The Survivor ( #2 Eastern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 8: Kaya

Kaya froze and lumps gathered in her throat as she heard his voice. He sounded like Colin but he wasn’t acting like the detective. Her thoughts ran wild. She backed away from him. He smiled at her as he trapped her from reaching the staircases. Something about his skin began to peel off from his body and dropped to the floor.

Kaya watched as he peeled off the skin on his face to reveal his true identity. The man she thought was Colin wasn’t exactly Colin. She didn’t know who he was. To be exact, she didn’t know what he was. He kept on peeling the second skin until his real face was clear of it. There was a long scar stretched from each corner of his lips. It made him looked like he was grinning from ear to ear. His eyes were crimson color but lifeless as if he was dead.

“Finally, that felt so much better.” He cackled with evilly. “Now, where are we?”

“Who are you?” She had to brave herself to ask him. “What do you want from me? What did you do to Colin?”

It mortified her as she thought that this man might be the reason why the real Colin went missing.

He made a clicking sound with his tongue and then, he grunted, “Woman, you asked too many questions at once.”

In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of her. His speed reminded Kaya of Jaxon when he saved her from those men last night. Could it be Jaxon just like this impostor?

“You look way beautiful than I thought you to be.” The impostor caressed her cheek.

He inhaled deeply of her scent and sent shivers into her body as his cold breath hit her skin. Whoever this man was, it made her felt sick. There was something wrong with his scent. Everything about him spelled death.

Kaya was supposed to feel scared around him but there was no fear in her. It felt like she knew they were coming after her family. Ever since she married Dave, they went through a lot of things and witnessed many things together. And Kaya didn’t feel like herself since then. She felt like there was something missing in her life. That was why she didn’t fear this creature stood before her. Perhaps, she ever met one before him.

“I couldn’t wait to drain every drop of your blood,” He whispered huskily next to her ear. “To taste the warmness of your blood on my tongue. Such an exquisite taste, don’t you think?”

“Is that what you want from me? My blood?”

He hummed, “Not really. If it was up to me, I would keep you by my side for eternity and drink your blood. Then, I would let your blood replenished so that I could drink more of your blood.”

With a slow and unnoticeable movement, Kaya reached for the antique vase and smashed it to his head. Colin’s impostor staggered backward and lost his grip on her neck. She rushed upstairs but tripped on the stairs when he caught her ankle.

Luckily, she was already wearing her heels as earlier she was preparing to go to work. Kaya kicked the impostor on his face. Once again, he lost his grip. Hurriedly, she ran to the first floor and slammed the door of the basement closed. She groaned as her hands tried to push the tall and big furniture to block the basement’s door. Kaya planted her feet on the wall and her back against the furniture as she pushed the furniture. It collapsed right in front of the door and blocked it. She was glad the door of the basement opened outward to the hallway.

“Kaya honey.” Pamela barged into the house.

Instantly, Kaya picked the broken glass and pointed it to Pamela. After what had happened in the basement, Kaya wasn’t sure if Pamela was the real version. She could be one of the impostors.

“How did you get here so fast?” Kaya questioned.

Pamela’s house was one hour away. How did she get here so fast in a matter of minutes? There was no way Pamela would speed up through the busy traffic at this hour.

“Honey, there are more of them coming this way. We have to leave before we’re outnumbered,” Pamela said as she took a step forward. “Put it down. I’m really Pamela. They took my son. I need to find him. But first, I need to bring you and Camilla to somewhere safe.”

“You mean bringing her to your boss?” Someone else spoke.

Kaya spotted a redheaded woman was sitting on the counter in the kitchen. She was twirling the tip of a dagger on her fingertip. There was a blonde woman leaned against one of the pillars in the living room. A third woman with black hair sat on a chair at the dining table. Who were these women? And how did they get in here unnoticed?

The front door swung open, Jaxon strutted in with a group of men. They had three hostages with them.

“Ja-Jaxon…” Kaya stuttered when she saw him holding an unconscious man by the neck and dragged him inside the house. “Jaxon, is that really you?”

He nodded. “I’m me. That woman isn’t Pamela Nickerson. We found her body three kilometers away from here. She died in a car crash. Presumably, they got her when she was heading here.”

Pamela’s impostor chuckled, “You are surely a smart bunch of dogs.”

She moved her hands repeatedly as if she was signing a sign in the air. Her movement didn’t bother any of those people in the house.

“You think a bunch of dogs could fight against a necromancer?” Pamela’s impostor taunted.

Ten black figures rose from the floor and stood next to her before they materialized into human beings. Kaya’s heart broke when she saw Dave was one of them.

“Kaya, that’s not him,” The blonde woman told her. “His body was cremated and there was no way she could bring him from the dead without his physical body.”

“Hey, fake Pamela,” The redheaded called. “You should look around before you summon your dead minions out.” She pointed to the ceiling.

There was a large symbol drew in crimson liquid on the ceiling right above where Pamela’s impostor and her minions were. Horror filled her eyes when she realized her mistake. Kaya didn’t know what the symbol was for. Then, Pamela’s impostor was attacked by her own minions right in front of everyone. She screamed in agony and tried to flee her minions but she couldn’t as if she was placed inside a glass box with no means of escape. Her bloody fists pounded against the invisible wall before she perished.

“It’s a reverse spell,” The black-haired woman said. “When she summoned her minions out to attack us, the spell would reverse the effect and locked it. Instead, they attacked their summoner.”

“That’s gruesome,” Kaya breathed out.

Then, darkness started to consume her. The last thing she saw was Jaxon as he caught her body.

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