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Alexander certainly knew how to fly a ship, but he did not know how to deal with any of us.

"How can someone be so useless!" He cried in dismay looking at the mess Hatter and I had made of the poop deck. "I told you to mop! Mop!"

"We did," I grinned stepping through the puddle of brown soapy water. "But there's no water so we had to get creative

"Creative!" Dormouse was sitting up against the front mast her tiny torso lightly tied and her big green eyes flickering around. Apparently, the moving ship was enough reason to keep the sleepy little thing awake.

"Smee! Send them downstairs I don't even want to look at them!" Alex whipped around rubbing his face. Smee hulked over and grunted at us.

Hatter grabbed Dormouse and followed Smee downstairs, but I lingered.

"What is it." Alex snapped his back still to me.

"How much longer?"

"Once we're halfway to Neverland, you'll know." He turned to me. "Are you sure you want to do this? If she is pregnant what are you going to do about the baby, it can't be allowed out into the world."

An icy chill traveled up the length of my spine. The baby who could destroy wonderland, the prison of the gods.

Oh, Alice, what will we do?

"We'll deal with it when it gets time to be dealt with," I told him seriously.

His eyes studied my face before he shook his head, "I can't tell what you're thinking. It's alarming."

"I can tell you if you ask. It's the easiest way to know," I explained to him. "But you'll always have to wonder."

"You're so fucking weird," He didn't laugh about it, just stated the fact. So I laughed for him a huge grin falling onto my face.

"We'll rescue Alice and then you and I will be friends again."

He snorted but said nothing else.

Eventually, I made my way back downstairs to help with all the chores.

The sudden lurching of the ship brought me back to consciousness. My head swiveled around to find Luka's face a mirror of my own shocked confusion.

"What's happening!" I heard Hatter cry from the bunk above me.

We all fell out of our beds and stumbled after one another back to the top part of the ship.

"Stay downstairs!" Alexander thundered from above as Cain tried to push the door open.

"What's going on?" Cain called back to echoing silence.

Pushing myself in front of him I tried pushing my entire weight against the door to no avail.

"Chessie!" Hatter gripped my arm. "Do you hear that?"

We all went quiet and I strained my ears. In the distance, I could hear it, faint but there. On repeat, over and over again.

Welcome to Wonderland.

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