Legend of the Wolf Girl

By VioletOfCourse All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


When darkness spreads across the land, Timber Gold Wolf and PineCone Smith end up tasked with the job of saving the world. Working together, the team makes it through dungeons and trials to face off against the ultimate evil.

My High-School is Chaotic

Legend has it that at one point of time, a human girl was raised by wolves during a time of wars in the kingdom of Fairwood. However, that was only part of the story. This human girl had gotten married to the Alpha wolf’s only son and produced the very first Wolf Girl. A Wolf Girl is a female who is half wolf and has noticeably wolf like ears as well as a wolf tail. This is how the legend of the Wolf Girl was started.

I hear my alarm-clock beeping and I awaken from a dream about fighting scary monsters on a castle rooftop. I yawn and rub my eyes. Today is Monday, nobody likes Mondays. If you were to go to my school, I’m sure you would hate Mondays a whole lot more. I am fifteen years old and I am in the tenth grade, who knows how I ever got this far.

I get out of bed and pull the blankets smoothly back into place afterwards. I then proceed to picking the dirty clothes up off of my messy bedroom floor. I tend to keep my room a mess because it just feels more comfy that way. I quickly get dressed in my favorite outfit, being careful of my delicate tail. My favorite outfit consists of a light purple long-sleeved shirt and light blue pants with a hole cut in the back for my tail. I head downstairs and find my mother watching a documentary on wolves on the T.V.

“Hey mother, no sign of my sister yet?” I ask.

“No, I’m afraid not,” my mother replies, quickly turning the T.V. off and turning to face me.

My twin sister, Lillian, had run away a while ago and everyone has been searching for her. Some people suppose that she has died, but I believe that she is still alive out there. Yes, I had some rough times with her, but she is my sister and I care about her.

“Quickly, eat your cereal, brush your teeth, and brush your hair,” my mother says, glancing at the clock.

As told, I eat some of my cereal and then hurry to the bathroom to fetch my brush. I carefully run the brush through my long, wavy, golden hair. Afterwards, I brush my teeth and avoid getting toothpaste on my shirt. It sure would be a shame to wear an ugly white blotch on my favorite shirt. I glance out the window, hoping to see my sister returning home…but she isn’t. It is bright and sunny outside, though.

“Good-bye mother!” I call out before leaving the house.

“Have a good day, Timber!” my mother calls back.

I close the door and head down the sidewalk and around the corner to my bus-stop. I reach the bus-stop just in time so the bus driver notices me and he keeps the door open so I can get inside. At least the bus driver doesn’t hate me. That’s a good start, I guess. I walk to the middle seats of the bus and sit down on the tall, wrinkly green cushion on the left side. The driver closes the doors and starts driving. I feel a tug on my tail only moments later and I yelp, pulling it away from whoever is holding it.

“Hey loser, I’m surprised you haven’t gotten expelled yet!” the person who had tugged on my tail says.

I turn and look behind me seeing Corrynia, a very mean girl who everybody seems to like, everyone except me that is. How is it possible for me to like someone who would love to see me dead?

“Leave me alone, Corrynia, this isn’t how I’d like to start my week,” I say.

“I don’t care! My job is to make you miserable!” Corrynia says.

Ever since my first day of school, this same girl has been following me around just to bring me pain and misery. I honestly have no idea why she does this as I have never done anything to provoke her. Also, I must say, though she does look fine, she’s not quite the prettiest I’ve seen even though she seems to think she is the prettiest in the entire world.

The bus stops at another bus-stop and the doors open. Corrynia and I both fall silent, waiting to see who would be getting on. A tall, muscular boy with long silvery hair enters the bus.

“Timber, don’t do anything stupid. I want that boy…” Corrynia whispers aggressively to me.

I wasn’t going to say anything in the first place; I’m always rather shy around new people. The boy who walked into the bus attempts to sit next to various other kids who are on the bus, but they all turn him away. He looks around nervously for a few moments, perhaps a few moments longer than the bus driver would approve of.

“Hurry up and sit down,” the bus driver says.

