The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 3: Jaxon

Someone already tossed the hotel room as if they were looking for something. Signs of struggles were everywhere. But, the door was unbreached. The doorknob was still intact. It seemed like the informant was expecting someone. Maybe he didn’t expect his guest to be an assailant who was sent to kill him. Only that could explain how the assailant got in without breaching the front door.

The former Alpha walked around with his hands in his pockets. His keen eyes scanned everything in the room. He stood near the bed and pictured how it happened here. From his perspective, the whole thing started from the bed. If there was any obvious evidence, the forensic team might already get their hands on it. So, all he had left was looking for the ones they missed.

Two pillows were on the bed and one was on the floor. On the headrest of the bed, several marks but four of them piqued his interest. Jaxon extended his own claws and aligned it with the marks on the headrest. The marks went as deep as Alpha’s claws. The pillow on the floor had blood stains on it. The assailant could be strangling the victim which was why the bed was tossed and messy. The victim struggled and scratched his fingers on the headrest. When things went out of hand, the assailant resorted to using their claws and injured the victim. Jaxon followed the trail of the blood which led to the bathroom.

He bent down and saw the doorknob was broken. The cabinets were opened. Medical supplies were in the sink. Several towels covered in blood were on the floor. The victim locked himself in the bathroom. He made a quick fix on his wound before the assailant breached the door. Another fight happened. One of them slipped and pulled the shower curtain to get a grip. The broken mirror indicated someone was thrown there. One of them used the shower curtain to suffocate the other but the attempt failed. Jaxon left the bathroom and followed the wet trails on the floor. He ended up in the living room where the final fight happened. The chalk mark of the forensic team’s investigation showed that the informant died right in front of the bedroom’s door after a long fight. He was fighting hard and by the look of the crime scene, he was a good fighter. Except that, his killer was highly-skilled than him.

Something was telling Jaxon that Rosalie Xavier wasn’t just a blue blood werewolf. Someone wanted her as much as the Werewolf’s Council. Granted, the werewolf’s royal family were targeted since the beginning. But, for someone who went this far to obtain the information about her, she must be one hell of an important package. He would be damned if he didn’t get to her first. There was no telling what the assailant would do to her.

“Old trick,” Jaxon said to himself as he pulled out his phone from his pocket.

From the look on things that happened in the living room, it was obvious the informant hid his information somewhere. That was why he fought hard there. Dalton managed to get a hold on the case field through a mutual friend and sent it to Jaxon. The early examination stated the informant suffered severe burn on his left arm. Jaxon turned on the flashlight feature on his phone and knelt before the fireplace. He shone the light around it and spotted a handprint on the lid of the fireplace that connected to the chimney. The victim forced his hand to the fireplace while it was still burning to get to the information he hid at the chimney. The ashes on the fireplace clearly showed that he managed to get rid of the papers.

“Well, not all of them.” Jaxon reached for a small piece of a paper that still intact.

The word ′ith′ was written on it. It could be the last three letters of a complete word.

“Jaxon, we got to go. Some people are heading to the room.” Winston linked to him from somewhere.

Quickly reached for the paper towel inside his pocket, Jaxon secured the piece and put it inside his pocket. At the same time, the front door unlocked. Without a choice, Jaxon ran to the wardrobe and hid inside it.

“Did they find anything?” A female voice asked.

He couldn’t see who was there because the wardrobe was located in the bedroom. All he could do was listening to their conversation.

“No, the prick burned the papers before I could get it,” Another woman replied with a grunt of annoyance.

“You’re useless,” she shouted in anger. “All you do is talk but when it comes to doing something, you’re useless.”

“Madame, please give me one more chance. I shall not disappoint you.”

She grunted, “Get out of my sight.”

“But, madame, the woman is still out there.”

“I said get out of my sight.”

“Winston, can you get any clear view of them?” Jaxon asked through the link.

Winston was on the other building to provide overwatch. Jaxon didn’t want to put both of them in danger. If he was caught, at least Winston had a chance to get help from Dalton.

“Negative for one of the women,” the Forest brother answered. “All I could see is her hair but not her face. But, I got some pictures for the man and another woman though.”

“Ask Dalton to run it in the system. We’ll start from there. We track them, we might find something about Rosalie Xavier and why they wanted her badly.”

“They wanted her too?”

“Yeah, they killed our informant. But, he burned the information before they could get it from him.”

“That’s great but not so much.”

“Hmm, it means we’re back to square one. Without that information, we couldn’t find the other name of Rosalie Xavier if she had one. Or her current address. If we can’t get to her without the information, they can’t get to her too. We all relied on the information. Right now, we’re on the same pace as these people.”

“What’s your plan now?”

“We knock every door in this town if we have to. Find her before they get her.”

“If we have no clue where she lives or what her current name, how are we going to find her?”

“I have a plan.”

“They’re leaving.”

Jaxon breathed out softly as he didn’t know he was holding his breath this whole time. This was getting serious as the time flew by. Rosalie Xavier was in grave danger. Whoever those people, they wanted something from her. Jaxon couldn’t help it but feel determined to get to her first. It didn’t matter what it cost him or Winston. If they could secure her before more dangers came, then so be it. For now, he needed to figure out what ′ith′ could mean.

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