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"Love what you've done with the place," My grin drips with sarcasm as I study all the dark stains of blood taking over most of the 'throne room', if I didn't know better I'd say red was her favorite color. The stained glass window behind her was showing the scene outside Alexander's ship shooting at the lycan army.

"No time for monologues Red Queen, slice her head off!" Duchess screeches somewhere above us. How like her, to give orders from a distance.

"Cheshire, I always knew I was going to kill you. From the second I laid eyes on your insufferable face. A part of me imagined a battle, but this is more fitting." The queen flicks her wrist and Rabbit drops his hold on me. She stalks towards me her haunting mask sending chills down my back. "Your death will mark our new beginnings. Your corpse will remain the spot where Wonderland once stood, and you will never escape."

Behind me, the dark halls of Wonderland seemed to laugh in agreement. But I steeled my nerves. Alice had never once wavered, she'd defended me from the monsters all our time together.

It's finally my turn to do the same.

I grinned, "If I die here, we'll be dying together."

In a split second, three things happened.

One, Alice's scream distracted both Rabbit and the Queen.

Two, I jumped onto Rabbits back and clawed at his face. He stumbled backward disoriented. He tried to get me off.

Three, Cain sprung out on the Queen. He'd shifted into his horrendous beast form. His eyes pools of black as he growled at her. She screeched and tried jumping back but he managed to rip her arm off.

"Fight with all you have," White Rabbit told me before he finally managed to push me off. Except I pulled his mask off in one go too. "I have to kill you now."

His gray eyes were fierce as he lunged at me at superhuman speed. We barreled out of the doors and he threw me to the farthest end of the hall.

Stumbling to my feet I grinned a bloody smile and spat some blood onto the ground.

Papa's words flourished through my head and I raised my hands as Rabbit walked towards me.

I pulled the walls inwards towards him. They rumbled crashing down around him. Rabbit raised his hands but the concrete walls buried him.

"Sorry Rabbit," His face was flashing in my mind. He still looked the same, young and delicate. His skin as white as snow, his silver hair, and gray eyes. A true white rabbit.

"Kill me Chessie, so I don't have to kill you." He pushed the rubble away from him. His clothes were torn but he seemed otherwise unaffected. He ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath. "It feels weird."

"What does?"

"Not fighting with a mask on." He glanced over his shoulder back into the throne room where Cain was battling the red queen. His rabbit mask was somewhere back there no doubt already destroyed. "I've rarely taken it off this past millennium."

"Once this is over I'll get you a new one."

He sighed and turned back to me. "A god knows my name. I might as well disappear entirely now."

"Suit yourself."

He charged at me again, a blur of movement. This time I managed to catch his hand before it connected with my stomach.

The force of his movement still sent us through the walls, further away from Cain's battle. I managed to stay on my feet and noticed briefly we were in the electric room.

The room where Seren had died.

"There's so much madness in the world." He watched as I raised my hands. "Maybe they're right, maybe wonderland should be destroyed."

There were tubs all around us, like pools of water almost six feet deep. Cords of electricity trailed the walls of the tubs. I pulled the water upwards and the electric ball floated over Rabbits head. He glanced up almost disinterested.

"There are worse things than madness," I chided. "You should know that."

Straining I dropped my arms but he dodged in a split second. As the charged water made its way towards me he grabbed hold of my arm and shot me through the walls again.

This time I landed on my back. Staring up at the sky of Wonderland I coughed up blood before climbing to my knees.

His fist connected to my face and I shot to the right.

Landing on my front I crawled onto my forearms. In the distance, I caught the gaze of Kier Lycanthrope. A cannonball blasted sand up towards the sky and he disappeared from my line of sight.

"You have to kill me Chessie, otherwise I'll kill you. Then I'll kill that Lycan Prince. Then your friends on that boat." The sand crunched beneath his feet as he walked towards me.

A mirthless laugh bubbled out of my chest and I turned on my back to face him. He stopped and raised a brow.

"I just realized, you've been calling me Chessie this entire time." I grinned. "Does that mean we're finally friends?"

I closed my fist and the sand wrapped around his foot, heat traveled from my fingertips and the sand turned to glass. He glanced down and tried pulling his leg from the hold. I strained to keep him in place.

I stumbled to my legs while simultaneously encompassing his body in the hardened glass.

From behind me, I heard the Cannons fire again.

"This won't hold for long," White Rabbit clicked his tongue. He'd stopped struggling against my hold. He nodded towards me, "I just need to wait till you lose to much blood."

"We'll see about that." I raised my hands just as another cannon shot out. But the glass released on him. His eyes widened as he realized what I was trying to do.

Before he could run, I slid towards his legs wrapped a thigh around his waist, and toppled him. Using both hands to push him into the sand I closed my eyes and braced for impact.

"Well played." He laughed.

Then the loudest bang of my life filled my ears.

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