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What Waits

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During a hunting trip, 2 hunters encounter something unnatural. Soon they become the prey and their expedition turns into a game of survival.

Fantasy / Horror
Lawrence Bear
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Chapter 1

I almost died once, the coldness I felt. How death draped me, changed me… Things are not what they seem anymore…

I felt myself slipping away, the calmness I felt then. I almost let go... almost.

I try to keep myself away from civilization, but civilization can’t seem to keep away from me. How my veins throb hungrily as I thirst for blood. I am held captive within this world, a world filled of hatred and lust for blood.

I know. I know that I am human. But I feel deathly ill, I desire for meat, and I thirst for blood. It all over takes me; I at times can feel myself on all fours as I run through the forest. The moon tantalizes me, causing me call through the night.

I am a demon in this world.

A world I only want to awake from.

I cannot control myself.

One moment I am calm, the next… liquid scarlet fills my vision and the white-hot rage fills my mind. Talons grow from my hands and fangs from my jaws as the beast within forces its way out.

Darkness is my realm.

I want this life to be a dream, but every day it becomes more real to me. I feel, taste and smell things better than I ever have before. The thought of humans causes me to growl, and I can hear the bestial sound as it comes from my own throat. I feel my lips pull over my fangs. I can feel saliva drip from my mouth. The hunger I have, the burning sensation throughout my body.

How it envelops me.

Is it just a dream?

I wish I could awake, why can’t I wake up?

I wonder if I’m trapped within my own nightmares…

I can’t remember those blood runs, but I awake and find myself covered in it. It’s hot and soothing. The rich taste of iron cools my insides, and calms my beating heart. I stare up at the blackness of night and a long rewarding howl follows.

I am the demon of the black forest. I am the keeper of the woods. I am a prisoner of my own dark soul. Again I call out a loud, piercing howl to warn those who might be near to stay away. I will hunt you down if you dare trespass my territory.

What am I? Someone please wake me… this, is not me.

It’s all just a dream.

It has to be...

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