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The looks of utter shock on all their faces fill me with glee.

"Now that I have your attention listen closely," I cleared my throat dramatically and waved my hands. "Long ago..."

The room was dark, dank, and disgusting. Mold carried up the walls and down around the beds. If I was a regular girl it would have made me sick by now--at least that's what the doctors say.

They say I'm not regular, not in the slightest. Supposedly it has something to do with Papa and--

"In here." A voice breaks my train of thoughts. "Finally ready to have some fun Cairo?"

A loud band harsh crashing. I jumped from my bed and up to the door, pushing against the chains I was able to barely catch a glimpse of the scene outside.

A man with blazing eyes and silver hair was holding up the Red Queen from her throat. Up against the wall he held her and despite her spluttering, she simply smirked.

The card guards rushed to her side but they hesitated to make a move on the stranger.

"Never call me that again." The man's voice was light, cold, and murderous. Harboring hidden intent and enough malicious emotion to make me shiver.

"W-Whi-White R-Rab-Rab-Rabbit!" She forced out her face contorting into one of glee. "H-How cou-could I forg-forget!"

He dropped her then let her fall to the floor. The card guards moved in then, grabbed at her frantically while a larger group launched themselves at him. He stood impassively and let them swarm him. To my surprise, his eyes slid over to mine.

The moment those fiery eyes met mine I saw him. Or rather his soul image. That which cannot be hidden by even the best magic in all the realms.

His eyes widened but he was dropped down.

The Red Queen stood on shaky legs and quickly proceeded to use the sharp end of her heel to kick his head. "Learn your lesson you imbecile! You belong to me now! Touch me again and I'll rip out your eyes--better yet I'll make you do it to yourself!"

Her maniacal laugh filled the hallway and I slipped away from the door, back onto my bed--back into my solitude.

"What in the everloving--"
"Soul image?" Hatter interrupts Cain's loud curse. Cain stomped in the background nearly looking ready to rip out his own hair, holding dormouse in one arm Luka tried sheepishly to calm him. "What's that?"

"No interruptions!" I chastise with a small frown. "Now where was I? Oh yes--"

"How old are you little girl?" The man, the stranger, went only by White Rabbit. How befitting I had thought when he introduced himself. A white rabbit stumbles into wonderland wearing a mask of--

"Four," I hum inspecting the chess pieces in front of me. "How old are you mister?"

"About the same." He mused tentatively, I giggled.

"You're not four!"

"No," He agreed. "I'm not."

"Are you my friend Mr. White Rabbit?"

His eyes seemed to grow even dimmer, getting colder than the temperature in our shared room. A cage with mold and mice.

"You remind me of someone...she'd be about your age now." He trailed off looking down at the board. "It's my move."

It annoyed me when he did that, talk about 'the girl' who he thought I was a lot like but also completely different from. I wanted to know her name, wanted to ask if I could meet her. He always changed the topics to fast--made my head swim.

"My Papa used to say..." I paused. "My Papa..."

He raised his eyes to me, they were filled with pity.


"Papa?" I furrowed my brow swinging my legs back and forth. "Or something. I can't remember."

"It just means it's already begun to work." He sighed heavily moving his rook across the board languidly. "Tell me what is your name?"

"Name?" I paused again confused by his question. "Name?"

"Yes, what do people call you when they want to say hello?"

"Uhm," I racked my brain for an answer. "I don't know--oh wait! Is that can't be it. Maybe--no not it either." I blinked up at him. "Do you know my name?"

"Maybe...I'll tell you if you can win against me. It's your turn." He smirked, or maybe that was my imagination, either way, I hurriedly pushed my pawn forward. "Ah, so reckless."

"Are we going to talk about it?" I asked.


"The dent in the hall?" I'd seen it there on my trip down to the doctor's office, a big enough dent to cause a crack where Red Queen had been held against the wall by White Rabbit. "Does that mean you can break out of here?"

"Maybe," He moved another piece but his eyes stared into my own. "My kind wasn't made to be housed in a Prison like this--and she knows it."

"Your kind?"

He smirked. "Checkmate. I win."

"Not a human, not a Lycan, and not a God." I huffed. "Something other then. Something strong enough to create a crack in a Prison built to house gods."

"Prison?" Cain asks the same time Luka says. "You forgot your own name?"

"Side effects of the experiments I'm afraid. Though now that it's been a few days my head has certainly begun to clear." Turning to Cain I answered his question. "Built to house the first convict. That's why duchess wants so badly to escape.

"Every five hundred years, when the planets align in a perfect formation the foundation of Wonderland gets slightly weaker. Weak enough for something other to break down the gates and release the prisoners." I tried to explain all the information I had acquired through my long years in Wonderland. "So by figuring out a way to merge the blood of something that can fall into Wonderland all on its own the Red Queen, with the help of Duchess, want's to create a monster strong enough to break through the gate.

"A lycan," I nodded toward Hatter. "March Hare, a werewolf. Me and White Rabbit."

"Yes...our blood." Hatter scratched his arms. "I remember that."

"Does this mean the Red Queen is planning on using Alice for--" Cain growled.

"I'm sorry your royal highness, I wish I could have told you sooner but seeing as you scare the living wits out of me." I cleared my throat and expertly maneuvered myself behind Luka. "So um...actually they're using Alice as--"

"An incubator." Hatter deadpanned his expression unreadable. "She's a half-lycan so she's useless to them. But the idea of her creating a baby--"

"One strong enough to burst out of Wonderland." I finished noting how silent Cain had become. His back faced us the air around him unreadable. "That's why Jabberwocky came in every night. To see if he could do it." Tears blurred my vision and I took a lungful of air. "It's the reason why she didn't want to leave."

"Alice Lyceon...Little Alice is pregnant with the first child of Wonderland."

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