The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 29: Epilogue

Kaya clipped her hair up before her eyes stared at the photo glued on the mirror. Five months had passed since that day. Her life was getting better with Camilla although their home was constantly monitored by the Enforcers. They stayed in a house built on the Council’s land to make it easier for the Council to guard them. Kaya didn’t need all those anymore. There was no more threats. She didn’t possess the lightning power and Camilla trained with Colin. So far, she didn’t open any portals although she drew a lot of things. It made Kaya breathed easily. Emmett Balthazar and Deborah were brought into a trial on the Witches and Warlocks’ Council a week after the battle was over. They were sentenced to execution because they had disturbed the natural order. From what Kaya heard, the Resurrection Book and Chalice of Life had been taken by Stefano Michelangelo de Lucca back to his realm. Dave’s death was no longer in vain.

Kaya straightened her dress and walked out of her bedroom. Ever since they lived under the protection of the Council, she worked in the cafeteria in the Council. Although her status was a royalty, she still thought herself as Kaya Smith instead of Rosalie Xavier. It might be her real name, but she had been known as Kaya for her whole life.

“You grow a beard!” Camilla said from the living room.

Kaya sauntered into the room to see Jaxon’s face on Skype on the laptop. Her heart filled with butterflies when he saw her coming in. Despite he was on the other side of the planet, she still felt the pull towards him. The past six months had been filled with phone calls, texts, and video calls. Each time, he made her laughs. They didn’t say any words of love yet, but knowing he was safe and sound out there was good enough for her. She was willing to wait until he actually came back. She knew he still had a long way to go.

“I think it looks nice on him,” Kaya commented.

Camilla whipped her head and frowned. “Mommy only said that because mommy likes Jaxon.”

Jaxon laughed while Kaya glared at her daughter. How dare she said that? Right in front of him?

“Have you shower?” Kaya asked, changing the topic.

Camilla shook her head. Kaya pointed to the bathroom on the first floor as a signal to tell her that she should take a shower. Camilla said a few words to Jaxon before running into the bathroom.

“So, where are you now?” Kaya asked him as she sat in front of the laptop.

His background showed he was in his car—the same car he drove around the world. Kaya wanted him to come back. She missed him, but she refused to say it out loud. Let he came back by his own will. She would wait no matter how long it would be.

“Soon.” he gave the same answer. “I have one unfinished business to attend.” He grabbed the phone and came out of his car.

“I guess, we’re going to end this call here.”

“I’ll end it once I reach the house.” The camera was a bit shaky as he walked. “You look extra beautiful today.”

Kaya looked away briefly to hide the blush on her cheeks. “Nothing’s special. Just waiting for someone to come back. You know, first impression is important.”

He laughed. Her heart soared even more. Despite the beard, he looked healthy and happy. Maybe he had rediscovered a certain part of himself. She couldn’t look away. It was crazy to think how close they’ve gotten in a few months. He might be on the other side of the planet, she felt she was there with him.

“Why would you need to impress him?” he played along.

Kaya leaned backward. “I don’t know. He’s playing hard to get nowadays.”

“Someone’s going to ring your doorbell.”

“Huh?” she looked puzzled. “Did you send something again?”

Every time he visited a new place, he would send something to her—whether it was a postcard, a photo of a puppy or souvenir.

The doorbell rang right after he said his words. Kaya jumped from the couch and jogged to the door to see what he sent to her this time.

Except that, it wasn’t the usual mailman.

Her hands cupped her mouth. Jaxon was on his knee with a bouquet of flowers and a box of a diamond ring. Then, Camilla ran out of the house, standing next to him with a note that said: Can he be my daddy?

“Kaya Smith, will you marry me despite my flaws?” He asked.

His eyes looked at her differently. There was a sheer of happiness and love in those beautiful orbs of his.

Her eyes became teary before she nodded a few times. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, many yes.”

Jaxon pumped his fist in the air and slid the ring into her finger. She jumped on him, hugging him for a dearie life. Camilla yelped happily. Jaxon cradled her into his arms. He kissed Kaya, completing the first step of their new level of relationship.

“So, did my dress impress you?” she questioned.

“It did,” he replied. “Also, if it—” he cleared his throat with a wink.

Kaya slapped his chest, nuzzling her face on his neck to hide her embarrassment. He laughed.

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