Blue Moon Pack

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Chapter SIX

Taller than six feet and wrapped in dirty looking clothes, his grey eyes were staring ahead boredly almost like he couldn't be bothered by the angry snarling wolfs surrounding him. His dark red hair fell around his forehead in short wisps like he hadn't thought to comb it, but there was no doubt in my mind. he was the person that man meant when he barged into Lukas office. Only he definitely wasn't a thing no--- he was all man, from his chiseled chin to his straight nose---all man.

The person from earlier had led us down to the courtyard and had simply said---and I quote: "You're gonna wanna see this."

Whether not he and Luka were mindlinking I really couldn't tell. Except Luka had a constipated look on his face so it really mustn't have been anything good.

"Ah look," The stranger in the center of the hoard of wolves nodded in our direction a frown pulling on his face. "Your Alphas here now."

"Cainen," Luka practically groaned stepping in front of me to glare at the stranger. "You can't just walking onto pack lands, especially smelling like a rouge."

"Just call off your dogs."

Luka nods towards one of the werewolfs and they all slowly backed away. Cainen rolled his eyes and walked towards us, I stayed hiding behind Luka.

"Why are you here?" Luka asked.

"I smelled something funny," Cainen said simply, he towered over Luka slightly and I got the strangest feeling that he definitely didn't care about his Alpha status. "Where is she?"

"She?" Luka raised an eyebrow curiously. "Whatever do you mean."

"Step aside." A dangerous smirk pulled at the corners of Cainens lips. "Or do you prefer I move you."

Luka threw his arms up in mock surrender and stepped to the side exposing little old me to the stony glare of the stranger. I gaped up at him in confusion before my racing mind finally caught up. Grinning widely I thrust my hand out towards him.

"The names Cheshire! Nice to meet 'ya!"

From the look on his face he was not glad to see me.

"You smell awfully familiar kid, almost too familiar." Cainen's hard eyes trailed down my body before returning to my eyes. "Who are you."

"I already told you silly," I giggled. " Cheshire, though feel free to call me Chessie."
"Cheshire," the way he said my name sounded like thick syrup rolling off his mouth and hitting the air harshly.
"You don't like me," I mused. "Clear as day! I think you'd prefer Alice if I do say so myself."
Fast as lighting his hands were on my shoulders and his gray orbs were wide and frantic---he stared at me searching for some sort of answer in my eyes.
"Alice---You said Alice!" He spoke fast. "Are you talking about Alice Lycaon?! Where is she!"
"My A-alice?" I stammered hating the heat from his hands on my shoulders. Get off me already.
Shoving away from him I fell to the ground and stared up at wide eyed and frightened.
"Leave me alone." I croaked from my place on the ground. All eyes were on me but they didn't understand.
Scary. Cainen was scary, and forceful---just like the jaberwocky. I hated the Jabberwocky.
"No wh--"
"Cainen." Lukas loud growl silenced him. "You're scaring her, you need to calm down."
"You bastard!" Cainen turned to Luka a snarl on his face. "How long have you had her here!?" He was in front of him in a flash pulling him up by the collar of his shirt, a dark powerful aura spilled out around him and the werewolf's closest to him whimpered and backed away but Lukas blue eyes stayed trained on his face coolly."Why wasn't I informed."
"Look if anyone could find you then maybe you would've known sooner, either way I have no idea what you're talking about."
"That." Cainen pointed towards me. "Smells just like Alice Lycaon and I want to know why."
"Well calm down and maybe I'll ask her for you," Lukas eyes darkened a small smile pulling at his mouth. "Otherwise I'll have to use that and I don't think you'd like it."
Growling once more Cainen shoved Luka towards the ground---towards me.
Luka managed to catch himself but sent me an apologetic look. Kneeling in front of me he reached out a hand to touch me but I flinched away.
"He's just like him Luka," I choked out past the dryness of my throat. "Just like Jabberwocky."
Lukas eyes widened a fraction before softening. "I promise he's just a brute he's nothing like those people."
"Promises promises," I squeaked. "He made them too you know. But Alice always cried afterwards." Pulling my knees up to my chest I wrapped my arms around my head. "Not fair not fair!"
"Chessie," Luka called softly. "It's me okay, just me. No one else."
Sniffling I looked up at him teary eyed. It was true, all the wolfs were gone. Even Cainen was no longer in my line of vision.
"Alice Lycaon. Does that name sound familiar?"
Nodding stiffly I wiped under my eyes. "She said her mama gave her that name."
"Why do you smell like her." I heard Cainen growl and I nearly jumped out of my skin. Looking up and to the right our eyes locked for a second and a feeling of dread settled in my stomach.
"Because Alice had to give me her blood, otherwise the Red Queen punished us both."
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