The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 26: Narrator

Jaxon joined the other Alphas and Betas at the battlefield. The Enforcers were looking for any wounded comrades there. Bodies piled in their own pool of blood. The portal was no longer there. He stood there, feeling his heart heavy once more. His guilt started to eat him again. Witnessing her death was one thing. To witness her being left behind when he walked out of the portal was another. He would have done everything in his power to bring her back. But, nothing came without a price. He knew that. She knew that.

“We have to leave.” Cohen patted his shoulders, snapping him out of his thoughts. “Grief later, Jaxon. We still have another threat to eliminate.”

Jaxon nodded and followed the Southern Alpha into the woods with the Enforcers. Seth nodded to him as if the Beta wanted to acknowledge his presence. There were several wolves surrounded the mountain with an opened tunnel. Jaxon was as confused as Cohen as they didn’t recognize the werewolves whether it was hostile or an ally. The wolves bowed and retreated backward to allow them to enter the tunnel.

“Cohen, the emblem,” Jaxon said, catching the Southern Alpha’s attention.

Cohen didn’t look pleased either. “I recognize it. I feel Mira’s rage as well.”

Something was quite wrong. Those wolves wore the emblem of the Fourth House—House of Royce Xavier, the ‘warlords’ of the royal family. Supposedly, all four houses were executed during the battle nearly thirty years ago. Well, if Rosalie Xavier could survive as Kaya Smith, these people were no different.

The deeper they went into the tunnel, more werewolves came—guarding the passage. All four emblems were there as well. Then, they spotted Mira with her blood red eyes. Her eyes trained on one person—King Gladwin Xavier XIX.

Was there anyone who truly dead from all four houses?

Cohen rushed to his mate as he knew what she was thinking to do. Mira didn’t have a good history with royalties especially her ancestors. He understood that.

“Mirabelle,” King Gladwin called her name, stepping down the wolf he was mounted on.

His lips quivered. His eyes looked like he didn’t believe who he saw stood before him.

“My daughter…” he stepped to her with his trembling hands tried to reach her.

Mira, a demon wolf, vanished from Cohen’s sight. When she appeared, she had the King pinned against the large boulder. The warlords snarled, charging to her to save their King. Keeping her hand clamped around his neck, she flung him across the yard. The King rolled a few times before one of the warlords stepped in and fought Mira. Cohen interfered by colliding with the warlord and sent him to the boulder.

“Mira, stop,” Cohen said, grabbing his mate’s hand. “Baby, stop.”

“Stay back.” King Gladwin refused the help of his warlords as he approached her. “You are Mirabelle...My Mirabelle…”

“The Mirabelle you speak of is dead, remember?” Mira snarled. “You drove your sword through her chest when she was about to give birth. And what else did you do? Carving her baby out while she took her dying breath.”

“You are her daughter.”

“Yes...the abomination as you called me.”

“But, the vampire took you…”

Mira laughed. Wickedness laced with her laughter. “Why? You felt sad that he took me from you?”

King Gladwin looked from her and then to Cohen, back and forth again. “I made peace with my past. I’ve atoned myself for the sins I’ve committed against your mother.”

Mira laughed again. What a joke. Atone himself for his sins? Made peace with his past? Did he forgive himself for killing his own daughter and cut her opened to get her baby? Mira shook her head in amusement. She couldn’t believe this man at all. How could he forgive himself for killing her mother? For abandoning her? For calling her an abomination? He was ready to kill her even before she was born.

“I made peace with the fact that my parents couldn’t protect me. But…” Mira paused, vanishing once more. Her hand wrapped around his neck. Her claws grazed against his skin. If it pierced his skin, there was no saving for him. “I could never make peace with a man who took my parents from me.”

“You spoke just like your father.”

“He was a real man who fought his loved ones and you took that away from him. You killed him while he was trying to save his loved ones from the prison.”

“He was cursed to fall in love with her.”

Mira’s eyes reverted to her electric-blue eyes as she stepped backward. “Yes, it is true they were cursed to fall in love. Despite that, I saw his love for her in his eyes.”

When she thought about Ethan, her father, Mira couldn’t ignore the longing look in his eyes. She recalled that when she time traveled for the first time to see how it happened between him and Mirabelle. Granted, they were cursed to fall in love. But, the love he had for Mirabelle was unquestionable. He was ready to sacrifice everything for her—to get her and their unborn daughter from the prison. Mira knew the look in his eyes because Cohen looked at her the same way. Because of the demon wolf’s prophecy, her parents never had their happy ending.

“You know nothing about love,” Mira said, shaking her head while her eyes fixated on him. “You called him a monster because of the wars he had caused. But, you didn’t realize that you’re the biggest monster of all.”

“I am a King and I swore to protect my people even if it means to kill my own flesh and blood.”

“Yes, you are a King and Alpha to the werewolves. But, you are not my King and Alpha.”

“I still hold the throne. You are bound to my rule.”

“Then, take it!” She shouted. Her chest heaved heavily. “Take the fucking throne to your grave. I don’t even want it. You can demand their loyalty.” she gestured to the packs around them. “But, you will never get my loyalty. As long as my demon wolf’s blood flows in my children, you will never get my loyalty. I only serve one Alpha.”

Mira walked into Cohen’s waiting arms. She couldn’t do it anymore—facing the man who had destructed her family. All she wanted to do was ripping King Gladwin’s throat into ribbons. But, death would be too easy for him. There was a reason why Damien didn’t kill him when he took her away.

“Round them up,” Cohen instructed the Enforcers. “Deborah and Emmett Balthazar will face trials in The Witches and Warlocks’ Council.” he glanced at the King once more before looking at his mate. “Baby…”

“Take me home…” Mira mumbled against his chest.

“Go, we will take care of everything else here,” Liam told him.

Cohen nodded.

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