Blue Moon Pack

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Soft creamy darkness cradled me gently and I rolled over. Ah, sleep, my old friend.

"I see you're awake. Very nice to see you again Seren." A man's velvety smooth voice caresses my ears and my eyes flutter open. "Though I must say, you do make an entrance."

I jump up and meet a stranger's dark brown eyes. He leans languidly against a plank wall his hands in the pockets of a heavy leather jacket.

"And who are you?"

He frowns and steps towards me, I'm on a bed.

"You don't remember?" He clicked his tongue, his dark brown hair was loose around his eyes and he clicked his tongue again. "Aren't we friends?"

"Who are you?" I asked again kicking my legs out of the bed and looking around the room. Shockingly I don't see any of my friends. "Where is Hatter and Luka, and I guess Cainen too."

"I go by Alexander these days, but you knew me as Crescent." He grins darkly. "Son of the Moon Goddess."

Instantly I eye the decorative sword above the bed hungrily. I could always use it.

"Don't get any bright ideas, you are in my ship anything you think I've already thought. And if you want to see your friends I suggest you behave." He nods pointedly to the bed. "Sit."

I plop down on the mattress and flick my hair over my shoulder. "So, what am I in for?"

"You really don't remember me?" He smirks. "We grew up together you me and that little brother of yours."

"Brother...I might remember something like that." I clear my throat. "What did I do to you?"

"You shipwrecked my boat!" He motions around us and I notice briefly that the boat is entirely still.

"How is that my fault?" I huff.

"Mischievous twins played with fire and caused a fucking tsunami." He growled. "I lost men and ammo!"

"Well, I can't remember! Besides, I've spent the greater part of my life in Wonderland. Can't we just call it even?"

"Wonderland? The prison? What were you doing there," He shakes his head. "No wait did you see my mother?"

"Well I don't know how I got there, but I do know that Duchess is trying to break out of Prison. Your mother took poor little Alice and is forcing her to give birth."

"My mother...duchess? She's going by duchess now?" He laughs a dry humorless thing. "So why are you here, better yet how did you find me?"

"Goddess of death? She sent us here. I think she thinks you might be able to get us into Wonderland."

"Of course I can." He shrugged. "But why should I?"

"Because if Alice gives birth then Duchess will finally be free. And you wouldn't want that."

"I'm not afraid of my mother." He rolled his eyes. "Are you seriously telling me you never met her down there?"


"Chaos numbskull." He rolled his eyes again, I wondered if they'd get stuck back there if he did it again. Instead, he motioned for me to follow him as he threw open a door.

The door led to the top part of the ship, we were enveloped in clouds. Looking over the edge I tried and failed to find any land.

"I'm amazed you don't remember." He chuckled standing behind me partly. "But, there is a cure for your amnesia. And I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it very much."

Then with a harsh shove he pushed me off the side of the boat and into the endless nothingness below.

Even after my throat had gone red and raw I was still falling. It wasn't until I opened my eyes again that I realized I was dangling two feet off the ground.

As if realizing it's mistake, gravity instantly dropped me down into the murky pool below.

"Seren, you've returned." The disembodied voice drifted through the air filling the void with a chilling laugh. "How fitting that you'd come to see me days before..."

"Chaos I assume?" I cleared my throat forcing my eyes to find the source of the voice. "Where are you? Why can't I see you?"

"If you saw you'd scream again, don't you remember me, child?" Her laugh filled the space again, I swiveled to try to find her. "This?"

Suddenly light blinded me and I blinked rapidly. When my eyes adjusted again I looked down at two twin girls.

"From the forest?" I whispered looking down at the eerily identical girls. They blinked and motioned me foreward. Crouching in front of them they each put a hand around their mouths to amplify their voices.

"Peter sends his regards." Chaos spoke through both of them and suddenly the world melted away and my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

Snow, it was snowing. Wasn't it always?

"Seren!" Mother smiled warmly, she always did. Her long auburn hair was styled back in a loose braid her emerald green eyes were shining. On her hip was a sleepy-eyed boy with soft blue curls wrapping around his soft and rosy cheeks.

"Momma!" I felt myself giggle dropping whatever had been in my hands to skip to her. "Daddy taught me some more magic!"

"Hm?" She smiled bending down to use her free hand to lift me onto her other hip. "And what have you learned?"

Raising my tiny fist I unfurled it to show her a small green leaf that had come to life. The leaf shook and roared as it took the shape of a dragon. She smiled proudly and pecked my head lovingly.

"My girl is certainly a great study." Father came towards us a serene smile on his face. He placed a loving peck on mother's head before gingerly lifting my brother out of her arms and into her own.

"She sure is." Mother agreed. For a second something flashed in her eyes but it was quickly replaced. Begining to hum a small lullaby I rest my head against her shoulder. Momma's lullabys always managed to make me sleepy.

When it looked like I was almost knocked out Mother's gaze turned frantic as she looked up at father.

"There were wolfs all around our son when I found him just a few moments ago, and some of the creatures have been restless as of late." Mothers hold on me tightened. "They've found us out."

"No they haven't," Father's beige eyes flickered to me briefly before he wrapped an arm around mothers waist and conneced his forehead against hers. "Rhea, I swear to you no harm will come to our children."

"Chronos I have no doubt that you'll do everything you can to protect us, but the whispers..."

"They'll die down, they always do." Father stared at mother lovingly and she looked up at him.

But for once, father was very wrong.

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