“Sorry, sir,” the boy says and heads towards Corrynia and I.

“Hey, boy! Come sit with me!” Corrynia calls out, attempting to flip her short brown hair in a flirty way.

“Sit with you…? I think not,” he says and sits next me instead.

“Oh just you wait and see, Timber Gold Wolf! I have the perfect punishment for you planned!” Corrynia says, shaking a fist at me.

The boy rolls his blue gray eyes at that comment.

“Are you new?” I ask the boy.

“Yeah, it’s my first day coming to this school,” he answers.

“What’s your name?” I ask.

“My name is PineCone,” he says.

I smile and say, “I like that name. My name is Timber, as you’ve found out from that girl back there.”

“She doesn’t seem like the kind of person I’d hang out with,” PineCone says.

Corrynia is steaming mad. I just hope she doesn’t do anything too crazy. Last time I got her this angry was that time I tried to join the track team. Of course, that didn’t turn out very well…

“You know, Timber, you’re only jealous because you have never met the princess while I am her closest friend!” Corrynia says even though that really wasn’t relevant to anything.

I try to ignore her while she continues to blab on and on about how she thinks she’s better than me. Then, after a while of driving, the bus finally pulls up at Fairwood High and lets us off. I get off quickly so Corrynia can’t get me.

“Do you have a schedule yet?” I ask PineCone when he catches up to me.

“No, I’m guessing I’ll have to pick one up in the front office,” PineCone replies.

“I’ll help you get there!” Corrynia offers.

“No thanks, Timber will help me,” PineCone says.

“Oh I hate that girl!” Corrynia says, stamping her foot angrily.

PineCone and I walk passed the flowering trees, which happen to stink really badly like blood for some reason, and enter the school building. The main office is right in sight as soon as we enter and I lead PineCone inside.

The principal glances at us and speaks, “Oh… Timber… Great…and our new student, PineCone! Nice to meet you PineCone!”

PineCone doesn’t say anything, upset by the way the principal spoke of me.

“PineCone needs his new schedule, do you have it ready?” I ask.

“No, unfortunately we are still working on it. We need to figure out at which times are which classrooms open for more students. So, sorry PineCone, but you’ll have to follow Timber’s schedule…” the principal says with a shudder.

“I don’t see what’s so wrong with that,” PineCone says, shrugging his shoulders.

“It’s just…she’s different than other kids…” the principal whispers, thinking I can’t hear him.

“In that she’s kind while everyone else here is rude?” PineCone asks.

“No, definitely not! It’s that she’s much more dangerous and, well, wolf-like…” the principal says.

“I don’t care, I like wolves, so she and I should get along well,” PineCone says, turning and leaving the office.

“I’m sorry for getting you into this mess…” I say stepping out of the office after him.

“It’s alright, I can handle it. I know we just met, but, I promise I’ll protect you no matter what,” PineCone says.

“Thank you… Now, we better head to class before the bell rings…” I say, taking his hand and leading him to my first classroom, which is science.

We head down the long hallway and make a left, after that, we can’t go any further. A very short boy with long light brown hair in his face, which covers his eyes, is standing there, arms stretched out.

“Halt, no one shall pass by the great Mike O.! It’s a special order put in by Miss Corrynia herself to make all other students late for class!” the boy says.

PineCone looks at me, then at the boy, then back at me. I can’t really tell, but I am pretty sure that this Mike O. person is glaring at me. I’ve never run into this kid before, but just by this run in, I can tell that he won’t be making things easy for me.

“I’m especially not allowed to let people by who smell of wolf, which,” Mike O. pauses mid-sentence and sniffs the air, “you obviously smell like!”

“PineCone, I don’t feel like dealing with this kid, so you know what? We won’t,” I say and pick Mike O. up from the ground.

“Hey! Put me down you fool! Put me down!” Mike O. cries out, kicking and squirming.

PineCone laughs a little and I walk into the classroom holding Mike O., I put him in his seat.

“Oh! There you are! The bell was about to ring and I thought you would be late!” the teacher says to the three of us.

