Blue Moon Pack

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Chapter EIGHT

After declaring herself the young goddess promptly toppled over into a heap on the ground. Neither one of the men present moved a muscle to catch her and I cant say I blame them---after all it was their very first time seeing a goddess up close.

I had already met plenty of goddesses before, which is exactly why I didn't move an inch to help the fallen girl. What was the old saying again? Never trust the one who so kindly offers you tea.

Stumbling backward I was met with Cainen's chest. Looking up at him I studied the harshness of his jaw and the confusion in his eyes. Looking to where Luka was behind his desk I studied the way his eyes seemed to portray his thoughts.

In those few seconds I never wanted more to hide under my bed again and have Alice hold my hand.

The scary monsters that lived in my head seemed to be manifesting before me. If this Asteria was evil or if she was good, could she help me find what I was looking for?

"You bring her here--against what I suggested and what the elders suggested--and now we have a lycan and whatever the fuck she is." Lilly motioned angrily towards Asteria who was sleeping soundly on Lukas office chair, which looked uncomfortable but Luka said that it was probably more dangerous to move her.

Cainen was leaning against the wall closest to the door his eye closed so it looked like he was sleeping but the way his lips twitched gave away that he was actually awake.

"And now--what y-you want to leave!?" Lilly growled harshly pulling her hair in frusteration. "What the Fuck Luka!"

Then Luka smiled, in endearing way, like he was happy to have her screaming at him.

"You know I think this is the most you've talked to me since you been back," He nodded towards me, who was huddled in a corner trying to count all the folds in Lillys shirt. "Ever since she got here, you've been yelling at me nonstop."

Lilly looked taken aback swallowing whatever words she had prepared she cleared her throat. "Father would not have wanted things run like this."

Rolling his eyes Luka scratched the back of his neck his gaze sliding to the wall before returning to his sister. "Then you run it."



Cainen growled at the same time Lilly gasped.

"You obviously know more about this pack than I do," Lukas was sad and sweet. "I've only been running it since I was six years old. Lets face it, rightfully this pack belongs to you." He walked behind his desk and pulled open one of the drawers rumaging around before producing a stack of papers. "You're the firstborn the rightful heir, if your mother was fathers mate or if you weren't a female you would have started running this pack the moment father died."

"That isn't--"

"I know." Holding a pen he stuck it out towards Lilly beckoning her. "You'll get Luna Mir and then you can decide what happens."

"What the hell Luka." Cainen growled. "We had a deal."

"Don't worry," Luka smirked in Cainens direction. "I didn't forget, and theres no way anyone will ever know, okay? It dies with me."

"Your giving up the pack." Astonishment seeped through Lillys voice as she took the pen. "Why would you do this?"

"Blood moon has been my home for as long as I can remember." His gaze flickered to me for a second. "It's time I set out and forge my own road."

"You'll be a rouge."

"Thats fine."

"They'll kill you if you come back."

"Just sign the paper. Then the pack will be yours." Luka pushed the papers towards her.

Lilly stared at him a second before moving in a flurry to sign the papers which would hand over the title of Alpha. Once she was done a cold silence took over the room and even I decided it was best not to say a word.

"Tonight, when the moon is high in the sky, we'll preform the ritual. And then in the morning we'll be gone."

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