Blue Moon Pack

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Chapter SEVEN

Luka had promptly moved us into his Alpha office where I snuggled into the chair wrapped in a blanket and drank something marvelous---hot chocolate. Cainen sat beside me a brooding look on his handsome face, he'd been forced to take a shower and had changed into a loose t-shirt and jeans which somehow made him even more attractive and poor Luka just rubbed his face tiredly.
"Can you tell us more about wonderland?" Luka asked finally breaking the carefully constructed quiet that had surrounded us.
"Nope." I chirped sipping my drink. "I can tell you about my friends. They all loved Alice so much!" I thought back to my time in wonderland, the times when I was with my friends. "Hatter and Rabbit especially," I noted.
"Who's rabbit?"
"Rabbit? Well, he was the bestest out of all of us! He understood me the best don't you know---"
Rabbit sat facing me stirring an empty cup of tea. His white rabbit mask sat slightly crooked on his face and his white hair was matted down with sweat. He'd just come out of the machine but he always said a couple of hours of playing with me would get him right back on his feet.
"You're getting bigger huh?" Rabbit spoke. "Soon you'll be ten years old."
"Just like Alice!" I giggled.
"Do you know what happens when we die?"
Rabbit had been in wonderland the longest out of all the others. He'd come in just after me and was my first companion, we were not friends---he made that very clear.
"I grew up," I sighed. "But he never did." Rabbit had always stayed the same for as long as I knew him, but he never told me why.
"That's not possible." Luka furrowed his eyebrows. "Unless he was a Lycan or a Vampire, and vampires are extinct."
"Lycan?" I asked before bursting out laughing. "No he wasn't! But Red Queen was, I could tell."
"A lycan---a lycan kidnapped Alice?" Cainen's head turned towards me. "Do you even know what you're saying?"
"Lycans are stronger than werewolves, more feral, they follow their instincts." Cocking my head to the side I studied Cainens face again. "You kinda remind me of her, are you a Lycan too?"
"We lycans have a strong sense of smell," Cainen narrowed his eyes. "I caught Alice's scent but when I followed it, it was just you. I'd recognize Alice anywhere---and you're not her."
Shaking my head I nodded. "Ten years ago Alice came to Wonderland, and she was my first friend." At that time it had only been me and Rabbit trapped in Wonderland---at that time I still didn't know what true horror was. "At first I didn't trust her because she smelled just like Queen did, but after the first time I understood she was on my side."
"First time---what happened?"
"I can't remember what it was," I answered honestly. "Maybe I spoke to fast or held in my breath for too long---either way the red Queen wanted to whip me ten times. But Alice took my place instead."
That's what she did. That's what she always did. My body may be scarred but its nothing compared to what Alice carries.
"Okay well you got out didn't you?" Cainen asked. "Wheres Alice?"
"Alice is in Wonderland." I said.
"Then we have to go find her now." The chair scraped against the ground as he stood. "Tell me how to get there."
"You can't." I shook my head. "At least not without Hatter and March Hare, they would know how to get back."
"Where are they?"
"Oh!" I exclaimed remembering the map and pendent the twins had given me. Pulling the map from the waistband of my shorts and the pendent from around my neck I placed it on the desk.
"What is this?" Luka asked confused.
"To help me find where I need to go," I shushed him quickly. "Now let the master work."
Standing up I unfolded the map and placed the pendent on top of it.
"Uh map," I called out. "I need some help."
"You don't even know what you're doing do you?" Cainen deadpanned. "Great I have to rely on the help of a crazy person."
Ignoring him I focused on the map. It was nothing spectacular just a simple map with trees and a mountain. The pendent was scratched and seemed equally as unspectacular. Gingerly I lifted it up and twirled it between my fingers. Studying it closely I carefully pushed down on the center and too my surprise it---it exploded.
A huge plume of smoke came from the pendent and engulfed the room. A ringing sound buzzed through my head and I dropped the pendent to the ground and stumbled backwards straight into Cainen. He grabbed me by the arm and turned me around, using one hand he covered my face in his chest and with the other he plugged his nose.
Still all I heard was ringing. Covering my ears I could feel Cainens chest rumbling almost like he was growling.
Finally after a couple of seconds the ringing lessened and I hastily pushed Cainen away. Turning to look back to where the pendent had fallen I realized three things.
1 Luka could make some seriously funny faces.
2 The smoke smelled like a cherry tart and had begun to clear.
3 Standing where the pendent once was was a short cutely dressed smiling girl holding a much too large staff in her hands.
"Hello, I am Asteria goddess of the stars! As thanks for freeing me from my ten thousand year slumber I will help you find what you're heart truly desires most."
Okay, even for me, this was definitely weird.
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