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I think I mentioned my best friend; White Rabbit, but if I didn't then here goes.

He was in wonderland longer than me, had hair a lighter color than Alice and I never once saw his face. The white rabbit mask he always wore kept his face in the dark.

"Wait wait wait." Lukas interceded my train of thought. "If you never saw his face how do you know he wasn't just someone working for the Red Queen?"

"Because, my dear ex-alpha," An annoyed look crossed over both their faces but I continued. "He was the reason the Jabberwocky would stop his onslaught."

"And who is Jabberwocky?" Cain asked not hiding his contempt for the name.

I decided it was best not to explain in too much detail. Can never trust a Lycans volitile instincts.

"He hurt me." I cleared my throat. "Every night when the doctors were all in their beds and the Red Queen slept. Then, when Alice came he switched to her. But White Rabbit always came to her rescue, stopped anything from getting too serious."

A cold chill went through my body but I pushed away from the thought before it could manifest.

"Anyways...if Rabbit is still in Wonderland he'll definitely keep Alice safe." Shivering I lowered my voice. "If he wanted he could tear it all down."

"How do you know that?"

"On the day we met--I was four--I saw him do it." I spared a glance at Hatter his eyes brimming with interest, I'd never told anyone besides Alice what those six years had been like. "When our eyes locked he"--a dark memory flashed through my mind--"I saw it. I know what he is, what runs in his blood. If he wanted to he could tear it all down without breaking a sweat.

The cave was quiet for a while but then Cain said:

"So are you going to tell us or are you planning on being ominous?"

Rolling my eyes I handed baby dormouse back to Hatter and stood.

"Very well, it's best to show you. Follow me outside."

Cold morning air nipped at the tips of my fingers but I kept my hands in the air and my eyes closed tight as I focused all my energy on--

"Is there a reason you're standing like that?"

"Yes your royal pain," I dropped my hands and spun around to face the group, a huge grin on my face. "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness I, the great and magnificent Cheshire, perform an earth-shattering demonstration of something that can only be called 'magic'. So sit back and relax and watch as I--"

"She's completely lost it," Cainen growled turning to Luka. "I don't have time for her psycho ramblings!"

"Not Psycho!" I wave dismissively. "Completely bonkers; yes." Cain rolled his eyes. "Please, just give me a chance. It's been so long that I'm rusty now. I can't remember everything Papa showed me."

"Your father?" Hatter emerged from the cave, he'd put Dormouse back on her makeshift bed of moss and grass.

A twinge traveled through my chest. "Yes, I have one of those. A mother too supposedly, and a brother." I felt them turn curious so I quickly changed the subject like an expert. "Basically my dad is a magician and he taught me all kinds of wizardry, but that doesnt matter if none of you believe me."

"We don't." Cain snapped.

"You never lie." Hatter stared at me dumbfounded coming to stand beside Luka, their heights evenly matched.

"Never once," I confirmed turning away from them again.

Turning to face one of the trees closest to me, I stared at it intently. I remembered my father on that open field, holding my hand and showing me what to do.

We stood surrounded by freshly planted seeds, the field barren of any other life.

"Focus your mind. Listen to the sound of the wind, hear what the universe is saying. Pay close attention and she'll listen to you." Father closed his eyes and I watched with glee as the small saplings turned to massive trees and then back again. "Now you try."

Closing my eyes I focused my energy on the place in front of. I hear it all. The soft wind blowing the crunching of leaves as a small fox launched an attack on its pray. I looked down at myself and willed my mind to do its work.

When I opened my eyes again an entire row of fully grown trees had been transformed to a younger state. Turning to the group I grinned.

"See! Magic!"

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