At this point, the bell rings twice, signaling that class is to begin.

“Alright, since we have a new student, I might as well introduce myself. My name is Mr. Loodle, the best science teacher ever!” the teacher says, clapping enthusiastically for himself.

The class falls silent. No one is impressed by this.

“So, new student, will you come up here and introduce yourself?” Mr. Loodle asks, pointing to PineCone.

PineCone walks up to the front of the room and begins to speak, “My name is PineCone Smith and I am from Forest Village. I own a pony and I can easily wrestle a large buck. I’m Timber’s friend.”

“Alright, thanks PineCone for sharing with us,” Mr. Loodle says, not allowing him to share anymore information.

Everyone begins to speak at one time, causing the room to get a bit too loud.

“Students, please quiet down. I have a science assignment to make. Today we will be going to the computer lab to research an animal of choice, and of course, whatever animal you choose, you will have to write a report for me on it,” Mr. Loodle says.

I raise my hand.

“Yes, Timber?” Mr. Loodle asks.

“What if we already know a lot about a certain animal?” I ask.

“Then pick an animal you don’t know much about. Get creative, I want this to be an activity that even I can learn from,” Mr. Loodle says.

“Oh, okay then…” I say.

“Now, let’s get going!” Mr. Loodle says and leads us all down the hall and around the corner to a large computer lab.

Everyone runs inside to get to the best computers, pushing Mike O. to the ground. I walk over to him and help him off the ground, even though he doesn’t deserve my help.

“Hey! I didn’t want you to help me! I could have helped myself!” Mike O. complains when I get him back up to his feet.

“Sorry, but if it were me who got pushed to the ground, I would have liked for someone to help me up,” I say.

“Oh yeah?” says Mike O., “Well, take this!”

The short round boy then sticks out his little arms and attempts to push me over. I don’t fall, I don’t even budge. He keeps trying to push me over so I just walk away to see if there are anymore working computers. This computer lab is older than I am, and I am 100% sure that none of these computers have been changed in years. I walk over to PineCone and sit next to him, turning the dusty old computer on.

“You know what animal I’m going to research?” PineCone asks me.

“What?” I ask.

“Wolves,” PineCone says, smiling.

I stare a moment.

“What’s wrong with that?” PineCone asks.

“I’m a Wolf Girl…” I say.

“A Wolf Girl? What’s that?” PineCone asks.

“It’s hard to explain… My father was a wolf, but my mom was a human… so now I’m both. I act like a wolf, which is the main reason why nobody likes me…” I say.

“As I said to the principal, I like wolves,” PineCone says, hugging me.

I wag my tail happily.

“Alright! No public displays of affection!” Mr. Loodle calls out.

PineCone lets go of me and goes back to work doing his research. I decide to do my research on lions since I can’t research wolves. I’ve never seen a lion before, but I bet they’re really cool.

An hour and a half passes and the bell rings once signaling to switch classes. I save my informational notes to a flash drive and prepare to lead PineCone to our next class.

We go to math class right after science, but nothing interesting really comes from it. Our next class is reading/social studies class. Now that is very interesting to me. I’ll tell you a bit about it.

Our reading/social studies teacher is named Mrs. Foxthorn. Mrs. Foxthorn isn’t quite as enthusiastic about everything as Mr. Loodle was, but she still finds a way to make class fun.

“Alright students, please make your way carefully to the back shelves. I have bought extra copies of a book called ‘On Dragon’s Wings’ and that’s what we will be studying for the next few weeks,” Mrs. Foxthorn calls out, “Well, I wasn’t expecting a new student, but I’ll let him share with Timber.”

PineCone looks at me and I nod my head, smiling. He gives me a thumbs-up and I go to get our copy. Once everyone is seated, Mrs. Foxthorn begins reading to us and occasionally asking us to read out loud with her.

By the end of class, I heard one girl excitedly say, “Oh man! That girl Casey is so brave! I just wonder how things will go for Bunglewort!”

Bunglewort was the name of a dragon in the book that was red with white horns and spikes. All we found out about him so far is that he is kind-hearted and cared about the main character that was named Casey.

