Blue Moon Pack

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Rhea was always kind--to everyone and everything. Which is why Chronos the god of time fell in love with her.

In their folly, they had twins.

And all of heaven wept.

“Alex said he never wants to speak to us again,” I told momma that day, she carefully ran her fingers over a small patch of flowers and they seemed to spring to life. Today was my day with her, Killian was with father.

“I’ve told you before Seren, you must be careful with things that do not belong to you,” She sighed heavily and beckoned me towards her, she eyed the flowers I’d pulled out and now held in my hand. “You must remember this, my daughter, you cannot afford to be reckless. There are things beyond your father’s territory that would wish to cause you harm.”


“Your father is a god, remember?” She seemed to want me to listen carefully. “But I am not.”


“I love you very much,” She took a shaky breath and hugged me to her. “But one day--I fear something terrible will happen--when that time comes promise me you’ll find your brother and you’ll run away. Run to Neverland or farther than that. You have to survive.”

“Momma you’re scaring me.”

She hummed her quiet lullaby, and my eyelids grew heavy. “I’m sorry my lovely girl.” She ran her hand through my long blue hair. “I don’t want you to be afraid.”

She let me go, patting my head lovingly.

I stumbled away from her eyes, looking down at the flowers curiously I used what father had taught me and I helped them grow.

“I didn’t mean to break Alex’s toy.” I huffed. Alexanders small toy boat had crashed against a few rocks after me and Killian decided to play with it. He said his daddy gave it to him to remember him by. “I didn’t know the magic wouldn’t be able to fix it.” Tears sprung up in my eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“I know. I know.” She pulled me back to her and hugged me softly. “Tell him that the next time you see him.”

It was in that moment that the entire world went pitch black.

“Momma!” I cried but I was already in her arms and she was running.

“They found us!” She cried horribly. “Oh gods!”

A terrible crashing sound and then we were on the ground.

“So this is the whore he chose over me.” A woman scoffed. “And it seems we’ve struck gold. One of those ugly ass brats was with her. Good going Kier!”

A deep animalistic growl was her companions response. I looked up at them and in the unatural darkness only she glowed. Like the moon.

“Selene please--”

Mothers cry was cut short as she cried out.

“Shut it bitch.” Selene flipped her hair and stalked towards me. “Yes, I quite like you.” She laughed daintily before looking up at no one in particualr. “Chaos I think I’ve found the perfect toy.”

The ground rumbled in response. I heard mother scream again but it quickly morphed into a grunt of pain.

“Quickly Keir, before he notices.” The woman glitched her face fading and I realized she wasn’t really there.


“Run Seren!” She gurgled. “Ru--”

Then silence.

Selene stalked ever closer as I shook from head to toe.

“Now little one, how would you like to go on a trip?”

I woke with a start. Chaos laughed in the distant crevices of mind as I wept.

It was a spring day when my peaceful life with my mother came to an end.

"Ah seems the young psycho has returned." Alexander stood at the rudder leaning against the wheel a half-hearted smile present on his face. "You remember now, don't you? The day your mother died and you and your brother disappeared, Chronos was inconsolable he dished out punishments to anyone he laid eyes on." He made a point of motioning to the giant cave walls that surrounded the immovable boat. "He's trapped me here for the past ten years because of you."

"That wasn't my fault."

"Of course not," He shook his head. "Doesn't mean I don't blame you." He dropped his head for a second before lifting it back up with a sigh. "Get your friends and get off my ship."

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