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Meeting Her

I take the steps up to the temple one at a time, slowly but surely preparing myself for whatever in the moon’s name is going to happen up here.

What answers can I possibly get here? What questions should I even have? I’m dead and that’s the end of it.

I approach the final steps of the temple, taking a second to take in my surroundings, it is absolutely beautiful here. From here I can see everything the temple is central to everything I can see house and vast lands all green and plush with moon flowers growing everywhere. I can see my house, well… it’s not my house just a replica.

I think, everything here is so odd… It’s the same as earth but at the same time it isn’t

I take in a deep breath, filling my lungs to calm myself down for whatever it is that I’m about to walk into.

I take my first step into his temple and its like all the fear I ever had exits my body, fear does not exist in this place.

As I walk closer into the centre of the temple unsure of where to actually go I begin to hear hushed voices arguing. “You’re only delaying the inevitable, this will be worse in the long run.” One voice hisses quite annoyed.

“I know.” The other sounds sad, maybe even guilty. “I just…”

“You are wasting my time on something that will never work out. I know it, you know it and soon enough so will they, she needs more.”

“I know!” The other begins to raise her voice, its seems odd since her voice sounds like a soft melody. “I just don’t want her messed up in this, she deserves a normal life without our drama and-”

She is suddenly silenced, I wonder who it is they are talking about.

“Shut up. This conversation is no longer private.” They know I’m here. “I’m going, you deal with your mess yourself and DON”T blame me when it all blows up in your face.” I’m briefly taken aback by the harshness in the voice, I know the voice it’s the woman who brought me here.

The one who saved me, what was her name again? Melony, no, Mary, no that’s not it either what was it? Madeline, yes that’s it. She seems like a force to be reckoned with, angry, but it’s more than that there is something missing from her.

But what do I know, I’m just a dead wolf who didn’t even get to live a life.

I hear the other woman compose herself while I just stand as still as a statue.

“Liana.” She smiles to me as she comes out from around the corner, a large pillar was concealing the two of them.

She glides across the room towards me, her lilac toga trailing behind her on the ground. A glimmer of gold catches my eyes as I see her feet peek out from beneath her toga, gold toe rings and delicate chains which I assume must lead up to an anklet.

She has this grace and presence to her, along with radiating power and a glow that comes from within her.

It looks as if the moon is shining from within her, as if it is her core. Looking her up and down, she has hair as dark as the night sky which cascades down her spine towards her waist in slight waves.

She wears a golden crown upon her head with various intricate designs of the moon in all of its phases. The moons from what I can see have been carved from moonstones to stand out upon the gold of the crown and her night coloured hair.

She is beauty in all forms of the word.

It is her eyes, however, that freeze me to my core. Looking into them is like looking at the moon itself. And they are similar to mine, the first person I have ever met to have eyes like me.

“Who are you?” I ask as I walk over to her, not taking my eyes away from her own. Asking her a question that deep down I already know the answer to.

It is clear, just by looking at her, being alone in this room together that she is a goddess, but she is more than that. She is our goddess, the mother of all wolves.

She is our moon.


But who is she to me?

“I think you already know the answer, don’t know Liana.” She raises a perfectly arched eyebrow at me, looking me directly in the eyes.

“You are the moon goddess.” My voice comes out softly lowering my eyes away from her.

“I am.” Her voice is sweet, coaxing me to say more. She knows that I know something but she won’t say it.

“But who are you to me?” I ask her, meeting her eyes once. Why has she taken an interest in me and why do we share the same eyes.

Well almost the same eyes. Hers are just missing the red, that looks like flames burning from the iris.

“You know who I am to you, you just have to look down inside yourself.” She is right, the answers are unraveling themselves to me I just have to look at our similarities. I just don’t want to admit it, it means everything is a lie. My life is a lie and it just begs more questions, questions I’m not sure I’m ready to know the answer to.

“You- I, You are…” I sutter over myself the words are there, they just don’t want to come out.

“It’s okay.” She takes a few steps towards me, she has been keeping her distance while we both just stand in the temple in plain view. We never moved away from where she caught me eavesdropping on her private conversation.

She places her hands on my shoulders looking me directly in the eyes. As soon a she touches me my body relaxes and I don’t know why. “Take a deep breath in, it’s okay.” She smiles, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. She is worried. My mother always told me I was good at reading people.

“Start with what you know, relax yourself and your mind.” She encourages me.

“Okay..” I start off my taking a step back, I know that it hurts her but I need to be myself right now. “I know that you are a goddess, our goddess. I know that we look similar, we share the same eyes and I have never met someone else with our eyes before, our hair is almost the same, mines just darker.” I ramble like word vomit I just can’t stop myself.

“Yes, all of that is true.” she nods.

“Are you who I think you are?” I ask her, I don’t want to say what’s swimming around in my mind I don’t want to admit that we could be… I can’t even think the word.

“Who do you think I am to you?” She is worried, no more than that she is scared.

“I don’t want to say it.” I whimper moving away from her to the stairs.

“I know that this might be difficult but you need to say it, accept it and then I can explain it all.” She is begging me she needs this. A goddess begging some dead girl.

“You are…” I pause to calm my nerves, is all of this is true I need to be strong. “Are you my mother? My real mother?”

Selene doesn’t speak she just nods at me, watching my reaction.

How is this possible? There are photos of my birth. Did my parents know? Who are they really? Too many thoughts start swarming around in my head causing me to feel dizzy. I need to get out of here, I need time to think.

“Are you okay?” Selene asks me. What do I call her now? So far she has just been she. But do I call her goddess? The moon? Selene? Mother?

“I just need some time to think.” I need to be honest, I may be the only honest person in my life right now.

“Oh” She looks to the ground, she is hurt, but her life hasn’t just drastically changed. “I understand, but please promise you will come back” There is a panic in her voice. “I can explain everything to you.”

I can’t talk all I do is stare at her as if I have lost my mind, which in a way I have. I was sent here for answers and now all I have is a mess of lies and more questions. I can’t even look at her as I walk away.

I can’t get out of here fast enough. I need some time to clear my mind.

“I have waited eons for this I can’t lose you now.” I don’t know if I was meant to hear that or not but it makes no difference to me at this second.

My life is nothing but a lie.

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