Blue Moon Pack

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Chapter FOUR

Getting whiplash after waking up again is the least of my worries, especially when I see whats in front of me.

Standing at what had to be at least a hundred feet tall is the biggest wolf I’ve ever seen---and I’ve only ever seen one before. Well two but I don’t count Hatter. Hatter said he never counts.

“You’re finally awake.” The wolf speaks but its not loud, and....weird. I thought wolfs couldn’t talk.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“You know me. We met before.” It answers simply.

The wolf is strangely majestic and feminine. Its soft white fur seemed to move with the nonexistent breeze and it looks amazing. Godly I would say.

“Oh I do know you.” I shake my head. “Duchess is it?”

A great bright light blinds me and I raise my hands to cover my eyes. Loud whooshing fills my ears before suddenly disappearing.

“It’s fine to look now,” Duchess clears her throat. “Tea?”

Looking up I see a horrifying sight. A woman dressed in a big poofy dress with ruffles spilling out around her sits at a round table stocked with a tea set and all that’s needed in tea. Her face is a mask of perfection, perfectly even eyebrows framing perfectly bright gold eyes and perfectly plump lips. All in all she looked like a drawing of the worlds most beautiful woman if the worlds most beautiful woman glowed.

“Take a seat, lets chat.” She points in front of her where an extra chair pulls away from the table magically.

Watching her cautiously I do as she says. I’ve learned it’s best to do everything she asks otherwise shes worse than the Queen.

“How have you been?”

“Cut it out,” I say with a grin. “What do you want?”

“You. Back.” She drops a teaspoon of sugar into her tea and stirs it carefully watching me. “Back in Wonderland.”

“No,” I snap. “Never going back.”

She sighs sipping her tea. “Just come back home, you know you don’t belong anywhere else. You know this is the only place anyone could ever accept you ever.”

“Nope.” I take a cup and start dumping in the sugar. “We’re all gonna live far far away.”

“Not very far though right?” She asks a small smile flying onto her face. "I mean I could throw a stone from Wonderland and hit you right on the head.”

“I know about your curse,” I giggle. “You can’t leave Wonderland.”

She closes her fist around her cup crushing it.

“Know your place.” She snaps. “Know your place or face the consequences.”

I laugh loudly.

“Send me back.” I demand. “I have things to do.”

“I hope you find your friends,” She replies sardonically. “Don’t lose yourself along the way.”


She snaps her fingers and the world fades to black.

I sit up with a start.

Looking around I don’t see duchess and I don’t see the dead deer. Its also worth mentioning that I don’t recognize my surroundings.

Roots dangle from the ceiling and dirt makes the bed under me. Thats when I notice the strangest thing.

Twin girls---probably sisters---stand in front of me both watching me wide eyed. They don’t blink and they don’t look away. Both are dressed in dark black dresses.

“Hello girls,” I grin brightly. “Can I help you? Serve you some tea?”

One of the girl steps forward a bit and digs into the folds of her dress. She pulls out a round object attached to a chain and a folded up paper. Jutting both out towards me she watches me expectantly.

Eyeing the stuff I look up at her raising an eyebrow. “Do I take it?”

She nods rapidly. Taking both I rub a finger over the smooth round object and unfold the rough paper.

“It’s a map?” I look from the strange looking paper up to the girl. “Why?”

The second twin steps forward hiding behind her sister. “To find where you need to go.”

Looking between the two I try to come up with a good response. I have it!

“Curiouser and curiouser!”

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