Blue Moon Pack

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Yes yes, let's let out all our cries of anger and disbelief. You know the secret now, so the end. Moving on.

Alice Lyceon refused to leave with me, scratched up my arms to keep me from injecting her with sleeping medication, all to make sure the thing in her tummy could stay alive. Though life in wonderland was no life indeed.

However, a lycan is protective of its kin and stubborn to the end. She'd properly held back from breaking my arms that night--though I think I would have managed to tackle her if she hadn't started running deeper into Wonderland.

"Pregnant? Pregnant!" Cain practically roared, in a flash, he was in front of Hatter holding him by the scruff of his neck. "You know as well as I that that is impossible."

"Nothing is impossible in wonderland, up is down down is up." I quietly placed a hand on Cains arm. "It's not Hatter's fault. Not Alice's either." I thought back to those nights in that cell before Alice was his victim and it was only me. Closing my eyes I dropped my hand. "We all tried to stop Jabberwocky, but he never listened. Rabbit said it was because he'd been in Wonderland too long, he doesn't care what he has to do to get out."

"Jabberwocky," Cain said the name with so much spite I imagined him holding the tall man by the throat and crushing his windpipe. I grinned at that thought.

"At the very least we can rest assured they won't hurt her anymore--and with Rabbit there he'll keep her safe." I cleared my throat and turned to Luka. "Now we just need to get back to break my dear best friend out."

"What complete and utter foolishness." A female suddenly appeared behind Luka, a soft frown on her delicate features the woman carried a scythe in one hand. "You've only just escaped."

Luka jumped away from the woman, both he and Cain tensed as if ready for a fight. Hatter sent me a perplexed look.

Smiling ruefully I studied the woman's choice of clothing, fishnet stockings a band tee-shirt and ripped jeans. Her long black hair was pulled into a high ponytail that still reached midway to her back. Her light gray eyes studied me contemplatively.

"Azrael," I huffed. "I wondered when you'd show up."

"You freed Asteria from her captivity, all of heaven is rioting." The goddess of death leaned against her staff and a blank look on her face. "Thanks to you there's been an emergency meeting."

"Another fucking god?" Cain looked just about ready to pull his hair out, Azrael raised an eyebrow at him and he quickly added. "No offense to you but I'm already over all of this. I just want Alice back, here safe with me."

"Ah, the girl." Azrael returned her gaze to me. "She's still in wonderland?"

I looked around pointedly before responding. "Well, I don't see her here."

"Are you really the Goddess of death?" Hatter cradled dormouse against his chest a look of fear on his handsome face.

"Trust me, Archer Randall, it is not your time." She offered him a calming smile before returning to me. "As for you, how many times do you intend to cheat death?"

"As many as it takes," I assured her with a blinding grin. "Now off you go, our favors have all been tied up and done with."

Rolling her eyes she turned to Luka. "Young Alpha, you've chosen to abandon your pack and all your people. Why?"

Lukas's pretty blue eyes flickered to me before returning to Azrael. "I promised I would help her."

"And you young prince?" Azrael turned to Cain. "She's your mate, that I know, but do you how low the chances are you have of ever seeing her again. Of ever making it to wonderland?"

"I've suffered through the past ten years without her." Cain balled his fist. "I would set the world on fire just to see her again."

Azrael nodded contemplatively and turned back to me. "Very well allow me to send you to someone who guards a key. I doubt this will be at all a pleasant for you Seren, though I must say it will be quite amusing for me."

Without waiting for a response she used her sythe to beat against the ground. Right on cue a huge hole opened up and swallowed us whole.

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