Blue Moon Pack

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Chapter TEN

I knealt on the ground beside Asteria hoping beyond all hope that the goddess would finally wake up and somehow do something awesome. Or maybe I was hoping she had all the cool powers the Moon Goddess liked to throw around.

“Elder, it is with great respect that I decline your offer.” Luka smiles grimmly. “I’m afraid I’ll be leaving with everything in tact.”

Lilly for her part made no sound. She stood behind the elders and her gaze flickered to her brother in what almost looked like concern.

“Wake up Miss,” I whisper yell at Asteria shaking her shoulder harshly.

“I think you don’t understand.” The old man raised his hand and the whole Blood Moon pack redied themseleves growling menicingly at their previous alpha. “You have no choice.”

Cain growled beside me, low and loud. It seemed to shake the very ground underneath us.

“This does not concern you Lycan.” The elder bows his head. “Pardon us for any disrespect. We are dealing with a rouge. You however are welcome to leave.”

Cainen growls again and I hopelessly shove Asteria towards him. “Here doggy make sure to keep her safe.”

He cocks his big head in confusion. Struggling I lift Asteria onto his back and smack his hind.

“Hiyah!” I exclaim with a laugh he growls. “Please Cainen.” I make it a point to glance back the elders who seem to be in a staredown with Luka. “Trust me, I’ve got this.”

He shakes his head. Ugh boys! Couldn’t trust a girl like me even if they tried.

“Fine,” I say with a grin. “You can watch.”

Going to stand beside Luka I wave at the elder in greeting.

“Hello Mr. Elder sir,” I grin. “My names Chessie, you can call me Cheshire. Can we please leave now?”

“You’re the girl that he let onto pack lands.” The Elders glare turns to me. “You must also be punished.”

Sighing I raise my hands in mock surrender. “Mister, can I tell you a secret as old as time?”


I point a finger at him and he goes quiet. "Anima eius consumat brachia. Do you know what that means?"

"No--what are you doing. Stalling won't change a thing." He growls. "Prepare yourselves."

"It means you're going to die," I tell him sadly pointing up at the sky. "See someone up there owes me a very big favor."

As soon as the words escape my mouth a dark shadow falls over all the members of pack Blood Moon. The darkness is blinding and if I wasn't standing next to him, I would've lost Luka.

Confused howls fill the night air and I grin. Grabbing onto Lukas arm I yank him after me.

"Cain! Run!" I yell as I pull Luka foreward.

"Chessie, I can't see!" Luka almost trips behind me and I roll my eyes. Were all werewolfs this useless?

I hear Cainens growl and follow after him. The low rumbling sound leads us away from the shadows that had enveloped blood moon. Suddenly we're free.

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