The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 6: Kaya

The morning came fast and Kaya did her daily routine by sitting down next to her daughter’s bed. Today, she didn’t speak anything but just stared on Camilla’s face. It looked like her daughter was in deep sleep. Even, the doctors didn’t know what went wrong with her. Her brain activity wasn’t showing any sign that she could regain consciousness anytime soon. Kaya was wondering how long her daughter had to be this way. It pained her to not hear Camilla’s voice and laughter. All these times, she was the happiness between Kaya and Dave. Now, happiness was gradually leaving their lives after Dave’s death.

“Good morning.” Colin knocked softly on the door.

Kaya snapped from her thoughts. “Colin, I didn’t know you would come.”

“Mom couldn’t make it today so I’m the replacement. Besides, I have the entire week off from work.” He grabbed a chair and sat down. “No changes?”

Kaya shook her head. “Nothing. Not even a twitch.”

Since Dave’s death, Colin took it as his personal mission to keep his best friend’s family safe and sound. He would come whenever he was off duty. He was the one who reprimanded the man who crashed against Dave’s car. The man was sentenced to a decade in prison. Despite that, Colin never accepted the result of the trials. He thought the man deserved a longer sentence in the prison.

“Dave’s princess will wake up soon,” Colin said softly as his eyes lingered on Camilla’s face. “We just need to have faith in her.”

“I was supposed to by her side all the times. Instead, I have to go to work.”

He smiled faintly. “Don’t worry about it, Kaya. I’m sure Camilla understands. Also, you don’t even want to accept financial support from me. Dave was like a brother to me. He saved my life countless times and I couldn’t even do the same for him.”

“You did arrest the drunk driver.”

“Not good enough.”

“Colin, you can’t blame yourself for it. The court ruled it that way. There’s nothing we could do.”

“Should have killed him too,” he whispered under his breath.

Kaya shocked at the sudden statement came from him. She knew he muttered it to himself but the way he spoke of it, it was very dark and dangerous. There was something odd about him. Colin was a detective but he wasn’t an aggressive man who resorted into violent when things didn’t go in his ways. He was partnered with Dave since their training days. Colin was the brain and talker while Dave was the muscle man.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Colin shook his head. “Just nothing.”

Kaya wanted to respond to his words when the front door’s bell rang twice. She got up from the chair and headed to the front door. Jaxon was standing before her. She could feel Colin was standing behind her. Somehow, Jaxon tensed up just at the same time as Colin tensed up.

“I was…” Jaxon said through a clenched jaw. “came to take my jacket back.”

“Right, I thought you would come by to the restaurant,” Kaya said as she reached for the paper bag on the table.

“I have something to attend and probably busy with it.” Jaxon accepted the paper bag from her. “Thanks. See you around.”

He left the house just like that. Kaya watched as his truck sped away and disappeared in distance. She spun to meet Colin. His eyes hardened and hands clenched by his sides. She never saw him in such stance before. It almost appeared like he was ready to pounce on Jaxon for some unknown reasons.

“Colin, are you alright?” she asked him.

“Stay away from him.” He scowled.

“What are you saying? Jaxon saved me last night. He walked me home because some men were—”


His chest heaved heavily as if he was short of oxygen supply. Rage was burning in his deep brown eyes. Kaya’s body trembled with fear. She never saw him this way.

“You…You should leave.” Her lips quivered as she spoke.

Colin looked like a predator ready to pounce on his prey. She hated the way his eyes fixed on her. It was telling her that she was becoming his prey under his intense stare. As if he realized his action, his expression softened and he tried to step forward to her. But, Kaya ended up backed away from him.

“Kaya, I didn’t mean to...” He trailed off.

Regret splashed all over his face.

“Please leave.” she pointed to the front door with her trembling hand. “Colin, just leave.”

He breathed out and nodded with closed eyes. “I’m sorry, Kaya. I was just trying to keep you safe.”

He left her house and she slid down to the floor. What was happening to him? What happened between Colin and Jaxon until the former reacted that way? Kaya had known Colin since she knew Dave on day one. Did Dave’s death suddenly make the sudden changes in Colin’s behavior?

Her phone rang on the dining table which startled Kaya to the core. She dragged her heavy feet to it and answered it.

“Kaya, are you at home?” Pamela, Colin’s mother, asked her at the second she answered the phone.

“Y-Yes, I am at home,” Kaya replied.

“Honey, I know it’s going to get strange for what I’m about to tell you. Go to the basement. There’s old leather luggage by the corner.”

“Did you leave something, Pamela?”

She went to the basement and switched on the light. There were many boxes here that she didn’t manage to sort out. Majority of the stuff belonged to Dave. His late mother was an avid collector of books, journals and anything related to literature which the passion was passed down to him.

Kaya found the old leather luggage that Pamela told her. There was a weird sign on the luggage. A circle with foreign words. Probably, the Greek language.

“I found it,” she told the older woman.

“Open it. There should be a silver canister in it.”

Kaya found the canister but it wasn’t inside the luggage. “Found that too. But, it was on the floor.”

“Is there anything in it?”

“No, the lid was opened when I found it.”

Pamela cursed some incoherent words under her breath. “Okay, I’m coming to your house. Whoever comes before me, do not open the door for them. Close all the curtains and lock all the doors until I come.”

“Is there something wrong? I could call Colin back. He had just left. He might still around the neighborhood.”

Just a second she finished talking, something wrapped around her neck. A cold breath hit her skin and it sent endless shivers down her body.

“Honey, Colin is missing,” Pamela shouted as Kaya froze by whoever behind her.

“Put the phone down, Kaya.”

That was Colin’s voice for sure.

Or was it?

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