Blue Moon Pack

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Chapter TWENTY


I was never one to voice my concerns all too often.

But being pregnant somehow changed that, and I don't remember how but somehow Jabberwocky was under me. Or more like I was sat full weight on his chest one clawed hand gripping at his throat while the other dug around in his chest cavity for his heart.

Call me a perfectionist but I really wanted to hold it in my hand and squish it in front of his face. I'd heard a story where someone had done that once and I always thought it was something I should do to a Jabberwocky.

Wonderland was a lot emptier nowadays--what with Chessie and the rest of the gang gone. Their prison break had been successful. Or I had to believe it was successful in order for me to sleep at night.

I couldn't bear the thought of my sister not being somewhere safe and sound in the arms of Hatter or March Hare holding little Dormouse. The perfect family picture.

I could almost see it.


But again, I was busy looking for Jabberwockys heart in his chest and--aha!

Yanking roughly I nearly laughed as his bloodshot eyes widened. I held his heart in my hands savoring the heavy palpations it sent through my arms. The nasty little thing was still beating, he still dared to live.

I squeezed it enjoying the squelching as it exploded over him and me. But his eyes had already gone dark, face devoid of any life and all traces of what had been there before.

"Nice job." White Rabbit. That's what I'd called him.

He'd been the last remnants of the time when the halls of Wonderland were filled with the screams of the innocent. In their escape, my friends had killed all the doctors and murdered nearly all the monsters. Well, not really murdered so much as did away with.

Got rid of.

Now White Rabbit remained in all his cryptic glory.

He was holding the door shut while outside the Red Queen screamed. Something about her son, something about murdering us.

But according to him she couldn't kill him and wouldn't kill me. Not as long as I was pregnant at least.

After all my baby is the key to their escape. The key to their freedom.

Well, her's now. All her children lay dead at my feet.

And if I could kill a god then I'd be bathed in the blood of a wretched goddess of the moon.

I fall back my legs give away and I smile at White Rabbit, the sadism of Chessie's blood has all but wrapped itself in the way I beckon him towards me.

I don't know if it's the Lycan blood left within me or the murky blood of the monster growing in my stomach--but I want so badly to burn wonderland to the ground. To stand in the center and watch it all tumble around me.

I don't regret not going with Cheshire if that's what you're wondering. I knew long before the prison break what had been festering in my womb. And I did not want to bring one more monster into the world my mother loved.

I remember her. My mother.

All blonde coiled hair, glittering crowns, and dazzling smiles. I have her eyes, I wonder if I have her power.

"Why do you help me?" I panted, regaining my breath from the bit of exercise. I've found that people will do the most to keep living even after my hand has already clutched their hearts. "What do you gain?"

"A sweet kiss of a lover, a soft reminder." He hums dropping his hands. Through his white rabbit mask, I imagine he must be smiling. Through the onslaught of the Red Queen's card men, I imagine he must be laughing.

We are both carted away. Sent to our opposite corners but we stare at each other through the darkness.

We laugh together.

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