Blue Moon Pack

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Chapter TWO

It’s sunny, almost too sunny when I wake up again. But Luka is gone and I’m all alone in the bedroom.

My back aches in protest but I sit up and take a quick look around the room. The pasty colored walls match the drapes and the blankets and the pillows. Maybe its just the crazy in me, but I do so love when everything matches.

A knock on the door makes me jump in fright.

“I’m coming in!” The person on the other side of the door doesn’t wait for a response before barging in. “We haven’t met yet, my names Lily.”

Her bright pink hair is simply amazing! Maybe I should ask her to do it to my hair.

“I’m Cheshire, you can call me Chessie.” I grin.

“I’m Lukas’ big sister,” She walks closer to the bed a soft smile on her face. “I just wanted to welcome you to Blood Moon Pack, I know he’s kinda stupid sometimes so he probably didn’t explain anything to you last night.”

“Werewolfs and things,” I say grinning wider. “I know all about them.”

She nods sitting at the foot of my bed. “That's funny, I mean you’re only human.”

“No I’m-” My mouth snaps shut. Oh no! I nearly spilled the beans. Nearly told everything that shouldn’t be told.

Lily stands and runs a hand through her hair. Her blue eyes which closely resembled Lukas turned calculating.

“You’re not a werewolf and you’re not a human. Then what are you?” She asks coming even closer to me. Ignoring the stinging in my back I move farther away from her until my back hits the wall. “Entry to a werewolf pack of any kind is only allowed to outsiders in certain cases.

“One you are a wolf from a neighboring pack here on business or you’re summoned to speak to the Alpha. Two you’re the mate of an actual member of the pack and in that case you have a right to be on pack grounds.” Lily stands in front of me her arms crossed and a scowl on her she looks terrifying. “You are neither of those things. SO what are you---what do you want---and how stupid do you have to be to come onto pack lands?”

“Uh,” Licking my lips nervously I try to push farther away from her. “Up is down down is up everything your saying is nuts.”

Lily scoffs. “I don't know what game you’re playing, but I want answers.” She growls leaning towards me. “Now.”

"Answers." I echo. "Answers, no answers to give." I glance towards the open door. "Just please let me leave!"

"You should be grateful." Lily growls again and its not any less scary. "I haven't even touched you yet."

My heart beats crazily in my chest and I fight the urge to get up and run. The door is open but my back is hurting and she looks like she could chase me down and drag me back. Her blue eyes start to turn to black.

"Okay Ill spill," I giggle. "Only if you promise not to tell."

She glares at me sharply and I grin.

"It all started when I got lost in the woods."

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