The Blind Bandit (#4 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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WARNING: Not a standalone book. Book 4 of The Southern Werewolves Pack She is blind but it's not her inability to see concerned him. She sees him coming. The Southern Werewolves Pack Series (Book 4) The Finale: The Blind Bandit. Brandon Kane, The Gamma of The Southern Werewolves Pack, volunteers to go for a dangerous undercover mission to locate a long list of missing girls who all are rumored to be auctioned in the largest sex-trafficking business ran by a vampire named Kennedy Strauss. Going in with no backup and a very little reliable information, Brandon has to face the ugly reality of the underworld business where he has to make his way in and out without blowing his undercover and not putting the people he was sent to rescue in a risk. Celeste Diamond is the underworld’s renowned assassin known as the Blind Bandit who works for diamonds. A highly-skilled and incredibly sexy, the Blind Bandit is the elite bodyguard of Kennedy Strauss who barely leaves his side. While it seems she is driven by her duty to protect her employer, Celeste’s true motive is far greater than her duty to the vampire businessman. She is blind but it's not her inability to see concerned him. She sees him coming.

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Chapter 1: Brandon

WARNING: This book is an unedited, raw and rough draft. There are going to be grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, misspelling, missing words and all sort of mistakes. This is not the book for Grammar and Punctuation Expert/Police. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK if you are easily triggered with mistakes.

You’ve been warned. Read at your own risk.

These books are connected to each other. The chronological order of the series:

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2 - Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack)

3 - Kill or Be Killed (#1 Eastern Werewolves Pack)

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5 - The Survivor (#2 Eastern Werewolves Pack)

6 - The Blind Bandit (#4 Southern Werewolves Pack)

7 - Our Family (#5 Southern Werewolves Pack Requested book)

He dragged himself to the corner of the ring as the referee checked his opponent.

“One!” The referee counted.

“Two!” The crowd joined together.

Brandon’s heart was beating vigorously against his chest. His body was covered in sweats and soreness. He had been fighting in this ring for nearly one hour to knock out his strong opponent who he knew was a rogue. No wonder rogues tended to come to this illegal fights. It was because of the high bets and the adrenaline rushed in their body when they were fighting in the ring. Brandon panted heavily at the corner as he listened to the crowd went wild. The countdown went on. By the count of ten, his opponent was still on the floor. The referee announced Brandon as the unbeatable winner again.

This was he had been doing for the past two weeks. Brandon was standing under the hot shower with his right hand planted to the wall as he looked down. Blood was running down of his body and soon, his wounds would heal up. For the sake of his mission, he was ready to put his life at the line to accomplish it. More than ever, he was getting close to his target.

“Your target is Kennedy Strauss. He’s a 6-centuries old vampire. He earned his money through prostitution, clubs, drugs, sex-trafficking. Of course, he owns plenty of slaves his own.” Cohen briefed him as soon they got in the Alpha’s office. “According to a small tip, Strauss is expected to auction ten young girls to the highest bidders in one of his clubs. The date and actual venue are yet to be revealed.”

“So I go in, find the girls, and go out?” Brandon checked the file, memorizing the picture of the vampire businessman.

“Not that easy,” Mira interrupted before she placed another file on the desk. “Sure, our main targets are rescuing the girls because they are human. There is also another thing. Strauss is running another business with people who are involved in many fields—politics, laws, enforcement, stock exchange, and everything. The nature of the business is unknown. Find out what it is.”

“Okay, I can do that.” the Gamma nodded. “So, how am I going in?”

“Illegal fights,” The Alpha pulled out a small poster of an illegal fight. “Strauss picks his men from illegal fights like this one. You win many of those fights, you’re going to catch his attention.”

“And, be careful with Celeste Diamond,” the Luna showed a photo of a blue-haired woman with bright golden eyes. “They called her as The Blind Bandit. She’s blind and a very skilled assassin working for Strauss as his main bodyguard. Rarely leaves his side as well. Don’t take her blindness as her weakness. The girl is something else.”

Brandon stared at the photo for a few minutes as something unsettling erupted inside of him. It felt like he had known the woman in the photo for a very long time but he knew he never met her before. He didn’t know how he had such feeling while this was the first time he saw her.

Night after night, Brandon kept winning on the ring but none of those nights he ever spotted Kennedy Strauss or Celeste Diamond. He knew they had men in the illegal fights but Brandon hadn’t managed to find out who just yet. He wrapped a towel around his waist and came out of the shower to be greeted by the two main people he had been looking for. But what caught him off guard was the Blind Bandit when they met eye-to-eye. Sparks ignited in the air and Brandon’s wolf howled.

“Can I help you?” Brandon asked the two of them as he stood there just in a towel.

Celeste’s eyes were skimming down his body and he was having a hard time to resist a cocky ass smirk. Too early to blow his cover-up.

The biggest question was how she even saw his body if she was blind. Brandon had no answer to that but he intended to find out. There was no way she could maneuver herself around easily without some sort of help. By the look at her, she didn’t have any sort of walking assistance or the walking stick for blind people. Could she possibly see from a different kind of sight?

“Dante, isn’t it?” Strauss acknowledged his fake name.

Dante, no surname. Aged 34. Grew up on the streets. No known family. Just a ghost who suddenly existed with the name Dante. Except that, that information were all faked.

“Yes,” Brandon replied.

Strauss took out a card from his jacket’s pocket and passed it to him, “I’m Kennedy Strauss. Maybe you’ve heard of my name around here.”

Around here, around everywhere.

Brandon nodded and accepted the card which he almost crumbled it in his hand. He was mad for what the vampire man was doing for business. Now, he understood how his Luna was feeling when she hunted down slave masters and sex-traffickers.

“I’ve seen how you fought in the ring and I’m really impressed. If you have a spare time, maybe we could make a business negotiation.” Strauss went on.

The Gamma wasn’t so sure whether he should scream in the joy that the vampire had failed to recognize his scent as a werewolf or rage that he couldn’t kill the vampire just yet.

“I’m not interested,” Brandon replied with a tightened jaw.

He didn’t want to sound too interested in the offer. Brandon knew how to negotiate with this kind of people. They would sense something was queer if he instantly accepted the offer.

“Think about it,” Strauss insisted. “Give me a call if you have decided again.”

The Gamma watched as the vampire man left with his bodyguard. Celeste made a curious glance over her shoulder as if she was beginning to sense something was odd about Brandon. But, he kept his face neutral as his inner was on turmoil. She followed her employer out without uttering a word. Her movement was accompanied by the sound of her ankle boots. Brandon listened to it for a quite a while until the sound disappeared from his hearing distance.

He turned and stared at the mirror. He had found his mate. And she was the bodyguard that Mira had warned him about.

Life was about to get very interesting soon.

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