Blue Moon Pack

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"No! Please!" I sobbed grabbing towards him, he simply stepped back. "Please! I need to save Alice!"

He laughed mirthlessly, throwing his head back dark strands falling against his forehead before he runs his hand through his hair. "You never learn. Ten years and you're exactly the same as always. Greedy, selfish, Seren. Tell me, why, why do you want to save someone who obviously doesn't want to be rescued?"

"If she stays there she'll die."

Duchess flashed into my head a distant memory. Alex was crying in my arms his skin all red with stains. His mother had done that, his mother was insane.

"She'll use her to break out. Break out of Wonderland and back to the mortal realm. If she does that do you think Duchess won't come for you?"

Despite his earlier confidence, I saw him flinch. For a second he was that boy again, sitting in the 'punishment' room holding his entire life in his hands.

"Fine." He muttered. "But after that, we're through you hear me. I never want to see you again."

"And you won't I promise." Rubbing my eyes I sat up. "Where's hatter? Where are my friends."

Rolling his eyes Alexander stepped back from me and snapped his fingers, as he walked to the wheel of the ship a something began to rock the boat.

"What's happening!" I cried as the rocking began to get more and more violent, I slid across the deck my knees hitting the post something dug into my skin and I barely assessed that I started to bleed.

"Relax," Alexander seemed unperturbed. "Any second now."

As if right on cue a huge green reptile launched itself on board. A crocodile with a crooked smile.

"We need her friends back Smee," Alexander smiled warmly at the threatening beast and it obeyed!

It stood upright on its back legs and made a huge circle with it's outstretched little arms. Jumping up and down it rocked the boat again but through some magic Hatter, Cain, Luka, and Dormouse all plopped out.

"Hatter!" I dragged myself to them and they all looked as equally disoriented.

"Okay well, fasten your seatbelts you bilge rats! We're off to wonderland!" Alexander raised a cutlass up to the roof of the cave and I stumbled onto my feet and back to him.

"I thought you said you were trapped here!"

"No interrupting the Captain while he's working." He snapped at me, the ship began to hum. "Now get all your little friends below deck, we're causing an explosion." That sent me into motion, practically dragging them I moved everyone downstairs. Just as I got them all situated the ship began to move.

But it was moving upwards.

"Smee! Batten down the hatches and brace yourself!" I came back out to see the ceiling climbing closer. "Seren get your ass below deck, now. I don't want to see your face until we're out of this cave."

Glaring at him I raised my hands towards the cave. How hard could it be? With the help of Chaos, I was remembering a lot about all the stuff my father had taught me and I'd even done it once before.

What was a little explosion compared to Alice's safety?

Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and focused on the tips of my fingers. A soft stinging grew at the base and began spreading to my palms then to my hands and then down my arms. Power drummed from my stomach and up into my arms and back down into my legs.

I imagined father and brother and mother. I imagined Alice.

Fueling the anger in my stomach, fueling the terrible fire brewing I pushed it to my fingers and just as my eyes shot open I shot that feeling out and into the cieling.

And rock tumbled downward.

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