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Once again I feel as though I am falling through the air, although this time I don’t feel as frightened for I am not alone.

I have this mysterious woman by my side, my saviour, even if I am not sure that her intentions will be good for me in the long run. Traveling with her through the cloaked black darkness has this strange warmth, both comforting and unnerving.

We land together on the ground with a thud, myself taking most of the hit on my hip. “Oowww…” I groaned rubbing my hip as I look up to the woman who has already dusted herself off the ground.

“Who are you?” I ask trying to calm my nerves as I look around this place that she has transported us too.

It’s so bright here...bright and airy barely any walls, it looks like the temple back at home… Home where I will never go back to again.

“I’m here!” The woman shouts out without a care in the world that she didn’t answer my question. My eyes are fixed on her as I feel another presence appear behind me.

Something about this presence seems familiar but I have no time to think about this as I turn and face the new woman that seems to have appeared from out of thin air.

“Thank you Madeline.” The new woman thanks my saviour with a warm smile. Madeline, at least I finally have a name of who to thank, or maybe hate if things go badly for me here.

“Yeah, Whatever.” I turn back to madeline as she rolls her eyes and waves off the new woman. Her voice sounds cold, but there is something warm in there, a hint of happiness I think.

I don’t really know this woman is just so confusing to me, well… to be honest everything that has happened to me is confusing and makes absolutely zero sense.

“Who are you?” I ask again to both of the women in this room with me, who are they and more importantly what do they want with me?

“Liana…” the new woman begins, her voice sounds like a melody I have heard before, I just can’t place it.

I can’t place anything at the moment.

“How do you know my name?” I try to hide the fear in my voice as I look back and forth between two people who obviously know me but are strangers to me.

I begin to fidget with the pendant hanging on my neck, its something I have always done with I get nervous.

“Liana.” The new woman takes a step towards me, her hands outstretched in an effort to show peace. “I am Selene, I am your-”

“Selene as in the goddess of the moon Selene?” I cut her off which most likely is one of my biggest mistakes of the day, night or whatever fricking time it is right now. One thing I know from stories is that you do not piss off a god.

“Yes.” Selene smiles at me. “But I am also-” I didn’t catch the rest of whatever it was that the fucking goddess of the moon was trying to convey to me as all I felt was the pounding of my head and dark spots behind my eyes luring me back into a much needed sleep.

I wake hearing the noise of an exasperated sigh and fingers tapping on wood. Opening my eyes, I am blinded by the sunlight as I sit up in the bed.

“Finally you’re awake.” An irked voice travels across the room to me from a blonde girl who looks to be about the same age as me. She looks at me with hate in her eyes.

Pure hate. I have never seen eyes with such hate before. “I guess..” I shrug, I still have no idea what is real and what’s not anymore.

The blonde girl across from me rolls her eyes before walking, or should I say stomping out of the room. I can’t help but notice the similarities between her and my mother, they share the same jade green eyes. She even has Jaspers exact colour of dirty blonde hair the perfect blend of our mothers chocolate brown and our fathers golden blonde.

“She’s awake.” The girl yells out slamming the door behind her as she leaves the room.

Glancing around this room reminds of my one at home, well it more reminds me more of one of our guest bedrooms, it has the same sheer ocean blue curtains and cream walls with blue painted spirals in the corners of the top of the wall on the plaster.

Not wanting to get out of bed I just rack my brain trying to remember what the hell has happened to me. Is this real or just a bad dream?

The pounding force in my head just wants me to close my eyes and rest but my body is awake and energised.

“Good morning my darling.” The door swings open to reveal my g-ma with her greying hair tied up into a bun with loose strands sticking around her face while she wears an apron that I vaguely remember from when I was a young pup. The teal green one that was always tied around her waist with wolves running across it.

I think she used to call herself the feeder of wolves, or at least that’s what father used to say.

I sit up in bed as she walks over to me holding a silver tray filled with bacon, eggs, waffles drizzled with syrup and berries. “Eat up.” She smiles as she places the try on my lap. “You’ll need all of your strength back from what you’ve been through.” She gives me a sad smile patting my knee.

“Where am I?” I ask softly looking down at the food.

