Blue Moon Pack

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Chapter NINE

"Twinkle twinkle little bat, how I wonder where your at." I hum under my breath, the only sound besides Asterias breathing--oh! And Cains seething rage.

Lilly had gone with Luka to speak with some old guys about something about her taking over the pack. I really wasn't interested, rather its more interesting watching Cainens reactions. His face had gone all red!

"Can you stop fucking singing!" He cursed loudly and I click my tongue in disapporval.

"Naughty boy! Off with his head," I giggle and he growls again pushing off the wall and stalking closer to me.

"Can you stay quiet for just one minute."

"Nope." I hum, though I'm quite sure he wasn't asking."Much to boring, I might end up turning into you."

He growls again before turning to look at the still sleeping Asteria. Surprisingly she hadn't moved even an inch.

"Is she dead or something?"

"How do you kill a god?" I ask curiously. In response thunder roared outside and not two seconds later Luka ran back into the room slamming the door shut behind him.

"We need to leave." He rushed out throwing a duffel bag in Cainens direction. "Now."

"What did your plan not go according to plan?" Cainen catches the bag without even blinking.

"No it did." Luka moves to his desk quickly rumaging through his drawers. "And officically we have five minutes to evacuate our asses or they're sending everyone after us."

"What the fuck Luka."

"You want to find Alice." Luka snapped glaring at him. "And I need to get out of here." He paused a second and a loud click resounded through the room, the bookshelf along his wall slid open to reveal a cracked wooden door. "Now are you coming or not."

Luka was significantly smaller than Cainen in wolf form, which is why Cainen was leading the way and I had the honour of riding his back.

"Onwards stallion!" I cheered and he rumbled. I gripped his gray fur tightly to keep from falling off as he picked up pace. Luka for his part was carrying Asteria and matching Cainens quick strides.

The tunnel ran deep into the earth and according to Luka led to the edge of the pack. As we ran the earth shook and I laughed.

From behind loud howls pierced the stiff air and Cainen ran even faster. The walls began to blur and I hid my face in his fur to keep from throwing up.

Then we were outside and something rammed into us--hard.

I managed to stay ontop of Cainen and he snarled at the wolfs getting ready to pounce. Luka ran past and Cainen quickly followed swiping left and right.

But they weren't focusing on Cainen. I was glad I didn't choose to ride with Luka. What? A girl can take care of herself can't she?

Cainen was fighting off the wolfs while running trying to keep them away from Luka. Then we made it to the edge of the pack.

Four old men stood surrounded by the whole pack of wolfs, blocking the only exit. "You carry the secrets of this pack. It is time you returned them."

Luka shifted back--completely naked and completely unashamed.

"And if I refuse?"

The old man who looked like santa but with a thinner beard didn't even bat an eye. "Then Luka Franke, this is where your life ends."

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