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"Hold my hand before you go off and do something stupid." He snaps. "We definitely don't need your insane ass walking around unattended." How terrible it is to be completely normal. Listen if I went up to you with a teacup what would you do? Sadly you'd fill it with one cup of tea and two teaspoons of sugar. Now Hatter would say your doing it all wrong! The proper way to drink tea is as follows: You take a teacup and two cupfuls of sugar and three teaspoons of tea. It's the proper way of course. Insanity runs in my veins and drips out my blood, so don't call sane otherwise I'll be mad. Hatter once said its better to introduce yourself with a slight tilt of the hat and firm hello. So hello. It's nice to meet you. If it seems bizarre at any point please let me know, I''ll tell you everything! Welcome to my crazy world!

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Chapter ONE

“Hello!” I chirp giddily at the wolf standing before me growling---trying to be menacing. “Take me to your leader my dear werewolf?”

The werewolf’s eyes seem to widen in shock. A human had been able to tell that he was a werewolf *Le gasp* I must be special then.

“Can you change back?” I ask suddenly. He cocks his head to the side in an almost worried state.

In a split second the wolf disappears and is replaced by a huge man---and when I say huge I mean huge!

I keep my eyes locked on his face as I grin.

“Don’t fucking move. My Alpha will be here soon.” He spits---literally. Wiping my face of his spit I shake my head and click my tongue.

“Is this any way to treat a valued guest of the Queen? No this just wont do! You’ll all have to be taught some manners.” I make a slicing motion with my finger against my neck. “Off with your heads!”

You may be wondering who I am, why I’m acting like this and how I know all about werewolves.

Too bad I’m not telling!

“What’s your name?” He demands. His long auburn brown hair is the same color as his wolfs, yay he matches!

“What’s your name?” I ask cocking my head to the side. “You look like an Alan to me.” Then my eyes widen. “Are you a knight!?” He looks at me like I’m crazy. I laugh. “You are aren’t you!!”

I’ve never in all my days alive met an actual knight!

“Whats your name.” He grounds out.

“You’re not intimidating with your thing swinging between your legs,” I say looking at his pelvis. “Especially since it’s so small.”

He growls at that and takes a menacing step towards me.

“My Alpha said to keep you alive.” He spits darkly. “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you had a few cuts and bruises here and there.”

“Ooh goodie,” I clap my hands. I pull up the sleeves of the sweater I’d had stolen from a locker at that place. “He wont mind these?” I ask showing off all my scars and my newest wounds. “He wont mind?”

Alan seems taken aback by the sight of the blood dripping down my arm. He stares at me in shock.

“What? With your wolfy senses I thought for sure you’d be able to smell the blood,” I shake my head and click my tongue. “You’re not very good at being a werewolf.”

We’re standing in the middle of a clearing surrounded by a forest of trees with no sign of civilization of any kind. So theres no way for me to escape. I could always use a tree branch to distract him. Don’t dogs like chasing sticks? Glancing at the nearest tree I start doing the math. If I walk really slowly then I could snatch a branch and launch it over his head. Then I could go look for my friends.

Not three seconds later a huge black wolf jumps out of the forest.

“Ooh are you the alpha?” I ask the huge wolf. His blue eyes are blazing and staring straight through my soul. Someone runs behind him but they are in human form, shes holding a pile of clothes. Great now they both destroyed my plan.

She hands some shorts to Alan before glancing at me

I grin.

“Hello,” I sing. “Your a werewolf too?”

“Y-yeah,” The girl says surprised. “You’re bleeding?” I clap as she guesses correctly.

The big bad alpha raises his snout and sniffs the air. He lets out a menacing growl and steps towards me.

I take a step back as a precaution.

“So Mr Alpha what’s your name?” I cock my head to the side and stare at him inquisitively. “Hmm. I know change back into a human and you can tell me.”

He did so. Standing before me in all his naked glory. This time my eyes seemed to be drawn to his thing which hung between his legs. Big monster!

He must really tear it up.

“Alpha,” The girl hands him some clothes and I don’t watch him pull them on. Instead I stare up at the sky. Anything to keep from looking at his downstairs department.

The Alpha takes two more steps towards me and I take two back.

“Where are you hurt?” His husky voice reverberates through my skull and I take another step away from him.

“Hey hey hey,” I put my hands out to stop him from coming towards me. My sleeves slide down my arm and the blood continues to drip. “Stranger danger!”

My head is spinning! Round and round and round!

In the blink of an eye suddenly the Alpha is right beside me. Wait---how did he get so close.

“Call the doctor.” The Alpha hisses addressing the two behind him.

“You’re fast!” I laugh placing a hand on his chest. “Just like the Hare.”

He doesn’t let me continue as he picks me up bridal style. His muscular chest touches me throwing off a dull electric feeling

“Gasp! Did they put you on the table too??” Whenever I come off the table I always throw off some sparks. But these sparks actually feel good then could it be?? My eyes snap to his face and I fight the urge to scream. Didn’t I have a choice? “Mate?”

“You know about mates?” He says surprised.

“Uh duh,” I giggle nervously. “Alice told me!” Then I frown.

