Blue Moon Pack

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Seven years later...


“Then we all boarded the Pirate Captains ship and sailed home, see it was a happy ending,” I flicked a piece of bread in the direction of Alice. She rolled her eyes with a smile and caught the piece with her hand.

“No fighting at the diner table, please,” Cain ground.

“Wendy, darling, what was it you wanted to show your auntie?” The blue-eyed squirt burst out of her chair like a bolt of lightning. Alice giggled lightly placed his hand over her’s on the table. I almost gagged at their lovey-doveyness. Like serious yuck!

“Auntie Chessie, look--this is uncle Hatter, April, you and mommy!” She held the squiggles up proudly. A grin lifted the corner of my lips and I gasped dramatically.

“Amazing! You’re on your way to becoming a true artist, I would know I know everything.” March Hare had never returned, Hatter took it the worst out of all of us. Unanimously we decided little Dormouse would be in his care from then on. He named her April in honor of her mother. “You should definitely make your daddy hang this up somewhere.”

Wendy was looking more and more like her mother every day, but sometimes I’d get this chill down my spine. It would be when she was playing with April--some game about makebelieve. It involved something called Neverland. It’s hard to tell how much of her blood is good.

But she’s still just a kid.

She smiled up at me beaming with proudness only a six-year-old can have. She bounded away, possibly back to her room.

“How long will you be gone?” Alice asked as we all began to stand. Servants appeared from everywhere to clear away the dishes. She sometimes eyed the dark corners of the palace funny, always made me wonder how much of Wonderland was still left.

Speaking of Wonderland. It’s still there, fully operational. A trash heap of the world’s most wretched gods. If you close your eyes you might be able to hear the moon cursing the night.

“I dunno,” I shrugged with a grin wrapping her in a bear hug. Pulling back I raised a brow at Cain seriously, “You better take care of her while I’m gone. Otherwise, I will rip off your balls and make you eat them.”

“Graphic,” Cain deadpanned. With a roll of his eyes, he ruffled my hair and set off in search of the daughter that wasn’t really his but also really was.

Alice looped her hand through mine and led me outside, “You know...being a isn’t for me.”

“You’re kidding me,” I giggled, before nodding my head in agreement. “Perhaps, maybe I’m not meant to be the daughter of a god. I think we ought to learn to pretend.”

Alice sighed at that. When we’d returned she’d been reunited with her mother, Queen Aubrey of the South. Her stepfather greeted her with open arms, ready to hand down the throne whenever she was. Except, according to Alice, maybe that day won’t ever come.

On the other hand, Cain was punished by his father for a whole year for disappearing without notice and coming back with a child and mate. Although when he saw Alice again the punishment basically dissolved.

The future king of the west abdicated his right to his younger nephew in hopes of staying with his wife in the south. It seemed she’d be doing the same soon.

“You know a Lycan can only have a child with their true mate,” Alice stopped walking as we reached the gardens. I spotted Wendy darting between the flower bushes. “I wonder sometimes what it means that she’s here.”

“Do we know anything at all? Besides what we do, I mean, she’s here. Now she’s there. And tomorrow, well tomorrow might be different,” I hummed. “We should do our best to watch her, to help the little seedling grow.”

“I feel like you’re leaving me,” Alice stated her tone suddenly growing somber. “Like forever.”

“Nothing is forever Alice,” I clicked my tongue. Moving over I grabbed both her hands in mine and grinned. “All things must end. Here and now you have a family, a mama a papa, a husband, and a daughter. I need to go back to mine.”

Her blue eyes filled with tears.

“I need to rest now, recover my strength.” I trailed a finger down her cheek. “I’ve always only been an arms reach away. Now its time I go further.”

“Where will you go?” She sobbed quietly.

I clicked my tongue, raised my head to the sky and watched the clouds move to cover the sun, “To a new adventure I suppose.”

I held her as she cried, and when it was finally time, I finally said my goodbyes.

I’d like to say I told you so, that the world doesn’t go around in the same way you think it does. But it maybe it does, maybe we think the same. Perhaps you are just as mad as I am,

Then again maybe neither of us is right. Werewolves lycans--they're real. Families, love...they're real too.

But then you must also believe in me, and all of Wonderland.

Well, we'll be here waiting.

Down the rabbit hole, and back again.

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