Blue Moon Pack

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Asteria had closed her eyes and now sat quietly across from us. I busied myself with inspecting the wounds on my arm--no matter the place health is of the utmost importance!

Cain was growing more and more impatient beside me, Luka seemed to have gone to sleep.

"Hey weirdo," Cain growled at me. "What the hell is up with her?" He nodded towards the creepily still Asteria.

I shrugged. "How should I know?"

"Well, you seem awfully chummy with the 'gods' so you have to know something." He growled, shifting he ran his hands down his face and glared at me. "Why didn't you just ask her to get Alice out?"

Heaving a sigh I sat up and turned to him. Apparently everything has to be explained--otherwise, the scary Lycan would continue to be annoying.

"Well let me explain what Wonderland is--was--continues to be," I rolled my tongue to find the right word. "A prison. Its leader, the Red Queen, has every countermeasure set in place. It's not a place you can find on a map or with 'help from the stars' and no god would ever willingly go there--in fact, many try to escape from there." Huffing I returned to my arms. "Besides--never trust a god."

Cain started growling again but Luka cut him off.

"Knock it off already." He groaned. "We can't just go to 'Wonderland' without any sort of plan. Think."

That seemed to shut him up. At least for a while.

"I've got it!" Asteria jumped up. Pointing to me she motioned for me to come towards her. "The map has been made. The stars have heeded your call--now who do you wish to find?"

Rising to my feet I pulled my sleeves down. "Hatter."

"Legal name or..." Asteria trailed off.

"Archer Randall." The name sounded strange coming from my mouth.

"Randall?!" Cain exclaimed. Not bothering to look at him I stared at Asteria expectantly.

Raising her hands to the sky she whispered words under her breath, her eyes flashed gold again and the whole sky lit up in a blinding light.

When I could see again I realized that Asteria was now holding a jar filled with some blue liquid as well as a leather bag.

"This," She raised the bag before tossing it towards me. "Provisions. Consider it my way of saying thanks." Opening the bag I found a huge empty black space, seeing my confused expression she explained. "No matter what it is, you'll find it in that bag. With enough storage for a lifetime, a limited edition item held only by I the Goddess of stars. Now yours. Just imagine what you want and the bag will produce it."

Furrowing my brow I decided to test it out. Reaching my hand in I imagined the first thing that came to mind. Sure enough, a teacup came out.

"Now this jar, once opened will transport you to your destination." She said handing it to me. "Might I suggest you hurry, it seems you're being followed."

"Followed?" Cain and Luka both jumped up. "Blood moon pack?"

"Something much worse. I fear thats all I can say." She looked warily towards the dark forest. "Your travels have been blessed by the stars and our debts have been settled. This is where we part ways."

"Good riddance." I muttered.

"Thank you Goddess." Luka bowed his head, Cain did the same.

Grinning ruefully she clapped her hands and disappeared in a flash of light.

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