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My mind was enveloped by a bright white light and I blinked to do away with the sudden headache.
"Welcome back to the land of the living." My head rolls to the side, every movement feels to heavy. Cain is sat to my right head leaning back knees bent in front of him. His grey eyes were for once filled with something other than anger.
"Cain?" I lifted my arm or tried to. Heavy pressure and a rattling led me to discover just why Cainen was sitting so patiently beside me.
Both of us had been chained to the wall.
"He at least had the decency to wrap them." Cain motioned to where his legs were locked in. A worn cloth had also been placed over the chain, no doubt to keep the silver from searing his skin.
"Alexander? He chained us?" I blinked again, my consciousness slowly building. "Why?"
"Because of all the people I've allowed onto my ship you two are currently the most dangerous. I got all the facts from the red-haired fellow and this man is apparently a Lycan prince, a dangerous unkillable breed." Alexander steps into the room almost without a care in the world. "You have been known to wreak havoc one way or another so I'm sure you'll break out sooner or later."
I sit up in bed and clutch my head.
"What happened?"
"What? After you tried to tumble a mountain of rock onto my ship or after I told you to get your ass downstairs and you chose to disregard my orders?"Alex flashes a sarcastic smile. "You passed out, hit your head on the rails--and if smee hadn't caught you you'd be at the bottom of the ocean having a nice long talk with the sirens."
"Thank Smee for me," I mumble with a frown.
"I am the Captain of this ship and for the duration of your stay here, I am in charge. I don't care about whatever kingdoms' throne you plop your ass on," Alex was addressing Cain again. "But here if I say jump I want to hear an 'yes captain'. Have I made myself clear."
Cainen glared at him. Lycans, especially royalty detest being controlled.
"Let me make it simpler for you," Alex squatted to eye level as Cain. "You saw what little miss psycho did earlier, to the caves. Her power is nothing when compared to me. I may not be able to kill you but there are worse fates. Have I made myself clear?"
"Yes, captain." Cain ground his teeth together.
"Good." Alex snapped his fingers and the chains around Cainen's legs fell loose. "Now go and get your chores from Smee. I wont have any idle hands on my ship."
Cain did as told. Albeit more than a little bit angry.
Alexander stood turning to me, "and now you."
"I swear I won't do it again!" I paused a second, then my grin took up more than half my face. "Okay, I might one more time."
"I have no doubt about that. My only concern is that I'm not entirely sure you are prepared for what we'll find once we reach wonderland." Alex furrowed his brow. "Time in wonderland-"
"Flows differently. I know. I know best actually. What in reality is only ten years in solitude adds up to 200." My grin cracked. "A week is a month, a month is a year, a year is twenty. I know."
His gaze studies me quietly. I have the urge to rub the spot between his brow, he might grow some wonderfull creases if he's not too careful.
"We all thought you were dead. Killian and your father searched for you for so long, but Deorum refused to offer assistance." He shook his head. "Chronos carried out swift retribution."
"I'm really sorry about your ship."
" got me out of the cave--we're not friends so wipe that grin off your face. I'm just saying this was definetly a step in the right direction."
"Thank you Crescent."
"It's Alexander," he smirks. "Captain Alexander, commander of the skies."
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