G-ma sighs as she sits on the end of the bed. “It’s a little complicated, I don’t know if I am the best person to explain this to you.” She gives me a reassuring squeeze of my knee. “Right now, you are sitting in your bed, in the house you grew up in. It’s just well-“ she pauses for a second trying to figure out the right words. “We are just in the moon, or on the moon. I don’t really know.” She laughs.

“The moon?”

“You remember what happened that you…” she stops, she doesn’t want to say the word.

“Yeah I know I died, that I’m dead it’s just I never thought that this place was real. That is was just a bedtime story to make us all feel better about having to die at one point in our lives you know.” I shrug.

Nothing makes much sense and I just, I just want answers.

“Like I said, I’m not the right person to be explaining this. I don’t know all you need to know…” she pauses staring out at the wall lost in thought.

She is only shaken from her thoughts when we both hear the door of the room down the hall slam shut. “I’m going out.” The curt voice of the girl who was sitting in here with me yells out.

“Who is that?” I ask not wanting to ask the other question on my mind. Why does she seem to hate me?

“That’s Anthea.” My g-ma smiles proudly.

“Who is she?” I ask again.

“That’s something the two of you need to talk about yourselves.” Again with the mysterious answer. Why can’t I just get the simple answer.

“If you want answers, I suggest getting your grandfather to take you to the temple once you’ve eaten.

“The temp- never mind.” I wave her off I think at this point it’s better to just go with whatever everyone says or else I’ll just end up with a bigger headache.

“Just come down stairs whenever you are ready.” She gives me a half smile shutting the door on her way out. I stare at the untouched food on my plate, I have no real appetite at this second all my brain wants is answers.

Getting out of bed I stretch my sore muscles I’m wearing tattered red cloth, it doesn’t feel like me, all I want are some of my normal clothes. I want ripped jeans a faded old t-shirt that I have worn thousands of times.

But I won’t find any of that here. That’s all left on earth, with the life I used to have. Looking around for something to wear I find workout leggings and a tank top, both just plain black and simple. These must be Antheas.

It was nice of her to give me something, although I feel as though it was not out of the kindness of her heart.

“Grandfather?” I call out from the top of the stairs for I have no idea where he will be in this house.

“Yes Liana.” I hear his gruff voice call from down the stairs he must be in the living room, if he’s anything like father he will be in the living room reading the paper.

That’s if they even have a paper here? What news could possibly reported on?

“You look nice, I knew that Anthea’s things would fit you.” G-ma stops me at the bottom of the stairs for yet another hug. She is hugging me so much that if I didn’t know better you’d think that she thought that she would never see me again.

“Thanks, they are comfortable.” I shrug not really knowing what to say.

“Are you ready?” SHe asks concern etched into all of her features.

“I guess.” I shrug I don’t know why she is so worried, I don’t even know what the hell is going on right now.

“Eugene!” My G-ma shouts. “Get off your ass and take Liana to the temple.” I hear grandfather grumble under his breath before he politely says “Yes dear.” WIth a kiss on the cheek.

I follow him out of the house, it’s uncanny how it is an exact replica of our one back on earth. What I wasn’t prepared for was when we stepped outside and how everything looked almost the same has it does on earth.

The one difference is the large temple that stands centred raised above everything else.

It sees everything around it.

It is massive made out of white moonstone, with flecks of black on it to represent the night sky. The most impressive part is the full moon sitting on top of the centre with glittering stars behind it.

It is beautiful and breathtaking. My grandfather slows his walking pace as I stand in awe of everything around me.

How can something like this place possibly exist.

“Do you want me to walk you all the way?” My grandfather asks in what may be his softest and gentlest voice yet.

“Ahh…” I look at him chewing on my bottom lip. “I don’t know.” I speak honestly.

“It is your decision, but I recommend that you pull yourself together and be a strong wolf like I know you are and face your questions alone.” He is giving me advice but it feels harsh.

I know that it is not his meaning that is just how it comes across. He is trying to let me know that I have to deal with whatever is waiting for me I my own.

No hand holding or coddling.

“O-okay.” I stutter. “Is it.”

“Just walk straight up to it.” There are stairs to take you up on each side. Just go in and everything will be revealed to you.” He looks me dead in the eye. “Just be respectful and have no fear.” He pulls me in for a hug.

“You will be fine.” He whispers before kissing me on the top of the head and walking away back home.

“Okay. You can do this.” I tell myself. Even though I have no clue what could be waiting for me, but at least I know I can’t die.

For I’m already dead.

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