampires, and lycans had perished because of the battle. They could see their souls lingered on the battlefield, waiting for their time to enter the world of the dead. They must pass the world of the dead to go to the Afterlife.

The tallest Angel in the group spoke, “Fallen warriors, it is time to go home.”

Their souls turned into small orbs and gathered on the palm of his hand. The Angels went back through the portal where their sister waited for them on the other side. She destroyed the drawings and felt all the portals in the world of the dead were closing. Zia rooted on the ground, looking at the portal that was slowly closing.

“You did not tell him,” the female Angel said to her. “The reason why you still lingered in the world of the dead.”

“He has enough burden and guilt to carry. I do not want to add another,” Zia replied. “What does the Fate has for him now?”

“Solace. It is time for you to get yours."

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