Blue Moon Pack

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After changing into a new pair of clothes and after Luka re-wrapped bandages around my arms we were ready to head off.

Cain held the jar precariously in one hand. We all huddled together as he slowly unscrewed the cap.

"So slow!" I whined. Luka held onto my hands to keep me from snatching the jar away, he was also carrying the bag on his back and attentively paying attention to our surroundings.

"Shut it crazy," Cain growled, finally the jar made a satisfying pop sound as the lid came off.

When nothing happened I suggested we try drinking the liquid inside.

The translucent liquid was more goo than it was liquid and Cain quickly shot down my suggestion with a sharp glare. Raising the jar up to get a better look, the light from the stars bounced through and engulfed all three of us.

I only had a second to scream before we were pulled up into the sky.

For what felt like a minute we floated in the sky looking down at all world. In the distance, I could just sorta see Blood Moon. I was about to wave when we were shot through the sky faster than the speed of light. Before I could blink we were heading back towards the ground at the base of an eerily familiar mountain.

We hit the ground--hard. I landed expertly on Cains back and Luka landed a few feet away.

Groaning in pain Cain curse loudly and pushed me off him. "What the f--"

"Flapjack!" A cheery voice interrupted him. "I only serve tea I'm afraid."

Jumping up I looked up at the familiar man. Rich red hair went every which way, and bright green hazel eyes met mine.

"Cheshire my dear! What took you so long?"

He threw his arms open and I wasted not a second before leaping into his embrace.


Cain sat up rubbing his back, glaring at us he started to stand. "This is him?"

"Yes." I quipped. "Hatter my dear, this here is Cainen--a Lycan of sorts. And that heap back there is Luka an ex-alpha."

Hatter's eyes flashed a strange color and he studied Cain. "Very nice to see you again your majesty."

My eyes bulged and I turned to Cain. "Wait! You're royalty!?"

"Technically..." Cain trailed off. "Are you really Archer Randall?"

Hatter cocked his head. "Well why don't you come inside. We'll discuss over some tea."

The inside of Hatter's cave was very nicely decorated. One wall was covered in drying rabbit pelts on the other were crudely drawn pictures.

"March Hare?" I asked taking a seat beside a small flame in the center of the cave.

"Gone," Hatter said grimly. "Off to find...something."

He walked to the back of the cave and came back holding a small bundle.

"It's just been Dormouse and I the past few days." He sat beside me handing her off to me.

The tiny little thing was asleep--as always

"As tiny as always." I chirp giddily. Her face had been washed, although she was still wrapped in the attire they'd dressed her in at Wonderland.

"There were babies there?" Luka asks his mouth agape, looking over my shoulder at sleeping dormouse.

"Tea?" Hatter motions for the two men to sit. "Then I'll explain."

They sit but Cain looks displeased.

"Everyone has their own stories. Who are your parents? Can you count to ten?" Hatter starts. "Upside down is right side up given the situation. Now, we all got to meet by a twist of fate. We all reach Wonderland in our own way."

I nodded.

"I was on patrol for the White Queen." Hatter continued his face growing somber, he looked older suddenly. "After...after the Red Queens tyrannical rampage, all the Queens men were ordered to patrol the Kingdom. I was separated from my team, attacked, when I woke up I was in a dank cell. My blood being drained by men in white lab coats."

"The doctors." I chime in carefully running a finger down dormouse face.

"Drugged and chained, even as a pureblooded lycan I was no match." Hatter's eyes flashed dark green. "I'm less and less who I was, and now I go by Hatter."

"Archer..." Cainen spoke. "We thought you were dead."

"Close enough." I sung, dormouse's eyes fluttered opened and I grinned down at her peculiar green eyes. "Good morning tiny one."

"We need your help, we're looking for Alice--"

"Oh, Alice! Sweet and wonderful Alice!" Hatter laughed with glee. "She was there you know! The beautiful missing princess, I found her. I found her! Oh but--" His smile fell. "She didn't make it out, didn't want to make it out." He turned his eyes to me a curious look in his eye. "They both didn't"

My grin morphed to a frown.

"Wait who else?" Lukas leaned towards us, in the light of the eery fire I couldn't even look at him.

"White Rabbit is with Alice, they're still in Wonderland together."

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