Blue Moon Pack

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Chapter ELEVEN

I wonder what would have happened if Wonderland had not etched itself into my skin. Who would I be? Where would I be?

I trip over what I think is Cain--his angry growl confirms it--before sliding down against a tree trunk, completely exhausted.

"What did you do back there?" Luka comes to sit beside me, I feel him shift so he's not touching me.

"A god owed me a favor," I explain simply. "You'll probably get to meet her soon."

"How many gods do you know." Cain had shifted back, I heard his voice somewhere to the left of me, his sarcastic tone made it evident that he did not want an answer. Not that I was gonna give him one--he was a big meanie!

Besides, it felt as if I say their names might attract them. So better to keep quiet then poke a sleeping bear.

Either way, she'd definitely show herself sooner or later.

The darkness still hadn't completely disappeared even though we were already a few miles away from Blood Moon. But it felt thinner somehow, and I could just barely make out the outlines of the three people accompanying me.

A heap a few feet in front of us started to move and I reached out and grabbed Cains arm. The heap shifted more.

"Its the god girl," He told me, being a lycan he could still see in the dark. "Asteria."

The heap yawned and then sat up. I could just barely see her head swiveling back and forth.

"He who controls the heavens, bless us with your light!" She whisper yelled an incantation and suddenly the clearing was flooded with light. Pitch black eyes swept over us in shock and she jumped back. "Well don't just sit there in the dark!"

"Uh sorry?" Luka sounded unsure. Asterias eyes bulged as she looked at him and then to Cain.

Turning her head away she covered her eyes. "Put some clothes on!"

"Can't darling," Cain drawled lazily, he was comepletely unashamed by his nudity, I rolled my eyes. "Our clothes got shredded when we shifted."

"Just like Mother to make a species that can't remain clothed." She muttered under breath, turning back to us she made a point to keep her eyes on me. "So, you were the one who freed me. You have my thanks."

"Yeah yeah no problem." I grin. "I remember there being a part where you promised to help us find something?"

"Oh yes, right. Tell me what you seek and I will clear a path for you." Her cheeks seemed to grow pinker.

"A girl-"

"March Hare, and little dormouse." I interrupt Cain, he glares at me. "Oh, also the Hatter."

"No, what we need to find is a place called wonderland." Cain growls turning his harsh gaze to Asteria. "You can do that can't you?"

"Wonderland." Asteria pales. "Why would you want to go to that place?"

I roll my eyes. See, I know its better not to mention Wonderland to any sort of god, their reactions are never good. Stupid Cain just had to butt in.

"My very good friend is stuck there," I explain. "But you don't have to show us the way. Just take us to my other friends."

"I-is the...Is the Moon Goddess--"

"Yes." My voice turns ice cold at her unasked question. I feel Cain and Lukas eyes on me but I don't care. "Can you help us or not?"

"A promise with the stars is a promise kept," She nods her head. "I can show you the way to March Hare, I doubt I've recovered enough to take you all the way. I'm very sorry."

"Anything you do is fine," I assure her with a grin. "The faster we get rid of you the better."

"Cheshire!" Luka calls out horrified, he turns to Asteria. "She's joking!"

"Because you were all involved in my rescue, let me offer you a word of advice Mr. Alpha." Asteria turns to him her black eyes flashing gold. "Never trust a god."

No, never trust a god. He or she who holds an infinite amount of power. They'll get you to betray your friends before they ever do anything good for you. I learned that the hard way.

Looking down at my palm my heart wrenches. How long has it been, since that day on the field, when life was worth living and I could still feel?

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