Blue Moon Pack

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Chapter FIVE

"Explain exactly how this happened." Luka ran a hand down his face in quiet frustration.

"Well those creepy twins pushed me out of their hole in the ground and I came out of the door under stairs." I explained. "It's not my fault that she was there."
"She's obviously insane!" Lilly practically screamed. "You should be asking yourself why she's here on pack grounds. And why you let her stay." Luka rolled his eyes leaning back against his desk. "Get rid of her again."
We were sitting in his office both me and Lilly sitting a huge distance away from each other in huge comfy chairs. Luka stood between us looking just as annoyed as he had a couple hours ago when he found us fighting.
"I would've won." I snap indignantly. "Should've just let me stab her with that pen."
"Chessie just stop talking you're not helping."
"She's insane!" Lilly screamed again. She looked a mess, her pink hair in disarray around her face two red scratches on her cheek and a bruise forming on her neck. " She's not your mate or anything just get rid of her already!"
"Lilly," He groaned. "She's hurt. She needs help. We're helping her."
Lilly stood pushing back her chair. "Get rid of her. Now." She shot me a vile glare. "I don't care if she comes to you with her heart in her hands."
Then she stomped out of the room slamming the door shut.
"She seems tense." I giggled turning to look up at the big scary Alpha. "Anyways back to me. When are you gonna help me find my friends?"
Luka ran his hand down his face again except this time he looked up to the ceiling. When he looked back at me concern swirled in his eyes.
"Do you even realize whats happening right now?" He asked. "Just having you here is completely irresponsible, and stupid---just completely stupid!" He stepped away from his desk gripping his hair furiously. "I don't know you. You're obviously not a human, and you're obviously not a werewolf. If I'm gonna help you find anyone I'm gonna need you to be completely honest with me. "
I sat stiffly in the chair watching him. All traces of my grin were gone from my face.
"Tell me now who you are, why you stabbed people and how the hell you can overpower a werewolf."
Letting out a big gulp of air I sat back in my chair.
"Well it all started when Alice went down the rabbit hole."

Four Weeks ago

"Alice are you alright? You seem blue?" Alice whimpered from the opposite corner in response.
We were both in our small "room" her in one corner and me in another. She was scantilly dressed, the Jabberwocky had just visited again. Like always he left Alice a mess of tears and me just simply a mess.
"Hatter says he knows a way out." I whispered into the room. "Maybe we should take it?"
"I dont want to." She sobbed into her arms. "Where would we even go?"
"Simple," I climbed onto my knees crawling towards her. "Anywhere but here."
"We can't." Alice was against the very idea of ever leaving Wonderland. I just didn't know why.
"Yes we can, and we should." She shook her head. "Didn't you see what happened to sleepy little dormouse? Jabberwocky hurt her Alice. I can't do it anymore. I can't watch them break someone new."
Alice sniffled raising her head. Her dark green eyes connected with mine and I imagined they matched the color of the grass outside. Or maybe the trees.
"You should go. You can go." She wiped under her nose unimaginable saddness formed in her eyes and dripped out in the form of tears. "Just go Chessie. And be happy."
I nodded swallowing back the bile rising in my throat. Hatter was right there was no way around it.
I'd need to trick Alice into escaping with us. The only way was to inject her with a sleeping drug. But it would be up to me to get it.

Swallowing I tried to fight past the dry feeling that had taken over my throat. I could feel Luka watching me, his pretty eyes questioning.
"The world goes round and round," I whispered softly. "Alice wouldn't listen..."
"What happened to Alice? Did you get her out at least?"
My eyes shut tight as memories of that day danced in my mind. Vivid red tinted my thoughts as I remembered all the screaming, all the blood. Then there was Alice.
"Alice is-" The door to the office is thrown open effectivly shutting me up.
"Alpha we found something."
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