“Class, please feel free to take your book with you. I’d like for you guys to at least get to chapter ten, that’s where the best part starts,” Mrs. Foxthorn called out as the first bell rang out.

I took mine, but as soon as we left the room, I had given it to PineCone to read as he seemed more interested in it than I did. Our next two classes were P.E and health. Health class got awkward very quickly and I almost puked. PineCone didn’t seem quite as disturbed by it, but I am telling you now, it wasn’t pretty! Finally, the last bell rang and it was time for lunch and recess.

As soon as I step out of the kitchen into the cafeteria, Corrynia trips me and my food goes flying. It was a disaster: Cinnamon applesauce on one kid’s head, crispy fish sticks on another kid’s head, and chocolate milk on yet another kid’s head! One kid mistakes my tripping and food flying as the start of a food fight and soon the whole cafeteria is full of rowdy kids trying to get even with each other by tossing food everywhere. Not something you would expect to see at a high school, but this is my high school and this is the kind of stuff that happens. I run about, trying to avoid the flying food, but I end up transforming into a wolf, which happens every time I try to run. Some kids get scared and start screaming. Unfortunately for me, the principal enters the cafeteria to see what all the noise is about.

“TIMBER!” the principal yells.

I walk over there, my ears down and my tail tucked between my legs.

“What is the meaning of this?!” the principal asks.

“It wasn’t my fault, honestly!” I say.

“You always say it isn’t your fault! You’re on strike two, Timber. Get one more strike and I’ll kick you out!” the principal says.

“Kick me out…? Where else would I go?” I ask.

“Back to the woods, where you belong!” says Corrynia, butting into the conversation, she looked very proud of herself, sticking her nose up in the air and wearing a triumphant grin.

I whimper and walk back to PineCone.

“It’s okay Timber… I won’t let them kick you out…” PineCone says.

“Who told the principal?” I ask.

“Probably Corrynia…” PineCone says, “She did go missing when the chaos got worse.” He had so much ketchup in his hair that his hair was no longer silver. It oozed down slowly and some plopped onto his nose.

The bell rings, meaning that the class that is currently in the cafeteria is to go to recess while the janitor cleans up. However, today it most likely will take longer to clean up since there is food literally everywhere.

I turn back into a human, go outside, and see Mike O., that’s when I know trouble is about to happen. Oh wait, trouble has already happened…I’m right at the edge of a cliff.

“Hey Timber, I bet I can run faster than you!” Mike O. says.

I growl at him. His annoying half covered, freckled face, lit up in an evil grin.

“Timber, he’s just trying to get you in trouble. Don’t chase him,” PineCone says.

I try to keep calm as Mike O. keeps taunting me. Though soon he takes it too far and slaps me really hard. I give up trying to keep calm and I chase after Mike O., turning into a wolf in the process.

“No Timber! It’s a trap!” PineCone calls out.

I chase Mike O. all the way across the field. He sure can run fast with those little legs of his. I’m not paying any attention to anything other than chasing that brat down, rage blurring my vision and judgment. I run and crash into the principal’s legs. I gulp nervously.

“Timber! Didn’t I just tell you not to do this kind of stuff?!” the principal asks me.

“I was only chasing him because he hurt me! I haven’t done this before, honestly!” I plead, shaking my head and realizing what has happened.

“Mike O. would never hurt anyone!” the principal says.

Mike O. proceeds to pretending to limp.

“Are you okay Mike O.?” the principal asks.

“No! Timber hurt me!” Mike O. says, “It hurts so bad I might die!”

“Timber! I don’t want to see you at my school ever again!” the principal says.

I see PineCone running along, trying to see what is happening. Before I can react, the principal pulls out a whip and uses it on me. The whip hits my back and I fall down.

“Wait! What are you doing to her?!” PineCone asks.

The principal doesn’t answer PineCone’s question, he just whips me again. I pull myself off the ground and take off, getting out of there as quickly as possible so the principal can’t hurt me anymore.

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