“Alpha he’s at the Pack house,” The girl says and the alpha takes off running.

I whimper snuggling closer against him as he runs fast enough to blur out the scenery of the world. I don’t like it.

“Here Alpha,” A male voice says. That’s when I look up.

We’ve made it to a building. A man in a white lab coat motions for the Alpha to enter inside.

I scowl at him.

The Alpha walks around the stranger and I glare at him. Whoever he is I don’t like him. His little white coat is too familiar.

It sinks in, my mate is trying to send me back!

I squirm in the Alphas arms and since he isn’t expecting it I fall to the floor. I don’t stop there, I jump off the ground and run back towards the door.

The amount of time it takes me to fumble with the lock is enough time for him to grab me again.

“No!” I yell furiously. “I’m not going back there! You can’t make me!!”

I squirm in his hold but he doesn’t let up. Hitting his arm I try to claw him off. I need to get out! I can’t go back!

“Calm down. I’m not going to hurt you,” He says his voice taking on a different tone, one that sinks deep into my bones. “I promise.”

Lies lies lies!

“Everyone hurts everyone.” I assure him calming down against my will. “Never. Ever. Make a promise you cant keep.”

He sits me on one of the many springy mattresses in the room and pulls a chair up in front of me. Placing one hand on my thigh he keeps the other one beside me effectively caging me in. I contemplate kicking him and running but one sharp look from him keeps me frozen in place.

I look away from the beautiful blue swirls of his eyes to stare at the other man in the room who is dressed too similar to the people I killed earlier.

“I need you to show me where your hurt.” He says taking slow steps my way smiling warmly. “I wont hurt you.”

Glaring at him I narrow my eyes.

“Come near me and I’ll rip off both your arms.” I threaten. The Alpha chuckles and gently grabs both my wrists and holds them in place.

“So you don’t like doctors?” The Alpha asks laughing. I glare down at him and struggle to pull my arms free. He holds me tight enough to make it impossible to escape and loose enough for it to not hurt.

“She’s bleeding from her arms,” The alpha tells the doctor. “I don’t know where else.”

“Steven plunged a knife into my arm when I jumped her.” I say trying to help. “I pulled it out. I don’t remember who I put it into.”

The Alpha growls making me jump. Maybe not growling at me. Maybe at Steven? Buy why? Stevens dead. They’re all dead.

I laugh. A type of laugh that leaves you gasping in the end.

“I’ll cut off the sleeves from the shirt.” The doctor tells the Alpha who is rubbing my wrists probably trying to calm himself. If only he knew...

Before I can protest the doctor starts his dirty work.

I try pulling my arm out of the Alphas grip but he isn’t letting me. To make matters worse I’m slowly losing conscious from all the blood loss.

“Stop struggling.” The alpha growls harshly. I glare at him.

“Its definitely a stab wound,” The doctor clears his throat. “Alpha she has scars that trail up into her back.”

“What?” The alpha growls. His pretty blue eyes start to change color, turning almost pitch black. Cool!

“Not self administered.” The doctor says mostly to himself. “Alpha we need to remove this shirt. I need to check her back.”

Without even asking first the Alpha pulls off my shirt. Thankfully I was still wearing that bra that I’d been given ages ago.

“Hey alpha,” I call his attention back to me---stupid him getting distracted by the sight of all the blood on my back. “I’m going to pass out now.”

And then just like that my head lolls to the side and I’m out like a light.

When I wake up again I’m in a dimly lit room, laying on my front on a soft mattress. It feels so good to be laying down and I just want to go back to sleep.

“You’re awake.” I jump up but force myself back down as my back stings from the sudden movement. The Alpha crouches beside the bed and I stare at him half awake.

“What’s your name?” I ask my voice still heavy with sleep. But the curiosity is too deep!

“Luka,” he says keeps his voice soft. Almost like he was talking to a scared little rabbit.

“Luka...” I sigh my eyes open and shut slowly. “I like that name.”

He chuckles and my eyes widen.

“Hey I almost forgot!” I try sitting up but he gently pushes my shoulders back down to the bed.

“What is it? Maybe I can help.” He suggests as I’m forced to give up on the idea of standing up.

“Alice. I have to find Alice.” I ball my fist. “I was running so blindly through those trees I just forgot to watch where I was going. I have to go back.”

“No.” His tone leaves no room for argument and judging by the look hes giving me he doesn’t want me to fight him.. “Your hurt. Whoever this Alice person is they can wait.”

I shake my head. “No no no. You don’t understand. They’re waiting for me. I have to go find them.”

“Who’s them?” He asks. “Maybe I can help.”

“Alice is the nicest most kindest person in the world!” Swallowing I try to push past the bile rising in my throat. “She’s my best-est friend I have to find her.”

She even gave me my name!

“Your name is fine and everything...I think this one suits you better now.”

“Hey are you okay?” Luka brushes my hair away from my face. “Hey it’s okay. Calm down.”

I feel the tears falling out of my eyes wetting the mattress underneath me. Theres no controlling it now, I’m full on crying.

“No no no.” I scowl then laugh. “My name’s Cheshire!” I exclaim he stares at me shocked. “But my friends call me Chessie.”

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